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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Notes on iPhone

recover deleted notes iphoneWe use Notes on our devices a lot. For every idea that pops into your mind, books recommended to us, and even a grocery list, Notes always come in handy. Although some of these files are not for permanent use, like a grocery list, story ideas and article notes can stay longer on your Notes app. Occasionally, we delete notes that we no longer need on the application. But, sometimes, you accidentally delete some information on your iPhone without you knowing. Fortunately, there are ways on how to recover deleted notes from iPhone. We collected the default settings to recover it, computer software, the steps to recover notes on cloud-based services, and more. Check below and read them carefully.

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Things to Consider Before Recover Deleted Notes iPhone

Before providing the solutions you can use to recover deleted notes iPhone, you must know these options to check when your notes are missing. Knowing these pointers will significantly improve the chance of recovering the deleted notes on your account.

  • You must check if you have done the backup process in recent days before the notes disappear. You can quickly check if you backup notes on iPhone. With these cloud services, you can quickly recover deleted notes on your device. Although you can check if the latest backup file consists of your Notes file, you cannot view which files on the Notes app have been restored. Nevertheless, if you still want to know how to recover permanently deleted notes on iPhone from iTunes or iCloud, we will elaborate more later.
  • Another thing you can do first to search for accidentally deleted iPhone Notes is to recover the files directly on your iPhone. This favors users who forgot to associate Notes files on your latest backup. But how is it possible? When your device deletes a file on its system, these files will not disappear permanently. The iPhone device is designed with an operating system that holds deleted data on “Unallocated.” This function is not accessible to users, but some computer software can use this function to retrieve back a tiny bit of information left on an iPhone device. Below we will further analyze a tool that can use “Unallocated” files to bring back deleted iPhone notes.

things to know before recovering your notes

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone Without Backup

Distinctive Feature: With its advanced technology, this tool can get deleted backups in an Unallocated state and bring them back without the help of backup files.
What is it Best for?: It is suitable for users looking for an alternative tool to recover iPhone files not only on iCloud/iTunes but also on the device itself.

Different solutions can get your iPhone notes recovered on your device. Yet, there is no comparison to an iPhone lost notes recovery that can retrieve the Notes app without a backup file. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is an outstanding tool that can quickly recover deleted iPhone files on your device. It consists of three modes of recovery. You can recover files using the device itself, using an iCloud backup, and with the help of iTunes backup. Its interface makes the process much easier as well. It presents its functions in a location that all users can see and utilize. Additionally, this tool is favorable for users who want to retrieve files on a dead iPhone. It can get stored iPhone documents, photos, texts, and contacts to those devices that underwent a jailbreak and the system is already damaged. Below is a detailed guide on how recover deleted notes on iPhone.

Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

The first guide to retrieving your device’s notes is to get the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. You can get its file installer by tapping the download icon presented prior to this step. Then, access your download folder and tap the downloaded file to prompt its installation wizards.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Connect Your Smartphone

The following step is to launch the application on your computer. Select the iPhone Data Recovery from the list of options to locate its main interface. While doing that, connect your iPhone device with the help of a lightning wire to get the app connected to your device.

connect iphone

Step 3 Select Note Files to Recover

Once the device is connected, hit the Start Scan button to let the device analyze your smartphone. There will be a list of options that contains your iPhone files. Untick all unnecessary files except for the Notes app at the left side part of the tool.

select files

Step 4 Recover Permanently Deleted Notes iPhone

Finally, tap the Recover button once you have selected all the files you need to recover on your device. A new window on your screen will allow you to select the output folder. Browse your PC’s internal storage, create a folder, and then hit the recover button to finalize the process.

finalize process

How to Recover Notes in iPhone Using iTunes Backup

Suppose you perform a system cleanup on your device and accidentally delete your iPhone Notes. In that case, you need to check which option you used to back up your device. If you back your files using iTunes on your computer, this solution is for you. iTunes is a media player and file management program for Apple devices that help users to manage their mobile device files and save them on their computer. This solution allows users to save and create backup files from their iPhones to the internal storage of their computers. It does not save files on cloud storage, unlike iCloud, which holds iPhone files online. Although this solution is excellent, some iPhone users still need to learn how to back up and retrieve files on iTunes backup. So, we listed the guide below to give you additional knowledge.

