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Quick Fix: How To Delete An App On iPhone That Is Hidden

delete hidden apps on iphoneWhen you buy a phone and open its system, you can see that device's applications are already installed. These applications include a calendar, torch, compass, and others. Despite these valuable functions, we tend to hide these applications to organize and give aesthetics to our mobile home screen. The iPhone series provides valuable options that can provide users the freedom to organize their home screen applications. Not only can it hide inbuilt apps, but you can also hide third-party applications that might clutter your home screen. However, as time goes by and our preferences change, these hidden applications may no longer be needed on our mobile devices. Therefore, it is better to uninstall and remove this hidden application that is no longer useful for us. Additionally, deleting them on your device will provide a better outcome on your iPhone’s performance as you free up some internal space. However, things are not somewhat as easy as that. Sometimes we forget how to unhide or locate these hidden applications. Fortunately, we have different approaches on how to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden. You can check them out below.

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Remove Hidden Applications Using Spotlight

The Spotlight, also known as the Search option in iPhone devices, is a system-wide feature for iOS system and macOS. This function is a selection-based search that provides an index of all items and files on your iPhone device. It is designed to enable users to get and locate various items on their smartphones quickly. These include documents, photos, music, and even hidden applications. Also, it provides a precise search result that can narrow files using different filters. These filters are also known as creation dates, modifications, file sizes, and other attributes. That said, even the most negligible data you need to search on your iPhone will be shown on this function. To quickly know how to delete an app on iPhone that is hidden on your home screen, follow the guide beneath.

  • Open your iPhone device and unlock it to access your home screen applications. You can easily open the Spotlight function by swiping down your screen to access its feature.
  • Next, on its search bar, type the application that is hidden on your home screen that you need to remove once the indexing is done. Long press on the application to open its dropdown menus. Select the Delete App option to uninstall the application on your device's system quickly.

delete hidden apps on iphone by spotlight

Remove Application Using App Library

To quickly locate and know how to uninstall hidden app on iPhone, access its App Library. This function is the organizer and search option of every application you have on your device. Unlike the Spotlight option, the App Library only focuses on the list of your application, and it cannot index other iPhone files on its search result. This function is much more suitable if you want to locate the hidden applications quickly. Also, it categorized your applications with different filters. These search filters include Social, Entertainment, and Creativity. The application you constantly use will be shown near the top part of the categories. Follow the guide below to uninstall hidden apps on your iPhone.

  • The initial guide is to unlock your device to locate your home screen. To launch the function, swipe left on your home screen to reach the App Library. You will see a list of properly organized and categorized applications on its page.
  • Use the search bar located at the uppermost part of the tool. The hidden apps will be shown on the search result by entering the application's name. Long press on its icon to open the downtown menus. On the list of menus, hit the Delete App and tap the Delete option to uninstall the app successfully.

delete hidden apps on iphone using app library

Uninstall Hidden Application With iPhone Settings

The Settings app is the primary function of your iPhone to change and modify some setups and functions on your device. It provides customization options for your smartphone that are suitable for your preferences. You can modify the way you set up your home screen and ringtones, backup your files, access iCloud backup options, and manage your applications. Therefore, it is evident that this function can quickly locate and delete hidden applications you have on your device. To know how to remove hidden apps on iPhone, follow the instructions given below.

  • The first guide on removing the hidden application on your iPhone is by unlocking your device and making its way to the Settings app. After that, swipe up on your screen to locate the General option.
  • On the General option, access the iPhone Storage. Tap on its menu to go through on the next page. There you can see the list of applications you have on your device. You swipe down your screen to locate the hidden apps or use the search bar icon to locate them precisely. Tap on the application and select the Delete App option to uninstall the hidden app.

delete hidden apps on iphone using settings app

Get Rid Off Hidden Application With App Store

The App Store is an application platform for Apple devices that purposely allows users to get third-party applications. This function enables users to purchase and install applications developed by different software developers. This application also provides the latest updates and latest versions of your iPhone’s applications. With that said, this tool also can remove or uninstall third-party applications on your device. The directory is straightforward and easy to follow, and we have listed the guide on how to delete hidden purchases on iPhone devices.

  • Unlock your iPhone device to access your home screen. Browse and locate the App Store on the list of your applications. Then, press the application’s icon until the dropdown menus appear on your screen.
  • Next, on how to remove hidden app from iPhone, hit the Updates option to access different applications you have on your device. Swipe down on the list of applications and locate the hidden app you want to remove. Swipe its icon from right to left to access the Delete option—tap on the Delete button to uninstall the app successfully.

delete hidden apps on iphone using app store

Delete Applications Using iTunes

iTunes is a software application that provides different functions for iOS devices. Some of its processes serve as media library, media library, and mobile device management. This tool also serves as user management for movies, music, and even applications. Therefore, you can quickly locate applications that are hidden on your home screen and delete them right away with this tool. To follow the guide on deleting applications on iTunes, follow the guide below.

  • The initial guide to perform is to install iTunes on your PC. You can get the application from different web stores, including App Store and Microsoft Store. Connect your device using your lightning cable.
  • Launch iTunes and select the iPhone device located at the uppermost part of the tool. Then, go to the Apps option to locate the list of applications you have for the device. Select the application and hit the Remove option to uninstall it on your device.

Factory Reset Your Device

If the above solution fails to perform, this is your last option to delete hidden applications with basic troubleshooting. The apparent option you need to perform is to factory reset your mobile device. This troubleshooting allows users to remove all data and install applications on their iPhone devices. It also removes all electronic data you have stored on your mobile phone. It can quickly eradicate all applications that are not built-in on your device. Additionally, it is a software restore that resets the software of your device back to its original manufacturing settings. This method means your device will be reset as if it is a brand new or newly bought smartphone. However, doing this function has a high cost on your device. It will permanently remove all your documents, photos, videos, music, and applications that you store on your mobile device. Therefore, it is a must to do a backup process before factory resetting your iPhone. You can backup the iPhone to the computer, iCloud, Google Drive, and more. You can read this material to learn more about backing up your iPhone device. Nevertheless, here is the listed guide on how to delete hidden apps on iPhone.

  • First, open your mobile device and access the Settings app from the list of your applications. Make way to the General option to access a new page. Then, scroll down on your screen to locate the Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • After that, tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone to access a dropdown option. From the list of reset options, hit the Erase All Contents and Settings button to factory reset your device. Follow the prompts to thoroughly remove all data and applications you have on your iPhone.

delete hidden apps on iphone using factory reset

Extra Tips: Use Data Recovery

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Additional Knowledge about Hidden Applications

1. What do you mean by hidden applications?
The concept of locking down apps or hiding them on your home screen might sound weird. But, this function gives benefits to most of us. Hidden applications on iPhone are those applications that are installed on your operating system but hidden on your home screen apps. Sometimes we hide applications to organize our home screen layout. Some of us also use this function to provide better security and safety for applications to be not accessed by anyone who holds your device.

2. What are third-party applications?
These third-party applications are mobile software not originally installed on the device’s system. Other web developers develop these applications for you to utilize on your mobile device. Additionally, these applications are categorized depending on their attributes. Some of them are social, entertainment, and editing tools that are helpful for your mobile system.

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