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What Does Restore from iCloud Mean? Find Out Here!

feature how long does it take to restore from icloud backup We created a plethora of platforms to ensure the safety of our device’s files. These useful technologies help us duplicate our device’s documents and files if we lose the original copy. Most common services we can use as backup tools are iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. In addition, we can also use different external devices or hard disks to create backups on our mobile phones. The iCloud service is the most well-used among these storage services for iPhone users. It is a great way to get your files stored and saved other than your device's internal memory. The process of retrieving files is relatively easy, but how long do iCloud backups take? You are on the right footpath if it is not on your knowledge. This article collected the most accurate solutions and information that can determine the duration of every backup process.

iPhone Data Recovery
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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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How Long Does It Take to Restore from iCloud Backup?

The iCloud restore progress, how long does it take to complete? According to Apple, an average iCloud restore process with one gigabyte of files usually takes 1 to 4 hours. Even with the most robust connection, the process will still be around this time. So to compute the number of hours that iCloud restoration will be complete, you have to multiply the number of gigabytes you have used on iCloud backup to get the estimated completion time. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the restoration and backup process of iCloud during nighttime. As your device is performing the process, you will be unable to use different mobile functions and features.

how long does it take to restore from icloud backup answer

Reasons What Can Affect iCloud Backup Process

1 to 4 hours is the time frame you can anticipate when restoring iPhone files on your device. Yet, some factors affect the iCloud restoration progress. The initial factor is the internet connection. A robust and stable internet connection is one factor that contributes to how long the process of restoration can take to finish. Of course, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection as the process can consume all the mobile data you have on your service network. Performing the process on an unstable internet connection can corrupt the files you have retrieved on your storage platform.

factors how long icloud restore process

Another factor that can affect the duration of the restore process of your iPhone device from iCloud is the size of the backup files. The more files you restore, the longer the process will take. So, it is necessary to sort out the files you need to restore. You can also remove duplicate backup files on your iCloud to make the process easier to finish. You can check this article to learn more about this process.

How to Stop Restoring iCloud Backup

The process of how long to restore from iCloud will take more time and power for your device. If your device is not fully charged, it can drain your battery, and the process will not be completed. Suppose you are in this scenario, and unfortunately, you are not at the nearest power outlet in your area. The best thing to do is to terminate the process. Additionally, you can also stop the restore process if you have an essential task you need to perform on your iPhone device. The process is relatively easy to perform; you can check the listed steps. We have updated the guidelines on how to do it.

  • If you are asking and wondering how long it takes to restore from iCloud, yet you need to cancel the ongoing restore process, you need to open your settings. Tap the Settings icon to get on its landing page. You will see the list of files you have on your mobile device.
  • At the uppermost part of the settings, you will see the Apple ID. Touch on its menu to open the associated settings on your Apple account. Access the iCloud service and tap on its menu.
  • Lastly, under the device backup tab, tap the iCloud backup. Turn off iCloud backup to cancel the process of restoring your iCloud service. Then, head back to your home screen to perform the task you need to do.

how to stop restoring backup

Restart the iPhone Device

Suppose your device has a glitch and gets an error like iCloud backup taking forever or restore is too long than the expected date. In that case, you need basic troubleshooting to help resolve the issue. The first optimal resolution that can fix an iPhone stuck in the restore process is to restart your device. Soft reboot or restart is troubleshooting that can eradicate most mobile glitches and errors. The process shuts down your device's power supply from its battery, allowing the internal software to reset and restore the device's function. It is quickly done on an iPhone device by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons. Once a slider appears on your screen, swipe it to turn the device off.

fix device by restarting it

Fix iPhone Restoring from iCloud Error

Distinctive Feature: This software has an inbuilt quick fix option to fix iPhone minor glitches quickly.
What is it best for?: It is most appropriate for users who want to avoid going to professionals to fix iPhone issues.

Why do you need professional help if you can fix your iPhone in the comfort of your home? AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a compact software that provides an option to recover almost all iOS issues observed up to this date. It can fix screen, device, iOS mode, and even iTunes issues. Each issue correlates with the list of errors that can be fixed with this iOS repair tool. In addition, regardless of what kind of issue you have, it can be fixed with two modes of recovery. These modes or options are the Standard and Advanced modes. The Standard mode provides firmware that can fix the issue of your device while retaining the iPhone files. In contrast, the Advanced mode comes with firmware that has updated the iOS version, yet, it will eradicate the entire files you have on your device. Therefore, this recovery mode is required to perform a backup process before fixing your device with this feature.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the Recovery Tool

First, hit the download button to save the file installer of AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Go to your download folder to run the installer and finish through the installation wizards. Then, launch the tool to get on the device’s interface.

fk-isr interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone

Select the Device’s issue from its interface and tap the Start button. The tool will then ask you to connect your device. You can perform this process by using your lightning charger or cable.

fk-isr scan and confirm device's details

Step 3 Select Mode To Fix iCloud Restore Progress Issue

Afterward, a new window will appear that provides the modes of recovery. For this type of error, choose the Standard mode to fix your device while retaining your iPhone files completely. Hit the Confirm option to get through with the process.

fk-isr choose the mode

Step 4 Finalize the Recovery Process

Finally, a list of firmware will appear on your screen. Choose the latest one that contains the new patch of the iOS system. Hit the download button and press the Next button.

fk-isr download firmware

FAQS About Restore From iCloud

What does restore from iCloud mean?
This process means your iPhone device will recover and get a copy of your iPhone files stored on your iCloud service. For free service, iCloud holds your files up to 5GB of capacity, which you can then restore. There are also different options other than iCloud service. You can use iTunes, backup files from your computer, and data files stored using a third-party tool.
How can you restore files from iCloud?
There is exclusively one way to restore your files on your iCloud back on your iPhone. You need to factory reset your device. This process will clear up all your device's settings and data files. It will appear like your device is a newly bought iPhone from Apple. After you factory reset your device, it will ask you which storage platform you want to get back your previous files. Restoring from iCloud is included on this list.
Other than iCloud, can you back up an iPhone on a different platform?
Yes, there are many options on where or which tool you want to use to create backup files for your iPhone. AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is a tool that we recommend that you utilize. It is a sister tool of AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool creates a backup directly on your Mac and Windows device. It collects everything you have on your device, then creates a folder where the documents and data are stored securely and safely. Most files are not readable on your computer, so to check them, you need to restore them on your device, which this tool can also do.
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iPhone Data Recovery
Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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