Simplified Storage Management to Delete All Photos from iPad at Once

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A well-managed photo library makes it easy to quickly retrieve anything from professional to personal images, allowing users to share memories, relive special occasions, and easily exhibit their work. Moreover, by avoiding clutter and making the most use of storage space, efficient photo management also helps to improve device performance. Making effective photo deletion a priority is important for keeping the iPad's photo library neat and orderly. You take tons of pictures, so it's important to go back and delete any that are redundant or out of date. By delete all photos from iPad will free up storage and improve your device's overall performance. This article will discuss cloud storage alternatives, smart classification strategies, and features like the "Recently Deleted" folder.

Learn How to Delete Photos From iPad

Precautions Before Deleting

Before you clear all photos from iPad, it is essential to take basic safety measures to prevent unintentional loss and save priceless memories. Having a solid backup plan is necessary to safeguard precious time. Whether using the ever-expanding iCloud, making the most of Google Photos, or sticking with more conventional techniques like iTunes and external storage. A well-executed backup plan shields your memories from unintentional deletions, device tampering, and unanticipated events. As a defender of our visual stories, the iCloud Photo Library ensures that every significant image is preserved. The foundation of this backup is synchronization, which balances your photo library across several platforms and devices. By backing up these files, you can easily recover photos from dead iPhone. Here are key precautions to consider: Backup your photos on different storage, confirm that your photos are synced with the cloud, review recently deleted folders, and organize photos before deleting them.

Deleting photos from iPad

Managing your iPad’s storage is essential to keep it running smoothly. If you need to clear space by removing all photos, the process is straightforward. Today's population has developed the habit of capturing pictures with convenient mobile devices like iPads. But over time, you’ll discover that your photographs and films will use up all the capacity on your iPads. You might want to remove every picture from the device to increase the iPad's storage capacity. To further protect your privacy, you will want to permanently remove all images from the iPad before you resell it or ready it for a new owner. But many users wondered, "How to delete all photos on an iPad?". Follow this step-by-step guide to efficiently delete all images from your iPad using the Photos application.

Step 1 Open the Photos App

Locate and tap on the Photo icon on your iPad. After opening that, you will see your albums. Select the album where the photos you want to delete.

open the photo application

Step 2 Open a Photo

If you don’t have many photos to delete, you can select one photo to delete. Once you open the image, you will see the trash bin icon in the upper right corner. Click that, and a message will show up to confirm.

delete a single photo

Step 3 Choose All Photo

On the upper right corner, tap “Select” to enter selection mode. Select all if you want to delete all photos from iPad at once. Once the pictures are selected, tap the trash bin, and it will confirm your deletion.

delete multiple photos at once

Step 4 Go to the Recently Deleted Folder

After that, your photos are not permanently deleted. Go to the “Recently Deleted” folder to see your deleted photos. You can review these photos in case you deleted something important, and these photos will stay in the folder for 30 days.

recently deleted photos

Step 5 Empty Recently Deleted

You can see the “Select” to select photos in the upper right corner. Filter the images to delete all pictures from iPad. After selecting, you have the option to Recover or Delete.

delete or recover photos

Third-Party Apps for Enhanced Deletion

Even after taking a picture or video, you may still easily delete photos from an iPad using the Photos app. However, there are other scenarios when you wish to delete several files simultaneously. You may become enraged if deleted photographs occasionally pop up in the gallery. You can see the most effective methods for deleting photos here, along with a professional substitute that removes pictures from local and cloud storage. How to delete all photos on iPad at once? By utilizing Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner, you may avoid wasting time on manual deletion. This desktop application can identify undesired files on your iPad. With an instant performance boost to the device, it scans and removes huge files, photographs, movies, documents, and more to free up more space. Selecting the iPhone Cleaner will make it easier to remove garbage files for the sake of your device's health.

Step 1 Connect Your Device

Get a cable to connect your iOS to a computer. You can choose to trust the computer by tapping the Trust button that appears on the screen of your phone. Next, to trust the computer, enter the device passcode.

connect ios device

Step 2 Find Your Device

Next, you may see your iPhone's capacity, usage, and available space. To view additional iPhone details, click More info. You may also select to copy the details to the clipboard.

device storage capacity

Step 3 Delete All Photos

You can back up or remove the photos by clicking the Export & Delete button. You can select the date and view the images through a timeline using the drop-down menu on the right. A prompt will then appear. The “Confirm” button is used to delete all photos off iPad.

delete photos on aiseesoft

Step 4 Delete Big Junk Files

Locate the Erase Junk Files option on your iPhone, then click the Erase button to view the garbage files. To begin scanning the junk files, select the Erase Junk Files option by clicking the drop-down arrow next to Free Up Space on the left panel.

erase all junk files

Recover Deleted Photos From iPad

The majority of people in this generation are sluggish. They always ask, "How delete all photos from iPad?” They occasionally neglect to create a file backup. As a result, they may need to restore certain contacts, pictures, and other data that they unintentionally erased. You will need a tool or software to assist you if you wish to recover deleted contacts, text messages, music, images, and more. One of the instruments at your disposal is AceThinker Iphone Data Recovery. This versatile tool can conduct iOS data recovery utilizing several modes, so you can rely on it if you have lost any files, photographs, contacts, songs, messages, or other data from your iPhone, iPad, or other device. It has three different modes of operation, so you can choose the one that works best for you to recover all of your data—even if you still need to make a backup. Here is a list of the useful features to recover your data from your iOS devices.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery
One-Stop iOS Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from Any iOS Devices
  • Can recover various data types like contacts, messages, photos, etc.
  • Different recovery modes include direct from the device, iTunes, or iCloud.
  • Allows users to preview recoverable files before completing the recovery process.
  • User-friendly interface with straightforward steps for recovery.
  • Ensures the security and privacy of recovered data.


In conclusion, you will learn how to delete all photos on iPad at once or select them one by one. This article is a simple way to free up space. With the Photos app, you can effectively manage the storage on your device. With Aiseesoft, you can delete different types of data you wish to free your storage. These instructions will help you maintain your iPad's organization and enhance its functionality by removing unwanted photos. Organizing and managing photos regularly is essential for preserving an iPad that operates smoothly and is well-organized. The key is to optimize the efficiency of your device; by regularly removing photographs that aren't needed, you free up important storage space, save your iPad from freezing, and guarantee a more seamless experience. Another benefit is that it uses storage space wisely, creating space for fresh memories and avoiding needless clutter in your picture collection.

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