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Tips to Know About How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone

feature cancel voicemail iphone You must have heard of the voicemail feature if you love iPhones. Most people use this feature to contact clients and schedule appointments. This feature is very useful when activated. Sometimes, however, you might want to turn off Voicemail on iPhone when traveling abroad. For those who use the iOS 15, the voicemail feature can sometimes prove to be problematic. Many users complain that the voicemail screen can sometimes jam, making it difficult to get to the next Voicemail. They then look for ways on how to take Voicemail off the iPhone. There are many ways to disable Voicemail on the iPhone. If you have any difficulties disabling the iPhone voicemail function, don't hesitate to contact your service provider's customer support to assist you.

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How to Disable Voicemail Features on iPhone?

If you're fed up with the extra charges for Voicemail, this simple guide will help and guide you on how to take Voicemail off iPhone in simple steps.

  1. Tap on the phone icon located at your iPhone's homepage. Next, enter *#62# and call the number to find your voicemail number. If you're good at numbers, write the number down or remember it.
  2. Navigate to the settings section of your iPhone. Once the menu appears, tap the phone icon to open it. Next, go to the call forwarding section. After entering the number of your voice mailbox, you will exit the page by saving the settings.
  3. After that, call Disable Voicemail on iPhone. You can now go to your phone's keypad and type #404. You can then call your Voicemail to confirm that you have received any new messages.
  4. If you want to enable divert calls on your iPhone, you can also do so. Suppose you have to cancel voicemail iPhone, dial #61# to get a "no answer" response. This will allow you to be reached by anyone trying to reach your phone. For a user busy response, you can dial 67.
  5. You can call 004# to activate the voice mailbox again.

cancel voicemail iphone

Turning Off Voicemail Password

The available passwords will be turned on automatically when the voicemail inbox is set up. This is done to protect voicemail messages from being stolen by other parties. So, whenever you access your Voicemail, you need to enter your password every time. Most carriers won't recommend you disable the passwords, but it is best to turn them off if you are bad at memorizing passwords. To deal with how to switch off Voicemail on iPhone is easy, but if you are looking to disable the password read this section for more information.
This will allow you to disable passwords and then enable them later.

  1. Call the voicemail system to get started. Press the key number one on your iPhone's keyboard. You might also want to hold and press the voicemail key on your iPhone's keyboard.
  2. Enter your password for your Voicemail. If prompted, enter the password for your voicemail inbox. You may need to reset your password if you forget it before proceeding any further.
  3. Go to the main menu and skip the section where you need to listen to messages. To accomplish this, you will have to tap on the * button. You can then choose from the administrative options.
  4. Select the password options. Next, tap on the key that will turn off your password. You will see different prompts pop up on the screen; follow these prompts. These prompts will vary depending on your carrier, so it is important to be attentive and avoid making mistakes.

cancel voicemail iphone turn off voicemail password

How to Disable iPhone Voicemail Transcription and Extra Tip – How to Reactivate Voicemail on iPhone

The transcriptions are usually based on US English and Canadian English so that you can change the language. You can change the language of Siri by going to the settings. The transcription will not be available as a result. If you have used one of the methods above to disable visual Voicemail on iPhone, but now you want to turn on the service again, there's an easy way. To reactivate the Voicemail is to turn off Voicemail on the iPhone. To enable Voicemail on your iPhone, there are pre-made numbers that you can dial using the Phone app. Open the Phone app and choose the appropriate number from the mentioned list.

  • AT&T: #004#
  • Sprint *730
  • T-Mobile: ##004#
  • US Cellular: *920
  • Verizon: *73 (try *900, then *920 if it doesn't work)

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you are now able to manage your Voicemail and know how to deactivate Voicemail on iPhone by using the descriptions above effectively. If you need to disable or turn off your Voicemail, follow the steps mentioned above. The guide also covers how to reactivate Voicemail on your iPhone in case you change your mind. You can also call your carrier to easily disable Voicemail by dialing the number from your iPhone that will connect to your carrier and turn the service off for you. You can restore your voicemails if you lose your voicemails due to any reason following the methods mentioned above through your backup. You need to use different software if you don't have any backup on your iPhone.

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Last updated on May 23, 2022

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