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Outstanding Solutions and Tools to Recover iMessage Conversation

imessage recovery softwareReminiscing old memories through text messages is an activity we constantly do whenever we are bored and have extra time to browse in our mobile device. We tend to read past messages to relive the moment we had with those messages. Whether it is a painful story, a sad message, or a heartwarming text from your loved ones, we always care to save and reread them whenever we need to. The iPhone has its messaging app that can give you that can help you to relive those moments. iMessage is a popular tool among people who use iPhone to send text messages to their contacts. Additionally, its primary selling point is its ability to send images, videos, and documents with delivery status and read icons. However, as we try to save essential texts on this app, things might happen and go in different directions. Sometimes, this application experiences system error that will lead to the deletion of messages and essential data in its system. Fortunately, we were able to gather different solutions to recover deleted iMessages. Without further ado, let’s dive in on the ten quintessential tools in this article.

iPhone Data Recovery
AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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AceThinker iOS Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with three modes to recover deleted data on your iPhone without needing a hard reset.
Supported Devices: It can recover deleted iMessages on devices, including iPhone 13 series and the earlier versions.
Price: This software is a freemium program that can recover deleted iMessages for free. Yet, to experience this tool's full potential, you can avail of its premium access for 2 PCs with lifetime upgrade and support for only $49.95.

AceThinker iOS Data Recovery is the most suitable and recommended program you need to have. This tool is designed with three modes for recovering iPhone files. Since we are trying to recover iMessages in your iPhone, we will use the Recover from iOS Device option. This feature can recover any file without the need for a factory reset. This means you don't need to remove everything you have on your device. Also, it can also recover deleted photo from iPad and other devices like iPod. To know how to retrieve messages using this tool, follow the guide beneath.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS Data Recovery

The initial step to recover deleted conversations on your iMessage is to download AceThinker iOS Data Recovery. Download its installer by ticking the download option presented above. Run the file and launch the tool once installation has finished. You can analyze its navigation to familiarize its processes.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your Device

The next step is to connect the iOS device to your computer using your lightning cable. Then, select the Recover from iOS Device option on the tool's interface. This will carry you to a window that analyzes your device. Hit the Start Scan once the device is connected to the tool.

idr connect your iphone

Step 3 Recover iMessage Conversation

The last step is to enable the app to analyze your iPhone device and retrieve deleted iMessage files. You can try checking messages on the Message & Contact tab and tick the recover button to instigate the recovery process.

idr resul on recovering imessage

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: This best iMessage recovery software can recover lost iMessage texts with iCloud, iTunes, and the device itself.
Supported Devices: It supports and is compatible with devices that run with iOS 12 and above.
Price: Its premium access costs $49.95 for 2 PCs for one year.

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery is a prominent data recovery program that provides help in the recovery and retrieval of iMessage. It is among the best iMessage data recovery tools with speedy and efficient features with preview settings. This function will allow you to select and choose the messages you want to recover from iMessage. Besides that, it can also retrieve other files, including call history, contacts, calendars, and more. Its scan and preview option makes TunesKit Data Recovery stand out from other tools. This means you can see the exact messages you need to retrieve.

tuneskit iphone data recovery interface

Dr. Fone For iOS

Distinctive Feature: This tool lets users preview lost text messages on iMessage.
Supported Devices: It supports devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod that run iOS 12 and earlier versions.
Price: It costs $59.95 yearly to access its premium and advanced features.

Are you looking for a friendly-user iOS utility? The following tool will pacify what you need. Dr. Fone For iOS is designed with a friendly user interface, and navigation as its functions are only located at the uppermost part of the tool. It does not require prior technical experience as its function to recover messages on iMessage is quick and convenient. It can recover files from iOS devices, iTunes, and iCloud. Additionally, it is designed with a feature where users can preview files freely. This feature also allows users to recover data only users desire to retrieve.

drfone for ios interface

PhoneRescue For iOS

Distinctive Feature: It was designed with advanced accelerated technology that provides incredible speed in executing and scanning recovery processes.
Supported Devices: This tool works with iPhone 5 series and later versions.
Price: It costs $49.95 yearly to access its advanced features and free upgrades.

A top-rated iOS data utility, PhoneRescue For iOS, is computer software that advocates the fast execution of recovery processes. This tool’s recovery success rate is higher than other iOS utilities that provide the same features. It is also selective in recovering and restoring files, and it will prevent the recovery files from being contaminated with malicious software and viruses. Like the other tools mentioned above, this tool is also designed with three recovery modes to restore messages on iMessage. You can use functions including recover from iOS device, recover using iTunes backup, and recover from iCloud.

phonerescue for ios interface

7thShare iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It has a feature where users can selectively recover text messages on iMessage.
Supported Devices: This best iMessage recovery software supports devices that run with iOS 11 and earlier versions.
Price: Its premium plan costs $39.99 with a lifetime license.

7thShare iPhone Data Recovery is a lightweight iOS utility capable of recovering iPhone files. It can recover files including messages, contacts, calendars, reminders, Safari bookmark, WhatsApp, app documents, photo library, camera roll, and more. In addition, this recovery tool acts as a backup extractor, allowing users to get iOS backup files from iTunes. Additionally, instead of recovering all backup files, you have on your iPhone, you can selectively choose which files or text messages you can restore. Moreover, it is designed with advanced technology that provides faster and better execution of the recovery process.

