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How to Fix When iPhone Says Cannot Verify Server Identity

cannot verify server identitySince the iOS 15/14 upgrade release, customers have been reporting issues recently. The most common problem is that the iPhone constantly says "cannot verify server identity" even after users have tried to resolve this issue numerous times. It isn't enjoyable when users cannot connect their devices to their respective IMAP services. However, if you'd like to send an email to an acquaintance, you're getting an odd notice. The pop-up states that the Mail application cannot identify server identity. In this post, we'll discuss why you cannot verify server identity on iPhone and provide the best way to solve this issue permanently!

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The Causes of Cannot Verify Server Identity Error

In order to access a secure server for mail, your iPhone will try to download the server's SSL certificate and check whether it's reliable. Suppose it determines that the certificate does not match the domain's name, is expired, or has not been signed by the company. In that case, the certificate will be flagged as insecure. Then it displays the "server identity cannot be verified" error. This issue usually happens when a brand new email account is created using your iOS device or after you have changed the certificate for your mail server. The same issue can occur after transferring an account with email.

The error can often be blamed on the insecure or incorrect settings for the email server. There are situations where iOS issues are responsible. For you to get some clues, I've laid out the most suggested troubleshooting strategies and solutions that could be found in this article. You are welcome to use this guide whenever you require assistance with getting rid of the "cannot verify server identity" issue on your iPhone. Before you begin troubleshooting, make sure that your iPhone's time and date details are accurate. If needed, make sure to set the time and date to auto. If all is well regarding the date and time, proceed with these solutions.

How to Fix Your iPhone "Cannot Verify Server Identity"

1. Try Restarting Your iPhone

If "cannot verify server identity" keeps popping up, the first thing to do is reboot your iPhone. This easy step may solve a minor glitch in the software which could cause this error. To turn off your iPhone, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until you've seen the power button slide down. The turn-off option will appear towards the top of the display on your iPhone. Utilize your fingers to swipe the power icon left to right in order to turn off the power on your iPhone. Before turning your iPhone on, wait a minute. The button can be released when you see the Apple logo appears in the center of your display of your iPhone.

different wasy to restart iphone device

2. Close and Reopen the Mail App

This cannot verify server identity iPad can also happen with other in-app issues unrelated to the Mail application. If the app for sending Mail doesn't work correctly, try closing out of the app and then reopening it. It can sometimes solve minor issues if the app's program crashed when it was running. To quit the Mail app, double-click on the Home button to launch the App Switcher. Make use of your finger to swipe upwards in your Mail application until the app doesn't appear on the App Switcher.

closing mail app on iphone

3. Remove and Add the Email Account Again

Re-entering and deleting the email account details resets your email's server's authentication certificates. They allow you to verify your email address through the Mail application. Do not worry about deleting the mail account on your iPhone. This won't erase your existing email account. To erase the email account on your iPhone, open your settings app and tap Mail Accounts. Under Accounts, you will find the email account you wish to erase in the next tab. Click it. After that, click the red delete account button located at the bottom of the screen. Then tap delete account once more when the confirmation message appears on the iPhone's display.

process on how to delete mail account on iphone

To restore your account to your iPhone, return to Mail> Accounts. After that, tap the Add Account button and follow the instructions on your iPhone to enter your account details.

4. Update to the Latest iOS and Carrier Settings

Updates can be the solution in resolving iPhone says cannot verify server identity error is caused due to iOS bugs. Updates generally include fixing patches to resolve device issues due to system issues. If your iPhone does not have problems with its Internet connection, you can search for updates and upgrade iOS wirelessly. Be sure to ensure that your iPhone has plenty of storage and battery life throughout the whole procedure.

  • To verify iOS update, visit Settings > General > Software Update menu.

A notification for updates will pop up when a new iOS version is released. Review and read the information about the update and follow the on-screen instructions when you're ready to begin installing and downloading the update.

update the ios version to new one

Apart from iOS updates and carrier updates, installing them can be considered other options, especially if the problem is due to network issues.

  • To verify whether your carrier's settings change, go to Settings > General > About menu and scroll down to the Carrier section.

Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading and upgrading your iPhone. It will take a while for your iPhone to update, after which you can reboot it to update the most recent changes to your system.

updating carrier settings on iphone

5. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

When you reset your settings, all information from the Settings App on the iPhone will be deleted. The software issues are often challenging to pinpoint. So, we'll reset the settings to eradicate the problem. For reset of all your settings, you need to follow the coming steps:

  • Start by opening your Settings app.
  • Then select General Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • If you use a passcode or a restriction passcode, you'll be asked to enter it. Once you've entered them, tap Reset all settings after the confirmation message appears at the bottom of the display on your iPhone.

resetting all settings on iphone device

The Ultimate Solution to Fix Cannot Verify Server Identity

Suppose you're experiencing problems such as iPhone email being unable to authenticate server identities. In that case, the best option is using the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. The software is created to fix all issues and bugs that plague iOS devices.

AceThinker Fone Keeper is an advanced and all-in-one software. This powerful tool allows you to retrieve deleted quickly or lost data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iTunes/iCloud backup files. It can also solve iPhone not working correctly issues, back up iOS data, and transfer WhatsApp data between iOS devices and computers. Download the Fone Keeper software and follow the steps below to utilize all features.

Key Features:

  • It aims is to ensure that your iPod/iPad/iPhone works according to your expectations.
  • The software allows you to tackle any issue with the click of a couple of buttons.
  • It's a first-of-its-kind software for system recovery that can solve more than 50 issues that are related to iOS, including the iOS software, iPhone updates, iPhone application stuck, and more.
  • It will help you recover information quickly regardless of whether or not you have backups or not.
  • Offers 2 dedicated modes to get your iOS device fixed.

Try it for Free

How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity using AceThinker?

You can install the software on your computer and then go through the following steps to fix your system:

Step 1 Run the Program

iOS System Recovery should be installed on your device. In the interface of the software, iOS System Recovery should be selected.

select ios system recovery on fone keeper

Step 2 Connect via USB Cable

With the help of a USB cable, connect the device hooked up to your system. After that, click Start to allow the process to begin.

connecting ios device on the fone keeper app

Step 3 Verify your Device

Once the device has been successfully detected, you can enter the interface to verify the information on your device. For fixing common issues on these devices, go to the option labeled "Free Quick Fix.” This solution can fix frozen devices and malfunctioning devices in less than 60 seconds. There's no reason to select a more advanced solution once this option has solved the issue.

select start free quick fix on fone keeper

Step 4 Choose the Required Mode

If this method doesn't work, find the one that states Fix Button and ensure it's clicked. It will open the window to select the kind of repair you want to make. You have two options: Standard Mode as well as Advanced Mode.

select standard mode or advanced mode

Step 5 Download Firmware Package

The details of the firmware must be verified. Download the firmware package that you require and proceed to the next step.

download firmware

Step 6 Repair and Fix Your Device

Now, you will need to click the Repair button. When the firmware has been downloaded successfully, the program will automatically fix your issue. Once the process gets completed, your device will start working normally.

device has been successfully repaired using fone keeper

In Conclusion

There are different methods to solve the issue on your iOS device. But as you can see that the "cannot verify server identity keeps popping up" issue can easily be fixed by using AceThinker Fone Keeper. We suggest that you try the iOS System Repair tool and receive a 100% guaranteed solution.

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