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Not Receiving Text Notifications On iPhone? Fix it Here!

not getting text notifications on iphoneThe world is now evolving busier than ever. People tend to rely on their mobile devices to notify them regarding their messages, social networks, calls, and others. Additionally, text messages popularized the use of notification sounds. As we progress from cell phones to smartphones, notification sounds evolve and foster. Now, users can customize their text notifications with whatever notification sounds they want to attach to their text messages. So, if you have a problem like not getting message notifications on iPhone, think again. You need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Luckily, we have collected different ways to fix iPhone notifications and sound errors. You can read the solutions below to educate yourself on how to fix this system fallacy.

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Why iPhone Not Getting Message Notifications on iPhone

In a few instances, you may find your iPhone not receiving any notification sounds when a message is delivered on your device. This error has a root cause that affects your device not receiving notification messages. With that said, we have collected the possible causes for why this error persists. We have listed them below.

  • System bug - Glitches and bugs affect the process of your device, which later contributes to notification sounds being mute on an iPhone.
  • Do not disturb mode is enabled - This feature silences all calls and alert messages. So you need to check it out if it is enabled.
  • Bluetooth connection is turned on - A connectivity issue on your device can also affect the notification on your device.
  • Notification sound is disabled - Check if you accidentally silence your notification sound.

reasons why not getting text notifications on iphone

Check Notification Sound Settings

The first resolution you need to consider is to check the notification sound on your iPhone’s settings. These settings allow iPhone users to modify different functions to receive message notifications. These settings include alert banner style, preferred sound notification, badges, showing a preview of the text message, notification grouping, and others. Enabling the Allow Notification button will let your device receive message notifications. To properly perform how to get rid of the error of the iPhone not receiving text notifications, follow the guide below.

  • Unlock your iPhone device to gain access to your list of applications on the home screen. Please choose the Settings icon and tap it to open different menus. Scroll down on your screen to locate the Notifications button.
  • Next, tap the Notification option to go through the next page. Under the notification style, swipe up and locate the Messages icon. Tap on its menu to access different options. You will see the Allow Notification button at the upper part of your screen. Toggle its button to enable notification sounds on your device.

fix not getting text notifications on iphone using notification settings

Turn Off Deliver Quietly

Deliver Quietly is a new function and feature tied to Apple devices. It was first introduced and applied on iOS 12 versions. When enabled, notifications and alerts will still come through, but not all will appear on your device's screen. Instead, the notifications that did not go through on your screen will appear on iPhone Notification Center. In addition, enabling this function will hinder notification banners from appearing on your screen. The device will not vibrate, ring, or receive notification alerts with this new feature. So, if it is accidentally enabled when you don't need it can contribute to the error of why you are not receiving text notifications on iPhone. To disable this feature quickly, read the walkthroughs presented beneath.

  • The initial step to turn off the Deliver Quietly option is to unlock your iPhone screen. Scroll down from the top of your iPhone screen to open the notification center. Find the notification from the messaging app or any application you want to disable the Deliver Quietly.
  • Swipe the notification leftwards to open its menus. Select the manage notifications and hit the deliver prominently option to disable the function. You can repeat the exact walkthrough to enable the notification alert on your iPhone's applications.

disable deliver quietly to fix not getting text notifications on iphone

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

If you cannot receive a notification when you lock your device, and there is a crescent moon icon on your screen, the Do Not Disturb feature is enabled. This option on your iPhone device will stop any incoming text notifications, alerts, or calls that can make noise or vibration and light up your iPhone screen. This feature is suitable for those who constantly go to a meeting, seminar, or any activities requiring you to silence any notification sounds. Therefore, an error such as not getting alerts for text messages on your iPhone device can be caused by this unique feature. To turn off or disable the Do Not Disturb feature on your device, follow the steps below.

  • The initial guide to fixing iMessage notifications not working on your device is to unlock your iPhone. Access the Settings app from the list of your application and tap its icon to launch it on your device.
  • Then, scroll down a little bit and locate the Focus menu. Hit the menu to access different options. On the landing page, you will see the Do Not Disturb option at the uppermost part of the Focus feature. When the feature is enabled, hit the button on its right side and toggle it to turn off the feature.

disable do not disturb to fix not getting text notifications on iphone

Check Bluetooth Feature

Bluetooth has become the early feature of connecting mobile devices to other devices. It creates a connection between different gadgets and sends different files within its feature. Nowadays, as technology becomes wirelessly possible, Bluetooth is still the main feature we use to link our gadgets. We constantly use Bluetooth to connect with earphones, speakers, Airdrop, other devices, and more. With this dependency, we sometimes forget to turn off the feature when we do not need it. Enabling Bluetooth for so long will provide some errors, including the iPhone stuck in charging screen, unable to get messages, and even not getting text alerts on the iPhone. Therefore, it is a must to disable this function if we are not utilizing its feature to prevent future errors. With that further ado, you can disable your Bluetooth connection by following the guide below.

  • First, unlock your iPhone device to select the Settings app from your application list. On its landing page, scroll down a bit and locate the Bluetooth feature.
  • Once you have selected Bluetooth, you will be prompted on the next page, where you can disable its button. Toggle the button to turn off Bluetooth. Now, try to send a text message on your device to check if the notification sounds back.

disable bluetooth to fix not getting text notifications on iphone

Restart Your Device

If the following options and features above are not the culprits why you are not getting text notifications on your iPhone, you can restart your device. Restarting a device or soft reboot is a function that clears out the glitch and system bugs on a particular device. Bugs randomly attack a system process, leading to minor issues, including muting notification sounds and more. Luckily, we can restart our device to remove these system errors. Restarting can turn off your device's power supply and operating system, allowing your device to terminate all running processes on your iPhone. With that, bugs and glitches will be removed as there are no running processes on a particular device. So, it is a must to regard this solution to fix your notification sounds. Follow the guide beneath to restart your device correctly.

  • To start, locate your side buttons and assess which is which. These buttons will help us to restart our devices correctly. Then, press and long hold the volume up button together with the power button. When your screen lights up, release the buttons.
  • On your iPhone screen, there will be an option to restart your device safely. Toggle the button from left to right to turn off your device successfully. Wait for a few moments until the Apple logo appears on your screen. This logo will indicate that your device will turn on after the soft reboot.

restart to fix not getting text notifications on iphone

Update iOS Device

The final solution you can check to fix not getting text alerts on iPhone is updating iOS devices. Updates and new iOS versions provide firmware that optimizes and maximizes the full performance of your iPhone device. With that, it is evident that software updates are essential to eradicate system issues and glitches. Although simple restarting can fix some of the bugs, most of them are not easy to remove. Luckily, software developers constantly provide software updates to our devices to remove these software issues. Therefore it is necessary to check and update your device to its newest version. If you are a user who doesn't want to check the newest version of your device constantly, you can set the software to an automatic option. This feature will allow your device to download and install the newest iOS versions automatically. Nevertheless, to manually update your iOS device, follow the guide below.

  • First, unlock your iPhone and make your way to your settings app. Hit on its icon to launch its menus. Under its landing page, you will see a notification for Software Update under your Apple ID.
  • Hit the notification and scroll over to the Install Now button. Wait until the system fully installs the newest version of iOS. Your device will restart and resume automatically to apply the changes successfully.

update ios to fix not getting text notifications on iphone

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