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Smart Solutions on How to Get Photos From iCloud to Computer

feature download icloud photos to pcWe, Humans, are very sentimental beings. We tend to keep important things that we treasure throughout our lifetime. Luckily, in modern days, we have various technologies to keep essential things in our belongings. Mobile phones are the most commonly used storage we have up-to-date. This compact-pocket device is helpful for saving photos, files, work-related data, and more. However, these devices are not enough to store the accurate data we have. Thus, different web developers invented cloud services to store our excess data. They also provide essential functions, including backing up your mobile files. One of the most used files storing services is iCloud. This cloud-based storage is dedicated to Apple devices to backup and store different media files and documents. In addition, the backup files on this cloud service can be transferred to your PC. We bet you didn't know that. In that case, you can try to read the following walkthrough on how to copy photos from iCloud to PC.

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Reasons Why To Transfer Photos from iCloud To PC

We all know iCloud is cloud-based storage that provides users an option to store media files, including photos, on its service. Yet, do you know the benefit of downloading iCloud backup on your computer? Well, this part will enlighten you with the benefits and advantages of why you need to know how to get photos from icloud to computer.

  • Quick file sharing is one of the benefits of downloading your iCloud to your computer. You can transfer your backup iPhone photos to a flash drive or hard drive and share them with your friends.
  • Downloading iCloud photos to a PC will create an extra backup for your valued photos. We are all aware that iCloud backup is dependent on those on your iPhone device. Suppose you accidentally delete a photo and fail to save it on your backup files. In that case, iCloud will update your backups and erase that photo once your iPhone is connected to the internet.
  • This tip is for iPhone users who want to transfer their files to an Android device. If you think of switching to an Android, it is convenient to have your files on your PC. It is because transferring media files from PC to Android device is much quicker than iPhone to Android transfer.
  • Another benefit you can do on transferring your photos to PC is you can easily edit your photos. Transferring photos will enable you to access different photo editors that you do not have on your iPhone device. You can easily enhance your images using Adobe Photoshop and other modification tools that are impossible to use with phones and tablets.

benefits of download icloud photos to pc

How to Download iCloud Photos to PC Online

This first solution works for Mac and Windows computers. This process is possible due to the access of iCloud files through online or web browsers. iCloud has an online service where users can locate and download files on their computers. This server is which provides a list of backup files, including Photos, Mails, Contacts, and more. In addition, we know iCloud can hold up to 5GB of media files or photos. It would be best if you make sure that the photos you want to download are already associated with your backup files. To know how to download and access iCloud photos from PC, follow the listed guide. Suppose you want to save your old photos from your iCloud backup, the solutions are here.

  • On your computer or PC, use any web browser and access Log in or input your Apple ID together with its corresponding password. Then, an authentication or verification code will be sent to your device. Insert the six-digit codes on iCloud’s interface and wait for the verification. Once access is verified, you will be prompted to the interface.
  • Afterward, on the main menu, access the Photos app. Here you can search and look at all the photos you have backed up on iCloud. Choose a photo and wait until the image loads on your screen. Then, there will be a small download icon that will appear on the photo. Hit the button and wait until the download process is completed. Repeat the same process if you want to save another photo.

use to save photos to PC

Use iCloud App to Download iCloud Photos to PC

iCloud provides different platforms for its users to access their backups easily. One of these platforms is iCloud computer software. iCloud can be installed as a software program dedicated to Windows and Mac devices. This allows users to gain access and upload their photos even without the help of their mobile phones. Its main benefits include access to your iCloud Drive files from file explorer without using up space on your PC. You can choose folders and files you want to keep on your computer. Additionally, safely store all your files in iCloud drive and provide quick access from iOS, Mac, and Lastly, share any file right from File Explorer and efficiently cooperate with other devices.

  • The initial step on how to get photos from iCloud to the computer is by getting the iCloud application. You can download it on the Apple website or for Windows PC on the Microsoft store. Once installed, launch the iCloud app on your PC and log in with your Apple ID on it.
  • Afterward, go to the Photos icon and click the Options button next to it. Select iCloud Photo Library and hit Download new photos and videos to my PC and iCloud Photo Sharing. This function will enable you to save iCloud photos to your Computer. All new images taken on your device and uploaded on iCloud will be automatically on your PC.

download photos on icloud app

How to Move Photos From iCloud to PC and Mac

Distinctive Feature: It can directly download or backup your files on your computer with or without the help of iCloud service.
Supported iPhone Models: This application supports the latest iPhone models, the iPhone 13 Pro Max , and earlier models.

AceThinker iOS Data Recovery is a well-crafted computer application dedicated to iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices. This program provides the ability to backup and recovers iPhone files, including photos, videos, contacts, and more. It has three modes to recover iPhone files. But, the most well-known function of this app is its ability to download backup photos on iCloud. With the help of the Recover From iCloud Backup function, it can easily extract photos and other iPhone files without deleting the entire data of your device. Also, this computer application provides lossless download. This function means that the backup files will be downloaded with the same image quality as your original photo. To know the quick yet detailed process of copying photos from iCloud to PC, read carefully beneath.

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Step 1 Install The Application

The initial guide on how to save photos from iCloud to PC is by installing the AceThinker iOS Data Recovery on your device. You can try to click the download icons presented above. Then, run its installer and pass through all prompts and wizards. You can also try to launch the tool once it is installed to familiarize its processes.

idr interface

Step 2 Sign In Your Apple ID

Next is by going to the Recover from iCloud function. There, you will see the page to log in with your Apple ID. There’s an instruction not to link your iPhone to the application. While signing in, connecting your device to the application may update or modify the iCloud backup.

idr link

Step 3 Authenticate Your Device

Once you have accessed your Apple ID on the tool’s system, there will be an authentication or verification process you need to pass through. The application will send a six-digit code to verify your device thoroughly. Once you have logged in or signed in, you will be directed to the selection of media files.

idr authentication

Step 4 Download iCloud Photos to PC

Lastly, you will see the list of applications and files where you can download iCloud photos. You can select all files or deselect them by ticking the box located at the lower part of their icon. Hit the Start button to save the backup photos on your computer.

idr finalize process

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