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Best Solution on Fixing iPhone Spotify App Keeps Crashing

spotify keeps crashing iphoneMusic drives people to express their thoughts and ideas. With proper beat and tempo, we always groove and move with music whenever we feel like doing so. With recent technology, smartphones provide easy access to our music files and favorite playlists. Spotify is one of the most thriving music streaming services we have up to date. It caters to different music genres favorable for your taste. It also recommends a possible playlist that may suit your taste daily. With the new algorithm, this platform provides users with a list of songs related to the search query they have on this application. With those good features, it is evident that Spotify is one of the most used applications we have to stream music. However, some users reported that the application malfunctioned sometimes. One of its recurrent errors is that the iPhone Spotify keeps crashing. We are fortunate to have some essential solutions we can gather to fix this issue. Please see different ways to fix Spotify on an iPhone that keeps crashing.

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Reasons Why Spotify App Keeps Crashing iPhone

The frequent crashing of Spotify on iPhone is not a standard process that users may experience, and this system error hinders users from listening to their Spotify Music continuously. With that said, you need to know the possible reasons why this error persists in the first place. Below are the listed causes and scenarios that might contribute to Spotify keeps closing iPhone.

  • Glitches and bugs
  • Outdated Spotify application
  • Old versions of the iOS system
  • Malware and viruses infesting the iOS system
  • Not enough internal storage for your device

Log Out and Relog In Spotify

When you are playing music on your Spotify, and you experience a sudden crash on your iPhone, the initial guide you need to perform is to log out and log in to your Spotify account. This troubleshooting makes your application refreshes any setup and cache you have on your Spotify account. Additionally, since Spotify provides a subscription that can provide six premium accounts in a one-payment method, other members might be using your Spotify account. With two devices using the same account, Spotify may experience different errors, which include that Spotify keeps crashing on iPhone. To do the process of fixing Spotify-related issues, read the guide beneath.

  • Unlock your iPhone device and browser over on the list of your application. Tap on the Spotify icon to launch the application. Then, on the Spotify interface, tick the Setting icon, located at the app's upper-right.
  • Next, swipe up on your iPhone screen to locate the Logout button. Once you successfully sign out on the application, you can relog into your account using your Google account, Facebook, and Apple ID. Afterward, stream for a few minutes to check if the application is still experiencing sudden crashes.

spotify keeps crashing iphone relogin

Update Spotify

If the above resolution fails to solve your problem, you might need to check the version of your Spotify application. This solution is for those individuals who are not constantly updating or doing automatic updates on their mobile applications. Without updating the application you have on your device, its version might not be compatible with your latest iOS version. With the incompatible application version and iOS system update, errors may occur, resulting in the iPhone Spotify app keeps crashing. The solution is simple, update your Spotify app as soon as you are connected to the internet. To do so, read the guide below.

  • First, open your iPhone device and look for the App Store. Tap on its icon to launch the application on your device. Once done, utilize the search bar at the uppermost part of the app and search for Spotify.
  • Once the query result is shown on your screen, tap on Spotify and hit the update option. Once the update is fully installed, try streaming some music to check if the app is still crashing.
  • update to remove spotify keeps crashing iphone

    Update iOS Newest Version

    In the world of technology, the term bugs and glitches refer to errors that cause a program to crash and produce unwanted experiences. The iPhone glitches can be completely random, and they can affect every process you have on your device. For instance, you may experience being unable to stream music, or Apple Music keeps crashing, or finding out that your cellular is not working properly. Like the Spotify app keeps crashing iPhone, these errors are bugs that some users experienced due to outdated iOS versions. So if you are one of the individuals who are not constantly updating your iOS version, this solution might help you resolve the Spotify crashing on your device. See the walkthrough presented below to get to know how to update your iOS version.

