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iPhone Where do Deleted Messages Go And How to Recover Them

iphone where do deleted messages go Do you need to recover a text message that you unintentionally deleted? There are various ways to recover lost text messages, so there's no need to panic. It's normal to wonder right away where do deleted messages go on the iPhone. After all, you will need to know where they go if you want to have them. But if you erase a message, it is difficult to find it again, unlike with photos or Notes. We'll go through the way for recovering lost texts, as well as a few more hints and techniques for recovering deleted text messages on your iPhone. So instead of wondering where do deleted messages are, let’s start exploring how you can recover them.

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Before Solution: Where Do Deleted Text Messages Go On iPhone?

1. Messages Remain in iPhone’s Unallocated Space

Where do deleted text messages go on iPhone? Space on a hard disc is divided up into nearby clusters of sectors called allocation units by operating systems like the one in your iPhone. On an iPhone, the operating system locates and allots free space to newly generated files. Therefore, unallocated space is space that has not been assigned to any of the system's active files. When a file is destroyed, the operating system releases the space that the file was originally allotted by eliminating pointers to it, designating that portion of the hard disc as being free for other uses. The file remains in the unallocated space until the OS puts another file in that location, therefore the OS does not totally remove the file from the hard disc. The old file is replaced when this is done. However, the file is still very much recoverable with a data recovery program until a new file takes up this space.

2. They Get Overwritten and Become Unrecoverable

This phrase is particularly true if the communications you lost have been replaced by new data. Overwriting is the word that is typically used to indicate "writing over" prior data. It describes the act of writing a set of data in the computer data storage. Overwriting happens when fresh data is written onto unused file clusters (the unallocated space we discussed before), while occasionally security methods can be utilized to achieve overwriting. Overwriting simply means to save fresh information on your iPhone after the messages have been lost. For instance, if you send messages, snap images, or even just browse on your iPhone after realizing that you've lost some of your texts, you'll overwrite the ones that are gone. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that data cannot be recovered after it has been erased.

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Messages before They Become Overwritten?

Is there a deleted messages folder on iPhone? Not really but as long as if they haven't been overwritten, deleted texts on an iPhone can be readily recovered. However, you will need professional software for that, and AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is the finest option currently available for this purpose. This iPhone Data Recovery software is a versatile program that can conduct iOS data recovery utilizing several ways. With this software, you no longer have to wonder where do deleted text messages go on iPhone. Not only that it can help you retrieve lost text files but also photographs, contacts, music, messages, etc. from your iPhone, iPad, or iPad. There are three distinct modes available, so you can pick the one that best fits your situation to recover all of your data even if you haven't backed it up in any way.

Key Features:

  • It can recover lost files directly from iOS device or from iTunes and iCloud Backup files.
  • It will help you recover almost every type of deleted or lost data.
  • Supports all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod model.
  • It can also recover files without any backup.
  • Offers complete reliability and 100% success rate.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages using AceThinker?

There are three different options in which you can easily recover iPhone deleted messages instead of questioning where does deleted messages go. Let’s look at all three options in a detailed way.

Option 1: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iOS Devices without Any Backup

Step 1 Start AceThinker

Start the programme, look for, and pick the "Recover from iOS Device" option. Your device should be linked at this stage. The device's name will be shown as soon as it is discovered.

Step 2 Start Scan

You must choose the "Start Scan" option in order to continue. Your device will start the process of being examined for lost files by iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 3 Recover Texts

To recover deleted files, use the "Recover" button. Your data will be saved on your system as a result of this. You'll see that the software has many types of files and data on the right side. These may include phone records, WhatsApp messages, and others. The information pertaining to each of these categories will be seen when you click on one of them.

Option 2: Recover iPhone Messages from iTunes Backup

  1. Launch the programme, and then look for the "Recover iTunes From Backup File" option, as seen below. The right portion will list every iTunes backup file. Not simply the device's information will be available. Its most recent backup date will also be shown. You must choose the backup file that you want to restore from. Then press the Start Scan button. This will make it possible to start the scanning mode.
  2. The outcome of the procedure will be shown as data. Before really recovering them, the data can be examined. The software's left side lists data categories. In other words, files are organized based on the many categories they fall under. Simply double-click any photo to obtain a preview of it.
  3. You should choose the files you want to recover. The "Recover" button should then be selected. Such restored data will be saved in your local disc in this way.

recover iphone messages from itunes backup

Option 3: Recover Deleted Text Messages from iCloud

  1. Start the Software, and then, choose the "Recover From iCloud" mode. Now, you will need to log into your iCloud account.
  2. There are two approaches you might use while scanning iCloud.

    a. Choose the appropriate data type from Contacts, Photos, Calendars, Reminders, Notes & Attachments, and Calendars. To begin the process of scanning your iCloud data, click Start. You can select any of the categories on the left when the scanning is finished. Select the things that need to be retrieved before pressing the Recover button. The data will be saved to your local disc as soon as you click Recover.

    b. This technique entails searching and retrieving the data from the iCloud backup file. Select iCloud Backup from the menu. Your iCloud account's associated backup files will all be visible. These have a backup date and the name of the iOS device marked on them. Then click the Download button after choosing the one you want.

  3. Then a pop-up window will emerge. You must pick the files you want to restore from an iCloud backup. Afterward, select Next. The software will instantly begin scanning the iCloud backup file.
  4. You must select the data type from the left side after the scanning procedure is finished. With this, you can examine additional specifics about the scanned data. Click the checkbox next to any item or file that you want to have restored. Click the Recover button below after that. This will bring back deleted iCloud backup files on your computer.
  5. After choosing the files you want to recover, click Recover to save the information to your local disc.

backup icloud imessages

Bonus: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Your Carrier

If none of the aforementioned methods worked for you, there is still hope: you may ask your phone provider how to retrieve deleted text messages from your iPhone. You can log in to your online profile on the carrier website and talk to a chat operator there to get in touch with your carrier. You should be able to contact their support staff there if you have your carrier's app downloaded on your phone. You may also phone the carrier hotline; the number should be listed among your SIM's contacts, or you can locate it on the website of the carrier. As an alternative, you can locate your carrier's shop nearby and speak with the staff there.

In Conclusion

Now, you know everything about what happens to deleted messages on iPhone. You can easily get your text messages back by using AceThinker, which provides you with three different options to get them. Moreover, you get additional features and guaranteed security with this amazing program.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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