7thshare interface

Stellar Phoenix

Distinctive Feature: This tool is equipped and designed with a function to scan viruses and prevent recovery files from being infected before restoring them to your device.
Supported Devices: This tool works with iPhone 13 series and earlier versions.
Price: Its premium plan costs $79.99 for a monthly license.

Stellar Phoenix is an excellent iOS utility that provides a better recovery option. It has a preview option and function that allows users to check on the messages that they want to recover. Its efficiency is also enhanced compared to other tools. It is designed with advanced RAID recovery capability initiating the data recovery process quicker and faster. This feature is possible with its three Recovery modes: the device files, iCloud, and iTunes backup. This software allows users to recover user’s files after scanning selectively. This also comes with the option to detect virus-infected files to be removed to prevent damage or reduce the performance of your iPhone.

stellar phoenix

D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: This iMessage recovery tool scans your device, iTunes backup, and iCloud Backup to locate hidden deleted iMessages.
Supported Devices: iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone Xs series, and earlier versions.
Price: Its one-year plan costs $59.95.

D-Black iPhone Data Recovery is a practical data recovery utility that helps users to recover deleted iMessage. It has four recovery modes for a greater chance of recovering lost data on your device. These options include Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iCloud Backup, and Recover from iTunes Backup. It can retrieve different iPhone files such as contacts, calls logs, messages, photos, and videos. Moreover, its interface is clear enough for non-tech savvy users to understand its processes and navigation fully.

dback iphone data recovery interface

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It can retrieve different recoverable data and formats for iPhone files.
Supported Devices: It supports the latest iPhone 13 series and other models.
Price: Its lifetime license costs $39.96 for one PC.

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is another well-suited iOS utility that provides a better recovery process. It can quickly scan and deep scan your iPhone device to retrieve lost files and messages. Its process uses a filter to search and locate different file types to recover iPhone data easily. This feature also allows users to choose the files they want to recover selectively. In addition, its process provides a non-destructive process, meaning the deleted files will be reverted to your iPhone with their original state and quality. Moreover, it has the option to preview the data before recovery starts.

fonelab interface

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It can recover 25 data files, including iMessages.
Supported Devices: It works on devices with the latest iOS version, which is iOS 15.
Price: Its license costs $39.99 for one PC.

Another iMessage recovery software is Primo iPhone Data Recovery, which guarantees a higher success rate in the recovery process. It helps users to recover and retrieve lost files and save them in viewable format on their computers. These formats include HTML, TEXT, CSV, VCF, and more. It is designed with three options to recover iMessages. These features namely Recover from Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud. Lastly, it allows you to choose the messages you want to recover selectively. This function makes the process more efficient and quicker to retrieve.

primo interface

Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It can retrieve deleted iMessage without needing backup files.
Supported Devices: It supports most Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod series.
Price: This device costs $49.95 yearly to gain a license on its advanced features.

Last in the list of free iMessage recovery software is Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery. This iOS utility allows users to recover iMessages using iCloud, iTunes backup, and the device itself, even with the need for backup files. It is also designed with a preview option allowing users to check on the messages before they initiate the recovery process. Needless to say, this feature allows users to have a quicker and faster recovery process as they can sort out the files they only need to retrieve. Moreover, it allows users to transfer backup files to their computers. This feature is handy and helpful for those users that need to declutter their files. Also, it can be an iOS utility tool to repair system OS; you can read it here to gain further knowledge.

Comparison Chart

Software Additional Functionalities System Requirement Disadvantage
AceThinker iOS Data Recovery It can repair iOS systems, create backups, restore backup files, and more. It only requires 1GB RAM to function for Windows and Mac devices. This tool does not have a mobile version yet.
TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery It can fix system issues like system crashes and more. This tool performs well with Mac and Windows devices. The free or trial access won’t let users save files after the preview.
Dr. Fone For iOS It can extract lost data for your iPhone device. It only requires users to have 256 MB of RAM on their Mac and Windows. The premium access is quite expensive compared to other tools that also cater to the same features.
PhoneRescue For iOS It is equipped with an iOS system repair option for iPhone problems. It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac devices. To fully recover files, you need to avail yourself of its premium plans.
7thShare iPhone Data Recovery It does not have any additional functions other than recovering iPhone files. This tool only works for Windows operating systems. It does not allow users to recover data files from the iCloud service.
Software Additional Functionalities System Requirement Disadvantage
Stellar Phoenix It can retrieve lost data from laptops, PC, hard drives, and other external storage. It requires 4GB RAM for you to use this tool. It has expensive premium plans.
D-Back iPhone Data Recovery It can fix iOS issues, damaged iPhones, and more. It is compatible with macOS and Windows OS. The supported types of data are relatively limited.
FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery It has iOS system recovery, backup and restore, and more. It requires just 1 GB of RAM to work on Windows and Mac. It has a lower success rate compared to other tools.
Primo iPhone Data Recovery It is designed to recover iOS-related issues. It performs on both Windows and Mac computers. It does not support other devices, including iPod and iPad series.
Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery It only retrieves data files for iPhone devices. It works well on Windows computers. Do not support most Apple devices, including iPod and iPad series.
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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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