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Never-Seen Before Ways On How to Get Your App Store Back

app store missing from ipadNowadays, we always rely on gadgets and technology to perform simple tasks. We tend to exploit these technologies to perform daily chores. The iPad is the most well-known gadget we have to date. With its large screen, smooth operating system, and robust features, this piece of technology is always an anticipated gadget on the market. It is like a sister device with the iPhone as they are both synchronized to each other. Its in-built applications are similar to iPhone devices. Yet, the App Store is always available if you need to download any third-party application on your iPad. This app can get any applications you wish to have. You can get mobile games, photo editing, social media applications, and more. However, things might go different ways. Sometimes, an error occurs, and suddenly, the App Store icon missing on iPad. Luckily, we found different ways to resolve and fix this issue; read the following guide.

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Possible Reasons Why App Store Gone From iPad

Before we indulge in the process of fixing the App Store disappeared from iPad, we need to take a look at the possible causes of why this error happened. The listed scenarios or causes are presented below; take a look.

  • Software bugs and glitches.
  • Out-dated App Store
  • Malware and virus infestation.
  • Screen layout problem

app store

Search For App Store

We know we do not constantly use the App Store in our daily activities. We only need it if we need to install an application or update them. Unlike Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media applications, we rarely use this app on a day-to-day basis. Thus, sometimes we tend to forget where we put this app. So, in scenarios where we needed it the most, we sometimes misplaced it in different folders. That is the time to use the search option of your iPad device. Apple developed their devices with a search bar feature allowing users to locate the exact application they are looking for on their device. This feature will help us locate and put the App Store back on your home screen layout. To know how to get App Store back, follow the guide below.

  • First, on your iPad, swipe down on your screen to locate the search bar of your device. Type the App Store on the search bar to precisely locate the application.
  • Next, you can press and hold the application to associate it to the iPad home screen layout. Doing this will give you better access when you need this application.

use search bar to locate app store

Reset Home Screen Layout

When you are browsing on TikTok or YouTube and suddenly come across an aesthetic outline for your iPad, you will try it on your device. Setting your home screen layout is good, and it will give you the straightforward access you want when you need to get on your applications. Also, who wouldn't want a beautiful and organized home screen layout. With this free will to modify our iPad home screen layout, we tend to forget the rarely used applications. Thus, resulting in having an issue locating them on your home screen. Luckily, the iPad has a function to reset all screen layouts on your device. It will remove all modifications and bring back the layout as if your device is a new one. To follow the guide on how to fix App Store disappeared from iPad; read them below.

  • The initial guide to fixing the App Store missing on your iPad is accessing the Settings app. Tap its icon to open different menus on your device. Scroll down until you locate the General option.
  • Tap the General option to locate a list of available menus on your iPad. Swipe up and access the Reset button. Tap it, and there will be a prompt with a list of reset options for your device. Select the Reset Home Screen Layout option and follow the prompts to implement the process thoroughly. Once done, go back to your home screen and search for the App Store.

Check Restrictions On Your iPad

If you are a parent and you want to restrict your children from accessing malicious applications, installing addictive games, and monitoring the content they are watching, iPad provides a restrictions function. This feature provides users to restrict all unnecessary apps to conserve battery percentage, storage, and more. Occasionally, accidents may happen. The App Store is accidentally added to this feature resulting in errors including App Store missing from iPad and more. Luckily, we have a solution on how to remove the restrict option on the App Store. Follow the listed guide below.

  • First, on your iPad screen, access the Settings app by tapping its icon. Then, scroll down and look for the Screen Time option. Once you have tapped the option, a new window will prompt and provide a list of menus.
  • From the list of menus, hit the Content Privacy & Restrictions option. Access the Content Privacy and select Allowed Apps.

disable restrictions to enable apple id

Update iOS Versions

The last simple troubleshooting you can do as of this moment is to check if there is an update for your iOS device. Software updates are a set of modifications to the software that provides updates, fixes issues, and improves the device's overall performance. Changes to your software will usually either fix bugs or security vulnerabilities, provide new features, and improve usability and performance. So, if there is an update and you weren't able to apply it on your device. The error might linger and cause serious issues, including the App Store icon missing on iPad, iPad stuck in recovery mode, and more. To update the iOS version on your iPad, read the guide below.

  • On your iPad screen, access the Settings app from the list of your application. Then, scroll down a little to locate the General option.
  • From the list of options presented on the General tab, tap the Software Update. If an update is obtainable for your device, you will see a prompt or option Download and Install Updates. Tap it to install the updated OS version for your device.

update ipados

Recover App Store Missing From iPad? The Quickest Way

Distinctive Feature: This tool is designed with three modes to recover iPad data and applications. These three options are Recover from iOS Devices, Recover From iTunes, and Recover from iCloud Backup.
Price: Basic recovery mode is free for all users but to utilize its advanced features, including auto backup and restore on your iPad files, you can buy its lifetime access for $49.95

Suppose the solutions presented above are already applied on your iPad, but none of them works; you need to use a third-party application to recover your App Store. The most influential and reliable tool we have to date is AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. This tool is equipped with different options to recover all iPad files you have on your device. It can recover App Store applications, documents, music, photos, Safari Bookmarks and more. The most used function of this tool is the Recover From iOS Devices. This option enables users to retrieve lost files or applications without the fear of restarting their devices. This means you do not need to factory reset your device first to retrieve back your App Store. You can also restore your files even without the need to rely on backup files. Even if you forgot to back up your files, this tool could recover them. To know the process of recovering and resolving the App Store gone from iPad, follow the detailed walkthrough beneath.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

The first step in recovering the missing App Store icon on your iPad is installing the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Get its installer by ticking the download button at the top of this step. Run the file installer and finish through the installation prompts. Open the tool once the installation is finished.

idr interface

Step 2 Link your iPad

The next step is to link your iPad device to the application using the lightning cable or wire. The tool will notify you once your device is connected to the tool. The details are presented on the tool’s interface. Hit the Start Scan to instigate the recovering process.

idr scan

Step 3 Start Recover App Store Missing Icon

Then, the tool will scan and analyze your lost data on your iPad. With that, it will present the available data that you can retrieve. Look for the App Store icon and tick its icon, and hit the Recover option afterward.

idr recover app store

Step 4 Finalize the Recovering Process

Lastly, the tool will give you an option where to save the recovered files on your computer. Once you have selected the folder, hit the Recover option to continue. Wait for the progress indicator to finish to recover the App Store missing icon.

idr finalize process

Terms Related on App Store Missing From iPad

In-built Applications Third-party applications iPadOS
These are types of applications curated for your iPad device that are already installed on your device. These are kinds of applications that are not originally installed on your device. You can get these devices in different application stores, including the App Store. This type of operating system is dedicated to the iPad series and devices.
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Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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