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How to Hide Location on iPhone? Find Out Here!

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Hiding the location on the phone may sound impossible, but the benefits you get from this service make it one of the most searched topics on the internet. There are some practical ways that you can do when you read the methods that can answer how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing. According to a recent study conducted by the New York Times, your mobile phone updates your location more than 14,000 times a day with more accuracy. Most of the time, we want to be in stealth mode so that no one knows where we are. In this article, we’ll talk about simple ways on how to stop sharing locations without notifying anyone. Let's get started!

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Best Ways to Hide Your Location on iPhone

1. By Turning on “Airplane Mode”

The most common way on how to hide location on iPhone is; just to turn on your Airplane mode. Airplane mode is the built-in feature every mobile phone has these days through which you will know how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing. If you turn off the location on your phone, your network connection is completely blocked, which means there will be no internet, no network connection on your phone. Therefore, there is no other way to track your phone when it is in airplane mode or off. Below are the two methods that will show you how to turn on airplane mode on your iPhone.


  • On the lock screen or the Home screen, swipe up from the bottom and you can see an icon having an airplane on it. You will simply need to tap on it in order to activate airplane mode.
  • Go to the “Settings” applications and Tap on “Airplane Mode” to turn it on.

hide location on iphone turn on airplane mode

You can also do this method if iPhone won't delete photos to refresh the system of your iPhone.

2. By Using another iPhone or iPad as Your Location

Many people know that Apple allows sharing location to your iPhone from another iOS device, which is considered to be one of the most unique yet amazing features of the iPhone. For this to work, you’ll need to set up location sharing with a particular iOS device.


  • Open the setting app on your iPhone followed by tapping on your profile. After that, you will have to head over to the “Share My Location” option and switch it ON.
  • Next, go to the “Find My” app on another iPhone or any other iOS device, you can set a label for your present location.
  • Lastly, scroll down the lists of people available to share location. Then, tap on the list and select to send the location.

hide location on iphone use other iphone

3. By turning off “Share My Location”

This is another easy way to hide your iPhone location. Warning before proceeding - this method only works on Apple devices running iOS version 8 or higher. Although the limit before we start with this step may sound like a downfall. This can work for you in certain situations where you want a quick solution for how to hide location on the iPhone without them knowing. This can be a fun way as “Share my location” on iPhone already has a list of apps you have installed to share your current location. So, if you are trying to share your location, check out the steps given below so you know how to turn off the location without anyone else knowing.


  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone and then click on the “Privacy” option.
  • Then, in the next step, find the “Location Services” from the menu of options that appear on your screen and click on it.
  • Click on the “Share My Location” option to see your device’s current status.

4. By Stop Sharing Location on “Find My App”

Find my app is built for the purpose of sharing location between your family member or the iOS personal device where you access. This feature allows a person to track the phone whenever it is lost. A lot of people ask how to disable find my friends without them knowing or “can you turn off find my friends without them knowing”? Well here's how to do it.


  • Turn on your iPhone and select the "Find My" app that is easily accessible on new iOS devices with iOS version 14.1.
  • In the lower right corner, you can see the "I" icon, tap on it. There, change the "Share My Location" tab to turn it off.
  • Also, you have the option to change access after "Share My Location" to individual members. Tap on the "People" tab and select a member from the list. For the available options, tap "Stop Sharing My Location."

hide location on iphone stop find my app

Bonus Tip: Hide your iPhone Location Using a VPN

One of the easiest ways on how to hide your location on iPhone is to use a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network and upon installing a VPN, your iPhone will start receiving and sending data through shared or public networks. This makes your iPhone believe you are connected to a private network which also helps you to hide your location. To use a VPN, you'll need to download an app that works like ExpressVPN. In this section on how to hide location on iPhone, here's how you can use a VPN to hide your location.


  • Install a VPN on your iPhone. And after the app is installed, your iOS device will ask for necessary permissions.
  • Click the "Allow" button and the VPN application will be stopped automatically. When this is done, go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

hide location on iphone use vpn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you fake your location on Find My iPhone?

Through jailbreak, you can fake your location. There is no other way than jailbreaking.

2. How to hide your location on iPhone without them knowing?

You can hide your location on iPhone with the help of the hidden location service feature, which won’t send any notification.

3. Can someone still see my location on Airplane mode?

No, there is no way to track you when you turn on Airplane mode to hide your location on iPhone. The security of iOS is one of the best features that they offer.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried to make a clear understanding of how you can hide location on the iPhone. You can use the ways we have mentioned above and conceal your location from others without them knowing.

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Last updated on September 6, 2021

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