How to Permanently Delete Search History on iPhone?

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How to Recover Deleted Safari History on iPhone?

  • Connect your iPhone and launch the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery.
  • Scan and preview the Safari history.
  • Choose and start retrieving your deleted Safari history.
how to delete search history on iphone

There are several reasons why it is important to delete search history on the iPhone. Firstly, deleting your search history helps protect your privacy and security. Browsing history may contain sensitive information including your personal data. Hackers or unauthorized persons may get access to your device and use this information for malicious purposes. Another reason, deleting search history can free up storage space on your iPhone. As you browse the internet, your device stores temporary files, cookies, and other data that can accumulate over time and take up valuable storage space. Deleting search history removes these files and frees up space for other important data. Lastly, deleting search history can improve your device's performance. As your device stores more data, it may slow down and affect its overall performance. By regularly deleting search history, you can help keep your device running smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, this article discusses how to delete search history on an iPhone.

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View Your Recent Browsing History on iPhone

Keeping track of your browsing history can be essential for various reasons. Whether you're researching, trying to remember a website you visited, or want to monitor your mobile activity, accessing your browsing history can provide you with valuable information and peace of mind. You can view your recent browsing history on an iPhone by following a few simple steps. Moreover, this method is also effective if your Safari app is missing on iPhone device.

Step 1 Launch the Safari App

The first step is to open the Safari app to view your recent browsing history on your iPhone. Then, tap the "Bookmark" icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen, in the middle.

launch safari application

Step 2 Select the History Tab

A menu will appear once you have opened the Safari app and hit the "Bookmark" icon. From the menu, select the "History" tab. This tab will provide you with the list of all websites that you visited in the recent past.

tap the history icon

Step 3 Scroll Through Your Browsing History

After selecting the "History" tab, you can scroll through your browsing history to view the websites that you have recently visited. You can visit some sites if you want, just simply tap on the specific website.

see your search history

How to Clear Search History on iPhone?

In a world where privacy is paramount, it's important to know how to delete search history on iPhone. When it comes to maintaining your privacy and protecting sensitive information, clearing your search history on your iPhone should be at the top of your priority list. Here are three effective methods to clear search history on your iPhone.

Method 1. Clear Search History Using Browser Settings

One simplest way to delete your search history on Safari is by using browser settings. See the guide below on how to delete iPhone search history. You can also do this solution in other issues on iPhone, like Safari cannot connect to server.

Step 1 Open the Safari App

On your iPhone, find Safari on your applications. Once you open the Safari app, you'll see a small icon in the bottom right corner that looks like an open book; tap on it.

tap the bookmark icon

Step 2 Go to the History Tab

Once you click the book icon, a menu will pop up. Click on the "Clock" icon, which represents the History tab. From there, you will be able to see all your search history.

go to the history tab

Step 3 Delete Search History

To delete your search history, swipe left on each entry and tap "Delete." Alternatively, you can hit the "Clear" button on the bottom-right corner of the interface to delete all your search history at once.

click the clear button to delete all the search history

Method 2. Clear Search History Using Private Browsing Mode

Another effective way to clear search history on your iPhone is by using private browsing mode. Private browsing mode is a feature available in all web browsers that allows you to browse the internet without saving any history, cookies, or other data.

Step 1 Launch the Safari Browser

Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone by tapping on its app icon. Then, in the lower right corner of the app's interface, you'll see a tab icon that looks like two squares stacked on top of each other.

tap the tab icon and click the number of tabs

Step 2 Open a New Private Tab

Tap the "Tab" icon and click on the number of available tabs in Safari. From there, select the "Private" option to open a new private browsing tab.

select private option

Step 3 Browse Privately

Now that you're in private browsing mode, any searches or websites you visit will not be saved to your search history. Additionally, your cookies and other browsing data will be automatically deleted when you close the private browsing tab.

use the private browser

Method 3. Clear Search History Using Settings App

The last method to clear search history on your iPhone is through the Settings app. This method provides a more comprehensive way to delete search history across multiple browsers and apps on your iPhone. Check the guide below on how to delete search history from iPhone using the Settings app.

