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A Comprehensive Walk Through in Using iTunes Backup Password

feature itunes backup password What does a backup password for iTunes mean? This is a password that is used for the protection and encryption of backup files in iTunes. It is meant for iPod, iPad, or iPhone users to secure their backup files and restore them if needed. Many people might be confused about the difference between the password for iTunes and the backup version. This article provides a context about all the things that you need to know in using a backup password for iTunes. Additionally, it enables you to learn more about backup encryption and its importance to secure personal data and information.

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iTunes Password vs. Backup Password for iTunes

iTunes password is the original password that gives you access to the online iTunes Store. Therefore, this is your Apple ID log-in password. Thus, your iTunes password means your password for your Apple account. People with forgotten iTunes passwords can easily change their Apple IDs. Meanwhile, an Encrypted iTunes backup password can also be called a backup password for iTunes. This is a helpful feature that can protect your iTunes backups for the iPod, iPad, or iPhone. When you create this password, the encrypted backup feature will automatically encode and lock your iTunes files. In contrast with the iTunes password, you do not need an account to use the backup password for iTunes.

itunes backup password itunes password vs backup password

iTunes Encryption: Information and Data You Can Encrypt in iTunes

iTunes backup can be encrypted to help encode and lock up valuable information or data. This feature has more functions than just ordinary backup. It is also better than other unencrypted options out there. The backup encryption process for iTunes does not happen automatically. For you to first encrypt your iTunes backup the first time, it is required that you activate the option to encrypt your backups with password protection. iTunes will now proceed to create encrypted backups for your device. This will now be used from now on for the account. Apart from your contacts, music, videos, and other typical data, you also have the liberty to backup different other information:

  • Your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Your saved passwords.
  • Your health information.
  • Your website visits history.

itunes backup password itunes encryption

There is no way to restore your data or disengage encrypt backup when you lose or forget your password. (Did you forget your password backup for iTunes?)

Backup Password for iTunes: Encrypt your iTunes Backup

This section will demonstrate you can set your backup password for iTunes so that you can easily encrypt your iTunes backup. Additionally, we can share important tips to help you turn off the feature if you want to unencrypt your backup.

itunes backup password create backup password

Creating your Encrypted iTunes Backup Password

The encryption feature will not be set automatically by iTunes. If you want to perform first-time backup encryption for the iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone, this feature can be turned on by creating your backup password for iTunes. Then, iTunes will help you automatically create encrypted backups. This can be done in steps:

  1. Download the latest iTunes app and launch it.
  2. Connect your iOS device with the PC by using your USB cable. iTunes will eventually detect your device. However, if your iPhone goes unrecognized by iTunes, you can click on the icon device located at the top-left side. This will take you to the window called "Summary".
  3. In the main menu, you should quickly see the various options – "Encrypt iPod/iPad/iPhone".
  4. iTunes will prompt you to create a backup password. You need to set a password that you can remember easily. If you don’t, you can find it hard to recover the backup password for iTunes, and you will not be granted access to iTunes.
  5. Confirm your password. iTunes will then overwrite all your previous password backups. Afterward, it will create an encrypted backup.

itunes backup password create backup password confirm password

Check Whether You Have Encrypted the iTunes Password Backup

Select “Edit” (Windows users) or “iTunes” (Mac users), then choose “Preferences” and select “Device.” You will get a lock symbol that appears next to the name of your device. You shall also see your iTunes backup date and time.

itunes backup password check encrypted itunes backup password

Deactivating the Encryption for iTunes Backup

For you to disengage the lockdown feature for iTunes encryption, you shall be needed to input your password. You will still need to uncheck the correct box for the encrypted backup. It would be best if you had the backup password for iTunes. People who do not remember the password will need to recover it. They can create a backup for their iCloud instead. Or they can reset their iPod/iPad/iPhone back to the default factory settings.

itunes backup password deactivate encryption

Suggestions by Apple to Recover Backup Password for iTunes

It is not possible to restore your encrypted backup if you do not use your password. Do not be worried. Since your device has iOS 11 or higher, a new encrypted backup for iTunes can be made when you reset your password. This can be done in the following steps:

  1. Get the iOS device, navigate to "Settings", go to "General" and then select Reset.
  2. Select Reset All Settings, and you can now input your passcode for iOS.
  3. Use these steps to get your settings to reset. This will not affect your phone passwords or data; it can easily reset your phone settings, including the previous backup password that has been encrypted.
  4. Once again, connect iTunes to the iOS device and create another encrypted backup. You are not able to get the old encrypted backups anymore; however, your present data can be backed up through iTunes. This can be done by setting another current backup password for iTunes. With devices using iOS 10 or earlier versions, you will not be able to reset your password. You could easily create a backup for your previous backup password for iTunes when you use the hints below:
  • For yourself.
  • When your device has been set by someone else, you try to get the iTunes password from them.
  • Instead, use your iCloud backup. If you do not have an iCloud backup, you can create another one.
  • You could use your previous backup for iTunes.

Using a Known Password

Optional tips that can be used to reset or recover your backup password for iTunes. Frequently-used passwords includes:

  1. Your password for Apple ID.
  2. Your iPad or iPhone Passcode.
  3. Your primary email password.
  4. The user account password for your computer.
  5. Basic passwords like 1234 or 0000

Using a Keychain Password Access with your Mac

Some users of the Mac PC may have saved their backup password for iTunes with the Keychain function. They can quickly go to the Keychain Access to check whether they can get back their backup password for iTunes.

  1. In your Mac PC, go to the Application, the Utilities, then select Keychain Access. You could use your spotlight function to search for Keychain.
  2. itunes backup password keychain access step1

  3. Go to “Categories” and select “All items.”
  4. itunes backup password keychain access step2

  5. At the search field on the upper right side, type in iPhone. You can then find the Application Password labeled as iPhone Backup. When you get this, you can double-click on it.
  6. itunes backup password keychain access step3

  7. You will open up a new window; you can then check the box for Show password, type in the keychain password, after which you are now able to select the button – Allow. You shall get a pop-up window that presents your iPhone backup password for iTunes.
  8. itunes backup password keychain access step4

Using Some Recovery Tools to Get Back Up a Password for iTunes

After trying all the methods above to no avail, you can then try using various iTunes recovery tools for a backup password. This can help you get back your password. The post provides a definitive guide to a backup password for iTunes.

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Last updated on September 10, 2021

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