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Safari Bookmarks Gone iPhone? Here Are Five Ways to Solve it!

feature recover deleted bookmarks safari iphoneThroughout the year of innovation and discovery, smartphones have dominated global technology. One of these devices is the iPhone, developed by Apple Inc. This device is notable for its native web browser, which is Safari. This service provides a proper bookmarking function to keep users the most-visited sites easily accessible. Now, while people are keen on storing bookmarks on Safari for easy repeat access, there could be some issues we sometimes encounter. Either we tend to remove them accidentally, or they will be eradicated with device glitches and failed iPhone upgrades. When this error happens, it could be a heart-breaking moment. Yet, losing hope is never an option. Most often, you can fix this simple error to restore Safari bookmarks. We have collected the walkthroughs below.

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Restarting the Safari App

The first and most straightforward solution that you can use to resolve the Safari bookmark issue is by restarting the browser application. Sometimes glitches, bugs, and even poor connection can result in this error. Nevertheless, a simple refresh for the app can resolve that. Here is the step on how to do it.

User Guide:

  • On your iPhone device, double-tap the Home screen. Then, your recent application will show.
  • Next, search for the Safari tab and swipe-up the application. This will restart the web browser and reset its service.
  • Lastly, relaunch Safari and check its bookmark folder. You can proceed with the following solutions if this procedure does not resolve your issue.

recover safari bookmarks with restarting the app

Retrieve Bookmarks on iPhone with iCloud Backup File

iCloud backup is a function on the iPhone to restore any data and information saved on your device. If you enable this function all the time, then your iPhone should have a backup on iCloud services. In this time, if you accidentally remove your Safari bookmarks, you can try to restore them with your iCloud backup. Follow the procedure below.

User Guide:

  • To begin, access your iPhone settings and make your way to the General option. From there, select the Erase All Content and Settings to remove all your data. It is necessary that you have to back up your files before deleting them on your device.
  • The second guide is to tap the Restore function from iCloud Backup, afterward sign in to your iCloud.
  • Lastly, choose the iCloud backup file that contains the Safari bookmarks and favorites on iPhone. By doing this process, it will recover deleted bookmarks iPhone.

restore safari bookmarks with icloud backup

Restore Bookmarks iPhone With iTunes Backup File

There is another way to restore Safari bookmarks gone iPhone. This process is by utilizing iTunes backup. This process is suitable for users who are not able to back up their files on iCloud. Please note that this walkthrough is possible when you have backup your files with iTunes backup and not iCloud. Observe the following guide below to restore your Safari bookmarks.

User Guide:

  • To start the process of recover deleted bookmarks Safari iPhone, connect your iPhone with your personal computer. You must ensure that you have installed the latest iTunes. Tap the Trust the Computer option to let iTunes connect to your iPhone when it is connected.
  • Next, launch iTunes and make your way from the File Tab. From the dropdown, tick the Restore from Backup option to recover the bookmarks.
  • Lastly, choose the Safari application to recover all your files. Click the restore option and wait until the process runs through its course. Go to your Safari app to check if the bookmarks have been restored.

restore safari bookmarks with iTunes backup

Recover Safari Bookmarks using Time Machine

The following guideline to recover Safari bookmarks works for Mac users. This device has an inbuilt function that can enable users to access the list of bookmarks that have been accidentally removed in Safari.

User Guide:

  • First, press the Command + N option or open Finder on your Mac device. Then, hold down the Option key to access different menus. From there, select the Library option and make your way to the Safari folder.
  • Next, inside Safari Folder, tick on the Bookmark.plist file that stores all Safari bookmarks. Now open the Time Machine tool to select the Enter Time Machine option. Mac will enable the device to run on the Safari folder by doing this process.
  • Lastly, this will allow you to go back to when you accidentally removed your bookmarks. Tick the restore button after entering the exact date and time you have removed them. Wait until the restoration process has finished. Please note that the iCloud account signed up on your Mac should be the one you are currently using with your iPhone device. This will make the restoration sync to your smartphone.

restore safari bookmark with time machine

Safari Bookmarks Gone iPhone? Resolve With iOS Data Recovery

What is it Best For?: This iOS utility is suitable for recovering all iPhone files without resetting your device.
Supported iPhone Devices: This software is compatible with the newest iPhone device. These include iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, and earlier versions.

Fone Keeper - iOS Data Recovery is a recommendable utility for any data loss issue for your iPhone device. It enables users to restore different file types. These include Safari bookmarks, Contacts, Text Messages/iMessages, Call History, Safari History, and more. Additionally, it uses three functions to recover your data and files. These functions are Recover from iOS, Recover from iTunes Backup File, and Recover from iCloud. Each mode can recover files in every scenario. In restoring Safari bookmarks, the suitable mode to use between these three is the Recover from iOS. This function can restore any files for your iPhone directly to your device even without backing up any files. What is more, this tool allows users to store their data on its system for future recovery. It can backup and restore photos from iCloud from iPhone, contacts, and others.

User Guide on How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks Safari iPhone

Step 1 Get the Safari Bookmark Recovery

To begin with re-saving your Safari bookmarks, install the AceThinker Fone Keeper on your device. Get the installer by clicking the download button presented above this step. Run the file to analyze and pass through the installation prompts. Once accomplished, launch the tool to familiarize its process and navigation.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect the iPhone Utility to your iPhone.

The subsequent step is to connect your iPhone to the Fone Keeper. This is possible with the help of USB cable. Once the connection was established, access the iOS Data Recovery feature to access the three modes to recover Safari bookmarks. Select the Recover from iOS Device function to perform the process without resetting your iPhone device.

idr scan

Step 3 Restore Bookmarks iPhone

Once you have connected your device, the tool will analyze your data and files. It will sort out every piece of information on every data it analyzes. Under Memos & Others, go to Safari bookmarks and tick the box along with its icon. By doing this process, it will give you access to recover your Safari bookmark. Hit the Recover icon to instigate the process.

iphone data recovery recovering bookmark

Step 4 Check the Recovered Safari Bookmark

Lastly, once the process has been done, access your Safari browser. Access your bookmark tab and check if the Safari favorites have been restored. Once these bookmarks are accidentally removed again, follow the steps presented above.

check the recovered bookmarks on safari

How to Create Bookmark/Favorites in Safari

Here are the listed steps to add your favorite sites to the Safari application. Just be mindful that this step is not applicable for iPhone4 and below.

  • From your home screen, click the Safari icon to launch the tool on your device. If a tool is not available on your iPhone home screen, swipe left to launch the App Library.
  • Navigate it and search for your favorite web page. Once accomplished, tap the More icon at the bottom part of the web browser. Tick the add bookmark to save the link on your favorites.
  • Lastly, tap the Save button at the upper-right corner of your iPhone screen to save the URL successfully.

add bookmarks in safari

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