Step 1 Launch the Settings App

The initial guide to clear your search history on your iPhone is to launch the Settings app. Then, scroll down until you find the "Safari" app. Tap on it to access the settings of Safari.

open settings and find safari

Step 2 Find the Clear History and Website Data Option

After accessing the Safari settings on your iPhone, you can see many options available. Next, scroll down to locate the "Clear History and Website Data" option. Once you find it, tap on it to proceed to the next step.

on safari settings, click the clear history and website data

Step 3 Safari History Completely Erased

By tapping the "Clear History and Website Data" option, another window will appear on-screen. This window will prompt you to confirm the action and remind you that this action will clear your browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data. So here’s how to permanently delete search history on iPhone.

confirm the action by hitting clear history and data

When and Why Should You Permanently Erase iPhone Internet History

Regarding iPhone security and privacy, erasing internet history can be crucial. Whether you're selling your iPhone, giving it away, or want to keep your browsing habits private, permanently erasing your internet history can help protect your personal information from prying eyes. Permanently erasing internet history on your iPhone is also a smart move if you're concerned about data breaches or security breaches. By wiping your internet history, you can prevent hackers and cyber criminals from accessing your personal data and sensitive information.

Additionally, if you use your iPhone for work purposes, erasing your internet history can be important to maintaining professional confidentiality and protecting sensitive business information. Overall, while erasing internet history may seem like a small step, it can have a big impact on your iPhone's security and your overall peace of mind. So, if you want to keep your personal information safe and secure, it's worth considering permanently erasing your iPhone's internet history.

when and why you should permanently delete your browsing history

Extra Tips: How to Recover Deleted Safari History on iPhone?

Distinctive Feature: This software has 3 recovery options such as recover from an iOS device, recover from iTunes backup, and recover from iCloud backup, allowing users to retrieve Safari browser data in various scenarios.
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AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a reliable and user-friendly software that can assist users in recovering all their lost files on their iPhone, including Safari browser data and how to recover incognito history on iPhone. Moreover, it has three different recovery modes catering to various scenarios. First, users can recover Safari browser data directly from their iOS device. It is the ideal option for users who have not backed up their iPhone recently or don't have access to a computer with iTunes installed. Second, users can recover Safari browser data from their iTunes backup. You can use this feature even though you don't have an internet connection. Lastly, users can also recover Safari browser data from their iCloud backup. It would be the best option if your iPhone is damaged or lost and you have recently backed up your iCloud. Additionally, this software is the best recovery tool because it can recover your data even though you don't have any backed-up files. You can follow the instructions below to learn how to use it.

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Step 1 Install the Software

In the first step, click any download button above to download the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your computer. Then, get your charger cable and use it to connect your iPhone to your PC. Once the tool detects your device, click the "Start Scan" button.

fk-idr connect the device

Step 2 Find the Safari History

Once the tool starts scanning your device, you will see all your files on your device. Scroll down until you reach the "Memos & Others" section. Under the section, you will find the "Safari History." Tick the box beside to see all the search histories.

go to the memos & others to see the safari history

Step 3 Tick the Search History

Next, tick the box beside the title to select all the Safari histories if you want to recover them. If you want to retrieve some of them, tick them individually. Then, click the "Recover" button at the tool's bottom-right corner and proceed to the last step.

select all the safari history you want to recover

Step 4 Safari History Recovered

Once you click the recover button, a window will appear on your screen, where you allow to choose an output folder. After that, hit the "Recover" button to instruct the software to start the recovery process. Once done, locate your chosen output folder and check if the Safari histories are recovered.

select an output folder and click recover button

FAQs About How to Delete iPhone History

1. How do I clear my search history on my iPhone?
To clear your search history on your iPhone, go to your Settings app, then tap Safari. From there, scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website Data.
2. Why can't I clear my search history on my iPhone?
If you're unable to clear your search history on your iPhone, it could be because you have restrictions set up that prevent you from doing so. To check this, go to your Settings app and tap on Screen Time. From there, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions and ensure the option for Clear History and Website Data is turned on.
3. What should I do if I still can't clear my search history on my iPhone?
If you're still having trouble clearing your search history, it could be because of a software glitch or bug on your iPhone. In this case, it may be necessary to reset your iPhone or contact Apple Support for further assistance.
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