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A Guide About How Long Does it Take to Restore iPhone

how long does it take to restore an iphoneYou can generally restore your iPhone by using iTunes when you want to resolve a problem. For example, if the iPhone passcode is forgotten, iPhone gets stuck in the Apple logo, or the device has been damaged and has a black screen. However, when you restore your iPhone using iTunes, it takes time. Wondering how long does iPhone recovery mode takes? Read the article and learn more about how long does it take to restore an iPhone.

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How Long Does It Take to Restore an iPhone from iTunes/iCloud?

Before figuring out how long to restore iPhone, it is essential to know what restoring an iPhone accomplishes. Restoring your iPhone is resetting your iPhone to its factory settings that erase everything on your iPhone, such as photos, documents, apps settings, and your OS and firmware. In contrast to resetting your iPhone, which only wipes the contents of your iPhone content and then restores iPhone settings to their factory defaults Restoring the iPhone via iTunes restores the OS and possibly an update to the firmware of the iPhone.

There is not a set time it takes to recover an iPhone. It can take only a few seconds or many hours to complete the process, dependent on a variety of aspects:

  • The number of files you have on the iPhone: It will take longer to restore your iPhone if you have many media files on your device.
  • iOS update: If there's an iOS update to your gadget, iTunes needs more time to restore your iPhone since it must download the latest iOS firmware.
  • Internet speed: A faster network speed allows iTunes to connect to the Apple server faster.

how long does it take to restore an iphone

What Can You Do When iPhone Restoring Stuck or Taking Forever?

How long does it take to restore iPhone? After a few hours, it's not a common issue where an iPhone is stuck in the restore process. This usually is due to a software issue and can be solved with a few suggestions. These three solutions have proven helpful, and we will discuss these solutions each step by step.

1. Try Updating iTunes

Updating iTunes could be the first option on the things you can do when iPhone restore is stuck. Yes, upgrading it to the most recent version could fix the issue in some cases. Here's how you can get your iTunes version for both Mac and Windows.

Apple Mac: Boot into iTunes > select 'iTunes' on the left-hand side. Select the 'Check for Updates' choice.
Windows: Boot up iTunes, Click the Help menu > Here, select "Check for Updates."

how long does it take to restore an iphone update itunes

2. OPT for Another Computer and USB Cable

Sometimes, the issue may occur in the PC, or the USB cable you are using to establish a connection might be damaged or ineffective. So, make sure to use only a genuine lightning cable certified by Apple to establish connections between your computer and iOS device. If you're experiencing issues, consider using a different device and check to see whether you can carry the job.

iphone with cable

3. Force Restart iPhone

Another method you could consider if the iPhone restore is not working is to Force Reboot iPhone. You can use this option to stop the process instantly. To do that, you'll need to follow a set of guidelines based on the iPhone model. This is the step-by-step instruction to force the restart of various iPhone models.

For iPhone 7/7+:
It's a slight difference in the keys. You'll need to hold the 'Volume Up' key and the 'Power' button until the Apple logo appears across your display.
For iPhone 8/X/11/12:
The first step is to press the 'Volume Up key and then hit the 'Volume Down key and after that, hold down the Power key till the Apple logo is visible.

force restart iphone

4. Use a Professional Tool to Restore iPhone Effortlessly

Suppose none of those mentioned above solutions works to restore the iPhone from iTunes or iCloud. In that case, you can use AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery to recover all types of lost or deleted data from iOS devices. AceThinker Fone Keeper is an iTunes alternative that will help you restore almost all types of data on your iPhone and address problems like screen locking and white Apple logo screen, and black screen, or a dead iPhone. It's easy to use and can fix your issue right away without the hassle of iTunes.

Key Features:

  • All versions of iOS and iPad are supported, including the most current iPhone models like 13, 12, 11, X, and more.
  • Make sure to restore your iOS to normal.
  • There is no loss of data in normal recovery modes.
  • Fix for a myriad of iOS system problems, including Recovery mode, White Apple logo, black screen looping at the beginning and ending, etc.
  • There is the option of saving multiple backups as there is no limit to your backups.
  • Also, the backup file you create will not replace backups that have already been created.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Install AceThinker Fone Keeper

Install and then open AceThinker Fone Keeper. Choose the menu option that says iOS Data Recovery. This will take you to the interface of the application.

acethinker fone keeper interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

You'll have to choose between Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud. In this case, you will need to select "Recover from iOS Device." After completing this step, you must connect your device to your computer. To proceed, you'll have to hit the button that reads "Start Scan." iPhone Data Recovery will start the process of scanning your device for deleted files.

how long does it take to restore an iphone restore using acethinker phone keeper scan

Step 4 Recover your Data

To recover lost files, click the "Recover" button. It will make sure that your information is stored in your system. You can have your documents viewed when the scanning process is completed. This lets you identify files that you can salvage. On the right side of the program, you'll notice several types of data or files. They could include texts, WhatsApp calls, history of calls, and other categories. When you click on one or all of the categories above, it will show its information. Photos can be rotated and viewed.

how long does it take to restore an iphone restore using acethinker phone keeper

The Final Verdict

How long does it take to reset an iPhone? It is possible to restore the iPhone in factory default settings, or recovering an iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup typically takes a few minutes to several hours. If the restoration process takes unusually long, there are chances of an error. It is possible to use AceThinker iOS System Recovery to restore your iPhone faster. If not, any other solution works to recover iPhone from iCloud or iTunes.

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