  • The first step is to check if iTunes on our computer is updated. You can quickly check the latest patch on Microsoft Store for Windows or Apple Store for Mac devices. If the tool is updated, you can launch it on your computer screen.
  • The following guide is to connect your device using your lightning wire. iTunes will then easily detect your iPhone once the connection is established. Hit the iPhone icon to access the Summary Tab of your device.
  • Lastly, you will see the Manually Backup function under the Backups option. Tap the Restore Backup button, and your device will retrieve files associated with the latest backup. Usually, this process can be done when you Factory Reset your device.

recover using itunes backup

Recover Permanently Deleted Notes iPhone via iCloud

Another solution that can help you recover deleted Notes app files on your device is an iCloud service. This solution is similar to iTunes, yet the sources of backup files are stored on cloud services. iCloud is a platform that provides free storage capacity for every iPhone user or Apple ID holder. It gives out 5GB of free storage dedicated to copying the settings and files of each iPhone user. It stores files on cloud storage, allowing users to access their iPhone files across different devices and even online. Despite having a prominent option to store and back up iPhone files, this platform has drawbacks. As we all know, more than 5 GB of storage is needed to create a backup of the entire files of our device. In addition, to restore the deleted notes on your device, you need to factory reset your iPhone first. It could be better as it can permanently delete the files that are not stored on iCloud backup. But this process will surely restore the Notes app files on your device. With that being said, let’s indulge in how to retrieve files using iCloud service.

  • The initial step to restoring notes via iCloud service is factory resetting your device. You can easily use this by accessing the Settings app. Access the General option and scroll down until you reach the last option, the Transfer or Reset.
  • The second step is to tap Erase All Settings, which will reset your device. Let your device remove all the settings and data on its system. A new option will then pop up on your smartphone screen.
  • Lastly, choose Restore from the iCloud Backup function option and sign in with your Apple ID options. Select the backup files you have done on your device and tap the latest one that contains the backup Notes app. Please wait until the recovery process is completed.

recover icloud service

How to Recover Notes in iPhone Using iCloud Online

There is another way to check and get your iPhone notes on your device. The iCloud service allows users to access their iPhone files via web browsers. You can access this service via Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Bing, and more. With dissolution, users can access the files stored on the iCloud platform. It also allows users to download or recover backup files on this online platform. Similar to iCloud service on iPhone devices, 5 GB of free storage is enabled to store backup files. Follow the guide below on how to recover deleted Notes on iPhone via

  • To instigate how to get your notes on, access your Apple ID on your web browser. Input your Apple ID and your password to access your iCloud storage. There will be a six-digit verification code that needs to be accomplished first to enter the main interface of iCloud.
  • Next, go to your iPhone device, get the six-digit code, and enter it on the online platform. There will be a list of iPhone files presented on your web browser. Select the iPhone Notes app to get access to its files.
  • Lastly, choose the Notes you want to restore on your iPhone. Select the download icon to get the notes you want to download. You can save them directly to your device’s internal space.

restore notes via icloud online

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I recover deleted notes within 30 days?
Yes, the iPhone Notes app can recover deleted photos after accidentally deleting the file. It contains a folder on its system that saves all deleted notes on your Notes app. However, this folder can only hold the deleted files for up to 30 days. After the day exceeds the due date, the folder will wipe out those deleted notes.
2. What happens if you fail to recover deleted notes after 30 days?
The deleted notes will then be removed from your recently deleted photos. The only thing you can do to recover your device is to get the backup files of your iPhone. Or you can use a tool that can recover your data files.
3. What is the best tool to recover your iPhone notes?
AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is an impressive tool that allows users to get their devices in three modes. The tool can get your iPhone notes directly on the device, on your iCloud backup, and using an iTunes backup. With this tool, you can recover whenever or whatever you want to restore on your device.


Getting your iPhone Notes may be the easiest thing to do if the Recently Deleted folder still holds your file. Yet, what happens when your deleted notes have already exceeded the 30 days on the Recently Deleted folder? That is when the solutions above will make a difference on your device. If you still have inquiries regarding the Notes app, check this article to add more information on what you can do if iCloud fails to save your notes.

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