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Know How Does Restoring An iPhone Delete Everything

does restore iphone delete everythingThe restore process is an essential function for every digital device we have. It retrieves back all missing files in one device with the help of the Backup files or folder. Reset, Restore, and Backup are processes that intertwine with each other. Without the other one, you can’t complete the other process effectively. Yet, how does restoring iPhone delete everything since that process belongs to the reset option? Well, this article explains the whole process. You will find out why restoring your iPhone requires deleting everything on your device. To give you a brief perspective on what this topic is all about when you want to restore a specific file on your device, you need to set your iPhone the same as it was set up the first time. Nevertheless, we will have a better explanation and walkthrough below on how these processes are possible.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.

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Two Ways on How to Recover Your iPhone On Computer

Primarily, iPhone users restore their devices with the help of iTunes. This application provides two processes to recover your iPhone. Since it can access your internal system and storage, this tool can efficiently perform that. The first guideline you can use is using the normal process. The iTunes app has a function and button that can restore your iPhone device. With this, it will automatically delete all the data on your device and replace it with the backup files stored on your computer. Another way to restore your iPhone files is by setting them in DFU mode. This mode will quickly help iTunes delete all the data on your device and restore the backup files saved on your computer. So, if you are wondering and asking, will restoring iPhone delete everything with iTunes? The answer is yes. You can check the process below for restoring an iPhone in its normal process or with DFU mode in iTunes.

For Normal Process:

  • To check does restore iPhone delete everything, you can follow the first guide to restore your device on iTunes. You need to download the app on your computer on its download pages. You can get the app for Windows on Microsoft Store or search for it on Apple Store for Mac devices.
  • Then, once it is installed, launch the application on your computer. While doing that, connect your iPhone device using a lightning wire. iTunes will notify you once the device is connected to its platform.
  • Lastly, tap the iPhone icon at the uppermost part of iTunes. You will be prompted on the Summary tab, which has menus you can use to manage your device. Under your device name, you will see the Restore iPhone option. Tap the button and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the process.

restore iphone using itunes

Using DFU Mode:

  • The initial guide on setting your iPhone to DFU mode to restore your files is to ensure that your iTunes is updated. You can check the application for Windows devices on Microsoft Store. For Mac devices, you can check it on the Apple Store.
  • Then, turn off your device and press the power button for a few seconds. When your device lights up, push the Volume Down button. The screen should not prompt the Apple logo in DFU mode.
  • If the screen appears blank, connect it to your device using the lightning cable. iTunes will then recognize that your device is in DFU mode. There will be a popup option that provides you with the ability to recover your iPhone. Hit the Restore option, and your device will reset its functions.

set iphone dfu mode

Restore iPhone Via Factory Reset

Does restoring an iPhone delete everything? Indeed it does. To restore your device with backup files, your device will ask you to erase the entire data on your iPhone before it can restore backup files. Whether you want to restore messages from iCloud or get deleted photos from iTunes, the first step is to factory reset your device. What does it mean? This process is the way to delete your iPhone's entire content and settings permanently. This process is mainly done by users who sell their device, trade it in, or give it to a new user. It allows users/new users to set up the iPhone device on the settings that they want to have. You can also use this method to recover files that have been permanently deleted, yet it was saved on backup files. You can check the process below to learn how to erase all contents on your iPhone.

  • The first guide on learning why does recovery mode erase data iPhone is to unlock your device and access your home screen. From the list of applications, search for the iphone settings. Tap on its icon to launch its menus.
  • Next, scroll down for a bit until you reach the General Settings. Tap on it, and you will be prompted on its list of options. Swipe Up on your screen until you reach the last option, Transfer or Reset.
  • Afterward, select Transfer or Reset to pop up its list of options. From there, hit the Erase All Content & Settings. You will be asked for your Apple ID and password to continue the process. Input the necessary information until the process is completed.
  • Once your device gets rebooted, it will ask you if you want to restore your iCloud backup, backup files on the computer, or continue without restoring backup files. Select the option you want to perform.

factory reset your iphone

Restore Deleted iPhone via Computer Software

Distinctive Feature: This computer program is designed with solutions that can bring back your data without factory resetting your device.
What is it best for?: It is a suitable program for users who need to be aware of the confusing process of recovering their device using DFU mode, iTunes, or factory reset.

Does restoring your iPhone delete everything? Not on this computer software that we recommend you use. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a prominent recovery tool that enables users to retrieve their deleted iPhone files without needing to reset the entire device. Sounds too good to be true? To provide you with solid evidence that this tool can do anything. It comes with three modes of recovery. You can recover your files using the iPhone device with iCloud backup and iTunes backup files. With this, it can get back your lost files within a few clicks and with no tricks. Moreover, this tool can allow you to select or choose files that can be extracted and restored on your iPhone device. If you still need proof to know why does recovery mode erase data iPhone is not possible with this tool, check out its detailed guides.

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Step 1 Install the Recovery Software

The stepping stone to recovering your device without deleting your entire data is to download AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Its file installer can be achieved by tapping the download button shown above in this step. Access your download folder to run the file on your device.

fonekeeper interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone

Once you have finished the installation prompt, the software will automatically launch its interface on your computer. While waiting for its interface, you can connect your smartphone to your PC with the guide of your lightning wire. Access the interface and hit the iPhone Data Recovery function on its interface.

connect iphone

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery

The next step you should perform is to select the recovery mode from the three options listed at the leftmost part of the tool. You can select the Recover from iOS option as it is recommended. Hit the Start Scan option to prompt the selection of files to recover.

select mode

Step 4 Select Files to Recover

Finally, select or choose the files you want to recover on your device. For example, we recovered a deleted message on an iPhone. Select the files you want to save and hit the Restore option. Follow the onscreen prompt by agreeing and confirming those choices to finish the process.

recover deleted messages


There are a bunch of things you m,ust consider when restoring a file on your device. But whether you delete your entire data to recover your device files is up to you. If the files you want to recover are much more important than the things you have on your device as of this moment, then try to restore your device using the methods we gathered above. Yet, if you are still holding on to the files on your device and need to recover the deleted photos on your iCloud backups, iTunes backup, or on your device itself, use AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. This tool has a lot to offer when it comes to helping iPhone users; you can check this article to learn more about its processes.

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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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