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Working Solutions to Restore Calendar Icon on iPhone

iphone calendar icon missingThe world is too busy and not resting day and night. People always have something to do in their daily activities. If you are working in a corporate world, scheduling and time management are crucial things you should have. Luckily, we have smartphones and other devices to remind us what needs to be done and accomplished. One of the most efficient tools to have time management skills is the Calendar apps on your device. This application can assist us in creating our daily routine. It also provides a pattern that we can follow to do our daily goals. The iPhone device also has a calendar application on its functionalities. This feature is a native or built-in application on the iOS operating system. It provides users with the correct and exact date and time. It also works and syncs with iCloud, Google, Yahoo, and other online mails. Yet, many complaints reported that the calendar app disappeared from iPhones from time to time. Though some of us may not take this error when we need the Calendar, it might be too late to retrieve its information. Thus, you must read below.

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Reasons Why iPhone Calendar App Disappeared

Before we face up the solutions on how to get calendar app back on iPhone, we should take a look at the various reasons why it disappeared. Most of the time, software-related issues were the leading cause of this error. Take a glance at the following reasons below and assess your device if you have one of these factors.

  • One of the reasons is due to accidental uninstallation of the Calendar app. When our iPhone is in our pocket sometimes, the friction from our jeans or clothes can put the iPhone screen into sensitive mode. Sometimes, we are not aware that we have already removed some applications due to this friction.
  • The calendar can also be removed on your iPhone due to some software glitches. This is possible when we have failed to install different software updates or, most especially, iOS versions of our device.
  • Malware intrusion and virus attacks are one of the culprits, as well as why the application is deleted.
  • The system application for the iCloud calendar has system issues or malfunction.

reasons why calendar app disappear

Reinstall Calendar on Your Device

This solution is suitable for iPhone users who accidentally removed the calendar app on their devices. As we tackle above, this scenario is plausible and most likely to happen if you put your iPhone in your pocket. The friction might access your screen device and can remove necessary applications such as the calendar. With that said, you can try to reinstall your calendar on your iPhone device. On your home screen, access the Apple store to access its functions. Then, using its search bar, type the calendar to search it from the store. Click the Get button to install and download the application. Once the app is installed, you can try to restore the schedules you have on your calendar app by syncing it to your iCloud account.

reinstall calendar on your device

Restart your iPhone

Most common iOS-related issues can be fixed by rebooting or restarting your device. A soft reset is the most common solution iPhone users always use to resolve this issue. As we all know, the lost calendar icon on iPhone can be caused by a minor glitch. It is also due to incomplete installation of the iOS version and update. So, it is also recommended that you always reboot your iPhone to clear out minor glitches. Doing this process can also remove iOS-related issues. These include iPhone bookmarks gone, black screen issues, and application crashes. Thus, it is a must and needs that you should know how to reset your device. With that said, you can follow the listed ways to fix or recover calendar apps on your iPhone.

  • First, on how to get calendar app back on iPhone, locate the side buttons of your iOS device. The volume functions are located on the left side of the device, and the power button is on the right side of it. These functions are necessary since these buttons are the only options we will use.
  • Simply hold the Volume Up button and release it. After that, the press holds the Volume Down button and immediately releases it. Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Wait until your lock screen appears. Unlock your device using your phone password and check the calendar app.

restart your iphone to backup calendar

Refresh iCloud Calendar

Sometimes, the iCloud calendar is one of the reasons why the calendar app disappeared from iPhone. This feature offers online Cloud backup of calendars by utilizing Apple's iCloud. Also, it tracks events and appointments. It allows users to view calendar schedules to identify conflicts. With this tool, users can also subscribe to other users' calendars. So, they can keep up with their colleagues and friends. Besides, users can get a notification for upcoming events. This function is possible with the help of a notification center, SMS, Email, and pager. So, suppose the Apple system is most likely down or has system maintenance. In that case, your calendar data will be unable to be accessed. If you want to retrieve a lost calendar icon on iPhone and its data, you can follow the instructions below.

  • The first thing you should access to retrieve the iPhone calendar app disappeared is accessing the Settings app. On your home screen, swipe and locate the Setting icon to access its functionalities. Make your way to your iCloud account to launch different menus.
  • On the list of menus, access the iCloud option, locate the calendar icon, and toggle the button to disable the synchronization. If the Apple iCloud Calendar system issues have been lifted, you can turn it on again to activate its features.

turn off calendar icloud then turn on again

Reset or Erase All Settings

Suppose the above solutions failed to resolve your issue; this method will eradicate the error. iPhone devices have a valuable function that lets you erase all data and information on your device. This function is a preferable solution for those errors caused by malware and virus intrusion. As a simple soft reset and reboot can not fix these malicious files, erasing them will remove these files from your device altogether. Yet, this process will permanently delete your saved files on your iPhone. It is recommended to backup your files first before doing this solution. To perform this process, you can check the following steps underneath.

  • Circumnavigate your device from your iPhone home screen and look for the Settings app. Go to the General option, and scroll down to access the Transfer or Reset iPhone. Tap its option to enter the two options.
  • Next, hit on the Erase All Settings to remove all the setup. Then, hit the continue button to thoroughly remove the overall data of your iPhone device.

reset all the settings on

Tips to Recover iPhone Calendar Events

Distinctive Feature: It can recover almost any type of iPhone files data. These include photos app, calendar events, contacts, and more.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a third-party application for iOS devices. It provides a sleek and better recovery process. Due to its advanced technology processor, it can recover and retrieve iPhone files with a quick process. This flexible tool can come with three modes or options. Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud. In this specific error, the iPhone calendar icon is missing; we will be using Recover from iOS Device. This function enables users to recover lost applications, deleted contact and calendar events, and more. Furthermore, this works on most iPhone devices and includes the latest model like iPhone 13. Moreover, it works and is compatible with low-end computers with 1GB of RAM.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery Tool

The initial guide to fix the calendar app disappeared from iPhone by acquiring the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Get its installer by ticking the download button shown above this step. Run the file and follow the installation wizard to get its full application. Once it is accomplished, you can circumnavigate the application to have a better workflow experience.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Link Your Device

The subsequent/following step you need to perform to recover accidentally deleted calendar app on iPhone is linking the iPhone to your computer. With the help of your lightning cable, you can successfully use this method. You will be notified once the iPhone is already linked with the tool. There will be a Start Scan button that will appear on your window.

second step to recover deleted photos on whatsapp

Step 3 Recover iPhone Calendar Icon Missing

After that, the application will scan your iPhone files immediately. You can locate the Calendar icon and tick its option to see the files and data that have been accidentally removed. You can select the attachment to filter the files you like to retrieve.

result recover note files

Step 4 Finalize the Recovery Process

Lastly, hit the recover option to finalize the process of fixing iPhone calendar icon disappeared. Wait until the progress finishes the recovery process. You can double-check your iPhone calendar to see if the error has been fixed and resolved.

result recover note files

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