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5 Quick Fixes When Notes Have Disappeared From iPhone

iphone notes disappear f image Notes are essential for saving and storing valuable information on your iPhone. However, if you lose that data, or somehow notes have disappeared from your iPhone, it can cause you inconvenience. Unfortunately, the iPhone notes disappearing or the whole Notes app disappearing is a frequent issue that plagues iPhone users. In this article, we'll help you get back any notes you've deleted accidentally, as well as how to restore the Notes app onto your iPhone if you accidentally deleted it.

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Why iPhone Notes Got Disappeared?

If you've removed an email address on your phone, you most likely faced the issue where all my notes disappeared. This doesn't mean that they were deleted. It's just that your iPhone cannot access them any longer. When you set up your email account again, the notes will be restored. If you've had trouble connecting to your email account recently, it could be a clue. Perhaps you've changed your password for your email online. However, you've forgotten to put in the new password on your iPhone. Go to Settings> Notes> Accounts on your iPhone, select your email account, then change the password. Everything should work as expected.

5 Ways to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Notes on iPhone or iPad

1. Restart your iOS Device

To restart from iPhone 6 up to iPhone 8/8 Plus: Hold and press your iPhone's "Side button" until the slider appears. After that, you may now drag the slider to turn off the iPhone. To turn the device on, you'll need to press and hold the "Side button" again.

To start the restart process for iPhone 12 as well as earlier models: pressing and holding simultaneously the "Side button" as well as the "Volume button" until the "slider" appears. Then, switch the "slider" in the left-to-right direction to turn the iPhone off. Hold and press the "Side" button" of the iPhone until you get Apple's logo.

iphone notes disappear restart

2. Check the Recently Deleted Folder

Another thing to do is to verify the Recently Deleted folder. Each note you delete will be kept for a period of 30 days prior to being permanently deleted. If you don't clear the Recently Deleted folder or 30 days have passed, the chances that you'll be able to retrieve deleted Notes. This is especially true if you mistakenly deleted your notes.

You will find the folder within Notes alongside other folders. If you want to restore your notes, simply select them. After that, tap Move. Transfer notes onto the primary folder (or another folder in any case) to make them available for restoration.

iphone notes disappear recentlydeleted

3. Reinstall the Notes App

There would be a chance if you updated your software, a bug kind of infects the application itself, which is causing the iPhone notes disappeared after update issue. While it's not a typical situation, it's possible to occur. The most effective way to deal with problems with apps is to reinstall the application.

Here's how to install Apple Notes in a few easy steps:

Step 1 Unistall

Hold and tap the Apple Notes Home Screen shortcut. Tap on the remove app icon. Choose to delete the app and then confirm when asked.

iphone notes disappear reinstall

Step 2 Install

Open App Store. Find Apple Notes and install the application. If you're lucky, once the app has been reinstalled and you've activated the sync process, all notes will return. If you still face my notes disappeared on my iPhone, the only solution to get them back would be to restore your phone to its factory settings and then restore it using iCloud backup.

iphone notes disappear install

4. Recover Lost Notes with iCloud Backup

If there is an iTunes backup, it is possible to restore notes from iPhone to your computer and create them using your iPhone or iPad. But if this isn't the case, then only a factory reset is your last option. Now, you can utilize the option of iTunes to either your PC and Mac for resetting your gadget or be simple by resetting your phone via your system settings.

Here's how you can restore your iPhone and, hopefully, retrieve notes gone from your iPhone:

Step 1 Settings

It is essential to back up everything to the iCloud. Go to Settings > Account at the top of the page > iCloud > Backup > select Back Up Now.

iphone notes disappear settings

Step 2 Reset

Choose General and Tap Reset. Tap to erase all Content and set up.

iphone notes disappear reset

5. Retrieve Deleted Notes without Backup – AceThinker iOS Data Recovery

Looking for a way to retrieve the data you've lost is usually a complicated process that may take a lot of work and time. If you've lost any data on the device you use for the iOS gadget; you have come to the right spot because iPhone Data Recovery is here to help you recover any data you're trying to recover. It's the most powerful program that will aid you in recovering any lost information on any iOS device quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it can help to recover deleted notes without any back.

Key Features:

  • It has three options, which means you can pick the most suitable one for your needs to get all of your data back, even if you've not backed up one of them.
  • Whatever the reason you lost your information, this tool can aid you in recovering your data from a variety of typical situations.
  • The tool allows you to utilize the iTunes backup feature. iTunes backup feature without needing a device or internet access.
  • You can also backup your data in case of a future need to recover.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Start AceThinker software

Start the application and then select the "Recover using an iOS device" option. Choose this option. Once you have done this, your phone will connect. If the device is discovered, its name appears.

iphone data recovery interface

Step 2 Start your Scan

To continue, you'll have to press the button that reads "Start Scan." iPhone Data Recovery will begin scans on your phone to find missing files.

iphone data recovery scan

Step 3 Recover your Data

To recover deleted data, press the "Recover" icon. In this way, you will ensure your data will be stored on your personal computer. It is possible to have your documents examined after scanning has been completed. This allows you to determine what files are salvageable. On the left side of the application, you'll find different kinds of data documents. These include WhatsApp messages, call histories, WhatsApp messaging, WhatsApp and call history, and various types. When you click any of the categories listed above, the information related to the item will be displayed. Photos can be rotated and even viewed.

iphone data recovery recover data


If notes go missing from an iPhone, the reason isn't due to deletion. It's because they've been lost. iPhone notes disappear problem can be solved by following one of the methods mentioned above.

fix notes disappearing from iphone

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Last updated on August 25, 2022

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