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How to Search Old Text Messaged on iPhone in Quick Way

search text messages iphoneCommunication is a thriving factor for relationships to prosper and long last. In the modern industry, the way we communicate with others is fast-paced and better than in old times. We have smartphones, computers, tablets, and smartwatches. These are technological advancements that we use for the daily dissemination of information. As this era of innovation came through, messaging boomed and prospered. Telecommunication was introduced, and internet connections were established. Over 2.1 trillion text messages are being sent daily. It means an average person sends or receives text 13 messages per day. The iPhone device is one of the leading devices of mobile gadgets. An average of 43.8% of people worldwide use an iPhone device. Due to these statistics, we all know that Apple Inc. provides different features that make the iPhone a stand-out messaging tool. One of them is the ability to send handwritten messages. Despite all this, due to an abundance of messages we send and receive daily, some of us are not familiar with how to see iPhone text messages. Therefore, this article is created to guide you to see the old messages and even archived messages on your iPhone device.

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How to Find Old Messages on iPhone using iMessage

iMessage is a pre-installed messaging application for Apple devices. It uses an internet connection to send text messages. It functions exclusively for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS. Its core features involve sending text messages, videos, images, and documents. Many iPhone users utilize this tool as their primary text messaging application with these features. If you are looking or searching for an old message or conversation, this tool provides quick and easy access for its users. It has a search bar located at the uppermost part of the application. You can utilize this by typing or inserting a corresponding keyword or word. To have knowledge of how to find old text messages on iPhone, follow these steps. Open your iPhone device on your home screen, and look for the iMessage application on the pre-installed app that you have on your device. Tap its icon to access its messaging functions. Then, utilize its search bar at the topmost part of the app and type the corresponding word to locate the old message. Choose from the search query list to open the specific conversation and message.

use the search bar of imessage

If this solution fails to work, you can try to use different software presented here to recover iMessage texts.

How to Find Old Messages on iPhone using Spotlight

Suppose you can't find your desired Message using the iMessage search bar. In that case, there is another solution on how to track text messages on your iPhone. This built-in software for iOS devices is Spotlight. This function is a system-wide desktop search feature dedicated to Apple's iOS and macOS. To further analyze this tool, it has a selection-based search system that creates an index on all the files, messages, and items on the system. This feature is designed to allow iPhone users to locate various items quickly. In addition, it enables users to narrow down searches. It uses different techniques, including modification dates, creation dates, sizes, and other attributes. So, it is a great function to locate your SMS messages on your iPhone quickly. To know more about its ability to search messages, look at the below steps.


  • Whether locked or unlocked, swipe right on your screen on your iPhone device. This process will provide you quick access to different functions, including the Spotlight. The feature is located at the uppermost part of your device's screen.
  • Then, begin typing the phrase the Message you are looking for. You can use a distinct set of words to locate the Message precisely. Afterward, items will begin to appear. Go to the sub-menu of Message and find the text you search. Lastly, tick the Message to exactly jump to the exact text or conversation.

use the search bar of spotlight

How to Find Old Messages on iPhone using iCloud

iCloud is a storage service that works on cloud servers that provides iPhone users additional storage. It supports various Apple devices, including iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. This platform enables users to store data, including documents, music, photos, videos, and messages. In addition, this process wirelessly backups iPhone data. Suppose you deleted your old messages but constantly backup your device with this service. In that scenario, there is a big possibility that it can restore the message. Note that this process is for those users who always backup their devices manually and automatically. Without further ado, let’s dive in on the process of how to search for text on iPhone.


  • First, to restore your text message, you need to remove all the data on your iPhone. Please be mindful that this process will eradicate the entire data on your device. You must back up other iPhone files to acquire during the restoring process.
  • On your iPhone device, go to the Settings icon and access the General option. Scroll down and tap on the Reset button and select Erase All Content and Settings option. Doing this will remove the entire data of your device.
  • Once the reset is successful, your device will restart and provide different options to set up your iPhone. Select the Restore from the iCloud Backup menu and sign in with your iCloud account. Choose the backup version and restore your iPhone files. Then, go to your message and locate the old messages you have restored.

restore text messages via icloud account

Tip: How to Search Text on iPhone on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It uses three modes to recover deleted iPhone text messages.
Advantage: This tool is designed with a quick fix option, which can remove all possible software issues caused by glitches and bugs.

The solutions above might not be as helpful for your situation, but this final solution will resolve your issue. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is top-charted computer software. It provides essential functions dedicated to iOS devices. Whether you have lost your data files, pictures, contacts, or messages, this tool provides a quick solution to restore them. With an advanced acceleration process, it will fastly analyze and scan your device to retrieve your lost data. You can recover deleted photos on messenger iPhone and text messages using the Recover From iOS Devices function. This menu will restore eradicated messages directly to your iOS even without backup files. In addition, this tool works on different computer operating systems, which include Windows and Mac. So you can restore your messages as soon as possible. Moreover, this tool is designed with various iOS utilities, including backup and restore, repairing the iOS system, and more. These features make this tool more recommended as it is fully featured and reliable than basic troubleshooting.

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Step 1 Install iPhone Data Recovery

The initial step how to find old text messages on an iPhone is by installing the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Click on any download button presented above to get the installer. Run its file and finish the setup wizards to install the app entirely. Once installed, launch the tool and circumnavigate its functions.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Connect Your Device

After that, link your device with the help of the lightning cable. Launch the tool and check if your iPhone and the computer program are already linked together. You can see if your device is already connected; a Start button is presented on the application.

second step to recover deleted photos on whatsapp

Step 3 Start Recover Process

Eventually, a new window will appear that provides different iPhone data. These include messages, contacts, camera roll, and more. Tick the message you want to retrieve and hit the Recover option.

recover message viber

Step 4 Finalized The Recovery Process

Lastly, a pop-up bar will appear that enables the tool to automatically backup the files. Tick the Recover button once more to finalize the process. Once the progress is complete, you can check the recovered messages on your iPhone.

result recover message

Creative Sec: Features of iMessage You Probably Didn’t Know

As we tackle above, iMessage is iOS's instant messaging service that sends text messages to users' contacts. This tool is both capable of sending iMessage and SMS messages. iMessage only functions between iPhones and other Apple devices such as iPad. If you are utilizing an iPhone to send text messages to a friend who is an Android user, the message will be sent as an SMS with green highlights on the text. Nevertheless, there are features that most iPhone users do not know about iMessage. To get an insight into these features, you can look at the listed features below.

  • You can send stickers, animations, and screenshots with this messaging app.
  • It can send and receive handwritten notes.
  • It has message effects, where users can send messages to their friends and colleagues.
  • You can send digital touch.
  • Users can react to the message they have received.
  • It also has text animation.
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