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How to Get Photos from iCloud to Computer? 2 Ways Here!

move photos from icloud to computerPictures are still images used to capture and commemorate one event or activity. With the development of social media platforms, taking pictures from mobile cameras, also known as selfies, is an ordinary task. You can see different pictures from the latte you have liked on your Instagram and the Groupie you liked on Facebook. Most of these pictures were taken using our smartphones. And the most leading flagship device we have is the iPhone. With its excellent camera features, this gadget is the most sought-after device up until now. Additionally, its iCloud service makes taking photos more fun as it can save your photos directly on the cloud service. However, this platform only has 5GB of service, so it is evident that we need to seek extra storage. The most favorable alternative that we can store our pictures is our computers. Yet, do you know the ways to transfer photos from iCloud to PC? We bet you don't! So, we listed the two correct ways to perform the process. Learn more below.

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How to Move Pictures from iCloud to Computer Selectively

iCloud is the primary feature of iPhone devices to back up and restore mobile settings and files. It comes with platforms like web apps and computer software and can be accessed within your Apple ID. Nonetheless, it provides similar functions to these platforms. For every iPhone device or Apple account, iCloud provides free 5GB storage and service. Users can back up and save important files with the service. However, more than 5GB is needed to hold your entire iPhone files in today's digital era. Yet, it is possible if you want to back up only your pictures with this platform. In addition to that, this service can automatically store your and backup iPhone videos, music, and photos on its platform. It only needs an internet connection for your smartphone to enable this process. So, if you want to move photos from iCloud to PC, you can selectively perform it by following the guide below.

  • On your computer, open your web browser to access the iCloud service. You can access this platform using Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others. Then, type the on your web browser’s address bar to push through to its main page.
  • Next, on the platform's main page, you need to enter your Apple ID and your password. An authentication process will appear that allows you to get the verification code on your iPhone. Input the six-digit codes to authenticate your Apple ID once the verification process is complete. You will be prompted on the interface of the iCloud website.
  • Lastly, from the list provided on the iCloud interface, select the Photos app. This icon has the backup files you have on your iCloud account. You can select a photo and image you want to save on your PC. A download icon will appear on the pictures you’ve selected, and tap on it to complete the process. Repeat the same method to selectively move photos from iCloud to computer.

download icloud photos online

How to Get photos from iCloud to Computer Directly

Distinctive Feature: It is a computer program that gets your iPhone pictures stored on your device without needing backup files.
Supported iPhone Models: It is suitable for users who have already maximized the storage capacity of their iCloud account. It is a great alternative to save your files directly to your computer.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a well-praised and anticipated iOS data utility that provides extensive methods to save iPhone files directly to your PC. It can create backups and store iPhone files on your computer's internal or external storage. What makes this tool better than iCloud? This computer software is designed not only to store current photos but it can extract deleted files. As we all know, deleted files are only partially wiped out on your mobile devices. Certain bits of data lurk on your smartphone, which enables this tool to recover deleted photos. This tool is also effective when you get lost files when you have performed a factory reset, software update, and even jailbreak on your iPhone. These functions are missing features from this tool's iCloud service on its free service. To know better how to move photos from iCloud to computer, check the detailed steps beneath.

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Step 1 Get the Transferring Tool

To instigate how to get photos from iCloud to computer, get the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery first on your PC. You can access its homepage or tick the download button above to get its file installer. Then, access the output folder on your device to run the file on your device. Pass through the wizards and installation prompts the tool asks you to read. Once done, launch the tool on your computer.

idr install process

Step 2 Connect Your Mobile Device

Next, you can link your mobile device to your computer while circumnavigating the tool's interface. This process can be done with the help of your lightning wire or cable. Once your smartphone is linked to the tool’s system, the signup page for iCloud is already presented on its interface.

idr interface

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery

The following guide is to check which mode you are on. On the left side of the tool, you will see three recovery modes. Select the last one, which is Recover from iCloud. This feature will allow you to get the photos on your iCloud account directly.

idr link

Step 5 Sign In to Your iCloud

Once you are on the page where you must sign in to your iCloud account and enter the corresponding information, including your iCloud account and password, there will be a two-way authentication that needs to be finished to get through your files. Get the verification code sent to your mobile device and type it on the tool’s interface. Press Enter on your keyboard to pass through the process.

idr authentication

Step 5 Download the Photos

Finally, a set of applications will be listed on the tool’s interface. Select the Photos app icon and unselect the other unimportant files. This process will save time and effort as it can speed up recovery. Once done, tap the Start icon below the list of applications to start the downloading process. Complete the process and check the photos in their output folder.

idr finalize process


The methods presented above are the most comfortable and most convenient way to download your iPhone photos from iCloud to your PC. Yet, to help you assess the best way among these two, we recommend AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. It consists of a valuable process as it can back up your device, transfer WhatsApp files, recover lost data, and, most especially, fix iPhone issues. To know more about this process, you can visit this link to check these applications.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

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It works on latest iOS16 version.

It has function to backup and restore, WhatsApp transfer, and system recovery.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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