    • The first guide is to unlock your mobile device and look for the Settings app. Tap on its icon to launch different menus. Swipe up and locate the General option.
    • Next, select the General option to locate the Software Update. Once you open the Software Update option, there will be information regarding the update available for your device. Hit Install now to fully acquire the newest version of your device.

    update ios version to fix spotify keeps crashing iphone

    Clear iPhone Storage

    The most obvious reason your iPhone Spotify keeps crashing is the whole internal storage. When your device's internal storage is maximized, you will notice that your iPhone begins to slow in performance and often freezes upon opening applications. These scenarios can also contribute to different application malfunctions, which include Spotify keeps crashing iPhone. To make the most of your device, you must delete unnecessary files, including duplicate photos, videos, unwanted documents, corrupted music files, and more. Yet, if you do not want to delete them completely, you can save them on different free storage platforms, including iCloud, iTunes, Google Drive, and others. You can also save and back up iPhone files on your PC. To know more about this process, you can check this well-written document on how to back up your files to a PC.

    delete files to fix spotify keeps crashing iphone

    Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing on iPhone With 3rd-Party Tool

    Distinctive Feature: It is designed to have a quick fix function. This feature will enable users to remove minor issues and glitches to resolve their iOS-related issues.
    Price: You can resolve iOS issues for six devices on 1 PC for only $31.95. It is a one-time payment service that provides lifetime support and upgrades.

    Basic troubleshooting can indeed fix minor issues of your device, yet to resolve the crashing of your Spotify application with a high recovery rate, AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a suitable tool to use. This application can fix over 50+ iOS-related problems with a high recovery rate for your system. This feature is possible with its advanced algorithm allowing users to recover iOS systems for different Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Additionally, it is much more efficient to use it to fix Spotify keeps crashing on iPhone due to its two modes of recovering the iOS system; these modes are Standard and Advanced mode. These two options are different from each other, yet they provide the same recovery output. The Standard mode is to fix the iOS system without removing all data you have on your device. On the other hand, Advanced mode removes all the iPhone files you have on your device while fixing your iOS system.

    Key Features:

    • It is designed with different processes, which include Backup & Restore, iPhone data recovery, and others.
    • It is a freemium service, meaning recovering your iPhone system is free. While utilizing its advanced features can be possible by availing its premium service
    • This tool is designed with quick fix function.

    Try it for Free

    Step 1 Install the iOS System Recovery Tool

    The initial guide on fixing the Spotify application that keeps crashing on iPhone is getting the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. Please tap on the download button presented above to acquire and get its installer. You can run the file to perform the installation process. Next is by finishing the prompts and wizards to install the app entirely.

    isr interface

    Step 2 Confirm and Scan iPhone Details

    Then, open the tool, and you can circumnavigate its navigation. Afterward, you need to connect the iPhone device to the application. Use your available lightning cable 0r wire to do the process. Your device’s information will quickly be shown on the application once the connection process is finished.

    isr scan device

    Step 3 Select The Mode of Recovery

    Following the subsequent guide, you can tap the Fix icon on the application's interface. You will be prompted to the subsequent window, selecting the recovery mode. For the sake of this direction, we will choose the Standard mode to fix the Spotify issue. Tick the indicator next to the Standard mode and tap on the Confirm button.

    isr select mode

    Step 4 Fix iPhone Spotify App Keeps Crashing

    After that, the subsequent page will appear and will provide you with the list of downloadable firmware. This firmware can guide you to resolve the Spotify that keeps crashing on your iPhone device. Tap the download icon and the Next button to apply the downloaded firmware fully.

    isr download firmware

    Step 5 Finalize and Finish the Recovery Process

    Lastly, once the Next button is tapped, there will be an indicator of what progress of the recovery process. Wait until the indicator reaches 100%. Then, your Spotify app will be fixed and will not crash frequently.

    isr finalize

    FAQs About iPhone Spotify Keeps Crashing

    1. Why Does My Spotify Keep On Crashing?
    There are ample reasons why your Spotify on iPhone frequently experiences system crashes. A few common scenarios contributing to this error are outdated Spotify application, incompatible iOS version for the application, glitches and software bugs, maximized internal storage, and others. Basic troubleshooting can fix these errors by logging in to your account, updating the Spotify app, deleting unnecessary files, downloading the newest version of iOS, or with the help of a third-party application.
    2. How Do I Fix Spotify from Crashing?
    The recommended solution is to get a third application. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a suitable tool to get the job done. Connect the application to your iPhone device using a lightning cable. Get the information scanned on the application, and it will provide the best firmware to resolve the issue. Download the firmware and run it on your device with the help of the application. Please wait until it finishes and it is all set and done.
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