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Methods to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing On iPhone

feature youtube not working on iphoneYouTube is one of the go-to applications on all mobile devices. If you are finding it difficult to get YouTube working on your iPhone, there can be several root issues causing this to happen. In most cases, it is because of incompatibility with a recent operating system on your phone. It could also be because of a general network issue. For whatever reason, some troubleshooting steps and possible solutions can get YouTube working on your iPhone ones more. If you are looking for how to get your YouTube videos not playing on iPhone, this article is for you. It explains the problem that is causing this error and helps by providing simple methods to solve these issues.

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Reboot your iPhone

In some mobile devices, some processes or programs may be blocking other applications or services from working properly. This may be a reason behind your YouTube app not opening on iPhone. Rebooting your iPhone provides your device with a fresh start and a possible fix for this issue. Restarting your phone helps to stop these processes and refresh their service.

To reboot your iPhone, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. When the red power button comes on, click and slide to power off your device. Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute after you power off your iPhone before turning it back on. This time difference is to confirm that you shut down your device. You should try restarting your YouTube app to confirm if you are getting a better result.

youtube not working on iphone reboot iphone

Update YouTube App

Another reason why your YouTube videos not loading iPhone could be that it needs an update. Updating your YouTube app brings all the updates that the development team at YouTube must have included in their app.
To update the YouTube app on your iPhone, navigate to the App Store and search for the update tab in your App Store. This tab contains all the apps that have their updates ready in the App store. Search and select the YouTube app option and apply the update immediately.

youtube-not-working-on iphone update youtube

Uninstall and Reinstall the YouTube App

Your YouTube not playing videos iPhone might be because of some custom settings or in-app changes that are complicating issues on your phone. Uninstalling and reinstalling your YouTube apps removes the old settings and returns you to the default YouTube app configuration. This method erases all the previous settings from the app and reintroduces the default settings back to your iPhone.

However, you do not have to worry about losing your account information nor the videos on your YouTube channel. You can also re-login to your paid YouTube app free after reinstalling as long as you have your login details. To uninstall your YouTube app, click and hold down the icon of your YouTube app on your iPhone. Keep a hold on the app until a small menu option appears with its options. From the available option, locate "Delete App" and confirm your option by confirming with "Delete". Consequently, proceed to reinstall your YouTube app from the App Store. In the App Store, navigate to the search tab right at the bottom of your iPhone screen and search for YouTube. Select ‘Get’ and install your YouTube app back to your iPhone.

youtube not working on iphone network reset

Network Reset

Your network connection can also be a major obstacle causing YouTube not playing on iPhone. Resetting the network setting will help you take care of bad network connections or bad network settings in response to your iPhone app’s get request. To do this, navigate the settings app on your phone. In General, Settings, click on the reset option. Here, tap on ‘Reset Network Settings. This option only resets the network preferences. Resetting this relieves you of the worry about your data. After resetting your network, navigate back to your YouTube app and restart the process.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Connectivity issues can be a big reason why YouTube is not working on iOS. If this is the problem causing your YouTube app to malfunction, you need to find out if it is because of a hardware issue with your Wi-Fi hardware or software. A hardware issue can be a problem with the antenna that provides the connection between your iPhone and Wi-Fi. This antenna helps connect other devices to the Wi-Fi. Replacing your Wi-Fi antenna with another can help solve the issue.

In addition, you should try restarting your Wi-Fi connection. Rebooting your Wi-Fi software helps to restart the software and fix any bugs causing a bad internet connection. After restarting, navigate to Settings on your iPhone and select Wi-Fi. Next, tap the Wi-Fi icon to switch off and switch your Wi-Fi back on. This establishes a new connection and hopefully solves your issue with the YouTube application.

youtube not working on iphone wifi troubleshooting

Clear YouTube App Cache

Cache on your iPhone can be a major issue causing this error to occur. Clearing the cache for the application on your phone provides a fresh start and a cache-free app for your use. Clearing the cache clears the memory storage that might send the same error message to your phone when you try to access your iPhone.
To clear your Cache, hold on to the power button and slide the power button to switch off your phone. Long press the home button on your iPhone for about five seconds before restarting your iPhone. This action will automatically clear all application cache on your iPhone.

youtube not working on iphone clear cache

Update your iPhone iOS

The latest version of iOS provides its unique settings with application compatibility. Updating your current iOS version to the latest iOS configuration can also prove useful in figuring out this issue on your YouTube application. To update to the latest iOS version on your iPhone, navigate to your settings app. From there, select general settings. Right under the ‘About’ option, you should see the ‘Software update’ option. Tap on this option and download the available iOS update to your device. Installing the latest iOS update should automatically fix any compatibility issue you have with your YouTube video not playing on your iPhone. This method is also applicable to fix the bottom of iPhone screen not working issue.

youtube not working on iphone update os


These different options should sort out the errors you are getting from your YouTube application. Applying one or more of these methods should get your app working smoothly once more. In the case where the issue gets worse and this access issue extends to other apps, you might need to go over to an Apple store to run a proper diagnostic process on your device.

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