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Comprehensive Ways to Fix Safari Bookmarks Disappeared

recover iphone bookmarksWhen you surf the web, it is common to see people seeking assistance to solve the issue like "all my bookmarks are gone from Safari iPhone." It's not uncommon to notice Safari bookmarks disappear from your iPhone whenever you're using your iPhone searching for something. However, suppose you lose or erase Safari bookmarks from your iPhone. In that case, you are likely anxious because some bookmarks might be crucial to you, and you've forgotten the exact address of the website. In this scenario, it is best to understand how you can recover iPhone bookmarks gone from Safari on your iPhone.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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Safari Bookmarks Disappeared on iPhone – The Possible Causes

Safari bookmarks disappeared is a typical issue. Many reasons could cause this problem, and here are the most prevalent reasons:

  • iOS Update: Many users have reported Safari bookmarks are gone following updating.
  • Device glitches: A small glitch on your iPhone might be the reason for the safari favorites disappeared iPhone.
  • iCloud Synchronization Failure: There is an issue in the sync process between your iPhone and iCloud.
  • Accidental Deletion: You or your family has accidentally deleted the bookmark without warning.

Whatever causes your bookmarks to disappear, the first thing to do is recover the bookmarks. Continue reading and follow to retrieve lost bookmarks.

The Best Way to Retrieve Disappeared Safari Bookmarks (Without Any Data Loss)

The excellent way for you is to require professional assistance with the help of specialized programs. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery tool is a perfect tool that allows you to retrieve deleted or lost Safari bookmarks, contacts, voice memos, and much more of the iOS device in different situations. It can read and gain access to your lost safari bookmarks either from iOS devices or back up and get those lost safari bookmarks to you, regardless of whether you've made backups or not.

Salient Features

  • The program can use the iTunes backup feature without needing an internet connection or a device.
  • It is also able to restore important files that were deleted or recover files after the loss of your data.
  • It works with all iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. It makes it much easier for you to restore information from any device.
  • It is also likely that lost data can be saved from the iCloud backup.

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Step 1 Connect your computer with your iPhone

Ensure that you connect the iPhone to your PC via your USB cable. When the device is detected, its name will be displayed. Then, run the program it will transfer the information of your iPhone onto the main display.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Begin the Scan Process

To continue, press the button that is "Start Scan." iPhone Data Recovery will start the process of scanning your device for deleted files. After the program has completed the scanning process, it will display all iPhone information in the interface. You can search for lost videos stored on your iPhone by selecting the menu on the left of the interface's main menu.

begin iphone scanning

Step 3

Click on the " Recover " to recover lost files or retrieve any deleted files, click on the "Recover." This will ensure that you've saved the files on your device. The program also allows you to preview your files once the scanning process gets completed. It won't only enable you to know whether the files are worth recovering or not. Still, it also lets you select the data based on different categories. There can be a different types of data like call history, messages, WhatsApp, and much more. When you click on any available category, the concerned data will be displayed. You will also be able to view and rotate the photos.

confirm recovery

Other Methods to Fix iPhone Bookmarks Gone Issue

1. Try Restarting the Safari App

This is the first step when you realize that the Safari bookmarks aren't there. Restart the Safari application. Tap on the home button to open all available apps for iPhone 8 and earlier iPhone users. You can swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to open a multitasking view for iPhone X customers and up. Tap on the Safari app and then slide it up to end the application. Tap on the Safari app and then restart it.

restart safari

2. Force Restart iPhone

Force-starting, your iPhone could help you resolve some unidentified problems. Here's how:
For iPhone 8 or later models: Press the volume up and down buttons. Afterward hold the power button till the Apple logo appears on your screen.
To restart iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Hold down the volume down button together with the power button till you see the logo flashes on the screen.
For iPhone 6s and older models: hold the power button and the home button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

force restart iphones

3. Look at Your Phone's Time and Date

Sometimes, incorrect date or time settings can cause issues like iPhone bookmarks disappearing. If you check and ensure that the data and time are correctly set, there is an opportunity to fix this problem. Navigate to the Settings menu > General > Date and Time. Switch on "Set Automatically." If it's already switched on, turn it off, and then wait a while before turning it again.

settings date and time

4. Check iCloud Settings on Your Device

If you've turned on Safari in iCloud and you have enabled Safari, then examine your iCloud settings to determine what the issue might be. Solving the issue of synchronization If there is one is a sure way to restore iPhone bookmarks. Visit the Settings and then [your name] > iCloud and check whether Safari is on. If it is, turn it off; take a couple of minutes before turning the device back on. Select "Delete from My iPhone" if your data is on any of your PCs. Otherwise, select "Keep on My iPhone."

5. Check the Stability of Internet Connection

If your internet connection isn't working correctly in the Mac, iCloud won't sync perfectly. This can result in your bookmarks disappearing within Safari.

To determine the internet connection on the Mac:

  • Close the browser and restart it. Try visiting a site or looking for something.
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection. Go to the Apple Menu -- Settings and then Internet -- search at the notification of Wi-Fi's status.
  • When you're connected to a hotspot, make sure that the password is correct and that the device that transmits it is able to transmit a signal.

check internet connection on iphone

Frequently Asked Questions

1). What is the best method to export bookmarks?

Start Safari and then click File in the upper menu. Choose "Export Bookmarks" and then select a location in the Mac within the pop-up window that pops up.

2). What is the location where Safari bookmarks are saved?

Safari bookmarks are stored in a hidden folder called ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks list on your Mac's hard disk; you can access it through a shortcut.

3). How can I access my Safari bookmarks on my phone?

To retrieve your Safari bookmarks onto your iPhone, start the browser again. In this case, search for Safari in your list of recently downloaded apps and close them. After that, restart your iPhone and relaunch the browser.

Safari bookmarks could disappear in the event that you're iPhone isn't synced to your Mac. To determine if you've mistakenly turned off iCloud sync, visit settings > your Apple ID and then iCloud. Slide your Safari slider right to activate the synchronization.

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Last updated on January 18, 2022

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