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Better Solutions to Resolve Outlook Mail Not Working On iPhone

outlook not working on iphoneThe world is fast-paced and being busy is a new normal. With the new technology, we got everything we need in a simple gadget. The iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphones that serves as a personal assistant. Busy people need everything packed and installed on their iPhone devices. Including their emails, the iPhone can be our helping hand for both personal and work-related emails. This is possible due to the Outlook application for iOS devices. It is a great email client to synchronize and organize your contacts, events, calendars, and more. This application is a practical function to tap and tick on your email anytime. However, updates come along with the development of new features for the iPhone. Many users still complained that when iOS 11 was imposed on iPhone devices, Outlook issues on iPhone were starting to come up. Now iOS 15 is the new version of the iPhone; Outlook issues are still lurking on iPhone users. Luckily, we have curated the best resolution and fixes on how to resolve this error.

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Reasons Why Outlook App For iPhone Not Working

As complaints increased, Microsoft and Apple collaborated to find ways to fix the Outlook app errors on iPhones. They found several scenarios of why the error keeps happening throughout the update of iOS 11 to iOS 15. Knowing the reasons behind this error is crucial to the solution that you will use. The more you know the cause, the easier you can fix your Outlook app. Luckily, we have listed the possible causes of why the Outlook app is not functioning correctly.

  • The outlook app is outdated.
  • You are not receiving notifications because of the Do Not Disturb function.
  • There is an issue with the synchronization of your email account.
  • The iOS system has glitches and bugs.
  • The internet connection is unstable.

why outlook not working on iphone

Check Internet Access

The initial solution to check and fix the issue of your outlook mail not working on iPhone is by checking the connectivity of your device. The Outlook app will not function correctly and precisely without the help of an internet connection. Suppose you are experiencing errors, including being unable to iPhone wont send pictures on Outlook, not receiving any emails, and being unable to send messages; you need to check your internet access. There are two ways to connect to the internet: the first is through WiFi, and the latter is through cellular data. Check your device if it is connected to WiFi service; a WiFi icon will be shown if you are already tethered to the service. Yet, if you are still not getting enough internet connection while connected to a WiFi router or modem, call your internet service provider. For data connection, you will see its icon when the function is enabled. Like the WiFi connection, if you are already connected to data yet still have low data consumption, you might as well contact your service provider.

check wifi and data connection

Change The Sync Settings

The following method you need to check and consider is the sync settings of your device. As we all know, Outlook will most likely be used as a business communication tool rather than a social media platform. It is popular among offices and business ventures that must address incoming emails. Therefore, Outlook originated for computer and laptop devices. Having an Outlook app on your iPhone is an alternative when you want to check and send email without needing your computer. So, synchronization of emails and messages from your computer to your iPhone device is needed. Without this function, you will not receive any incoming messages and emails using your iPhone. This feature comes with different options that you can use to sort your emails on your iPhone. You can choose when or to whom messages will be synced on your iPhone device. Follow the guide below to check the synchronization settings of your Outlook.

  • The first guide to fix Hotmail not working on iPhone is unlocking your device. From the list of applications you have on your smartphone, locate the Settings icon. Tap on it to access all the options and menus it has.
  • The following step is to swipe up your device’s screen and look for the Mail option. Touch its icon to go to its settings and access the Accounts menu from its settings list. Tap on the Accounts option to go to the next page.
  • Lastly, you will see the accounts associated with your iPhone device. Tap on the Outlook option and select the Mail Days to Sync. Choose the limit or number of days your Outlook app syncs your messages from your computer.

check the sync settings on your outlook app

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

Another function you need to assess if your iPhone Outlook not working is the DND mode. The Do Not Disturb mode is the essential function of the iPhone, where notifications and alerts are disabled. This feature favors users who constantly go to meetings, conferences, or places that need their phones to be silent. Within a click of a button, all notifications will be inaudible. Yet, if you cannot switch back your device and turn off the DND mode, this might cause some ruckus. As we all know, DND disables users from being notified of their emails, messages, and notifications. Letting this function be enabled will prevent you from receiving any incoming email alerts and messages you need to address on your Outlook app. Disabling this option can prevent different notification errors that you can see when you click here. So, if your device is not receiving any email alerts, check the DND mode by going to your control center. Check the guidelines below to disable this function quickly.

  • First, to fix Outlook not working on iPhone or receiving emails, unlock your device to access your home screen. Swipe down your screen to access the Control center. Then, access the Focus menu from the options on your screen.
  • Next, tap on its icon to access the list of options to disable notifications. You can see the Do Not Disturb mode as the first option. If the mode is enabled, there is an indicator that the function is on.
  • Lastly, tap on its icon to turn off the DND mode, and the function will be disabled. Go back to the home screen of your device and check if you are already receiving messages and emails on your Outlook. If not, read the next solution.

disable dnd to fix outlook not working on iphone

Update Outlook Application

If the above basic troubleshooting did not comply and you still have Outlook issues on iPhone, then check the current version of your app. For this part, this is favorable for users who do not constantly check and update their applications. Although the application or Outlook will work with its older version, bugs and glitches will not be fixed if you fail to do the update. New updates would also not be implemented if you did not update your Outlook app. So, to remove these errors, what you need is to update your device. You can fix it by following the guidelines we presented below.

  • The first thing you have to do is to unlock your device and browse the list of your applications. Look for the App Store and tap on it to access its features. Then, use the search bar located at the uppermost part of your iPhone screen.
  • Second, type the Outlook app on the search bar and select the application from the query list. Tap the Outlook icon to access the download page. Hit the update option to download and install its newest version.
  • Lastly, once the application is updated, launch it on your device and check if the errors still exist. If yes, follow the last part of this article. A system failure on your device might cause the error.

update the outlook application

Fix Outlook App For iPhone Not Working On Your PC

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with a quick fix function that fixes iOS-related issues without the need to delete files or analyze your overall system.
Its Advantage: The advantage of this device is its capability to do an automatic backup while making the recovery of your Outlook app.
Supported iPhone Models: This application is suitable for devices that run the running iOS 16 version and all iPhone models and versions, including iPhone 13 series.

Suppose you have already exhausted the basic troubleshooting on your iPhone. In that case, the following solution you can perform is to fix your device’s application using a third-party tool. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a specialized and feature-packed iOS utility that provides better fixes to its patrons. This application consists of two recovery modes: Advanced and Standard modes. These two modes have similar outcome and recovery rate, yet their process is a bit different. The Standard mode fixes your iPhone system and its applications with a high recovery rate without fearing losing your entire data. In contrast, the Advanced mode serves as the factory reset as it can fix the iOS system yet delete all data associated with your device. You can use this feature if your device is intruded with malware and viruses. Follow the manual below to learn how to fix Outlook apps with the iOS system recovery tool.

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Step 1 Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fix Hotmail not working on iPhone is installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. You can download this application by tapping the download icon above this step. Then, go to your download folder and tap the file to run its installer. Pass through the prompts to install the app thoroughly.

acethinker ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Connect iPhone To PC

The succeeding guide is to connect your device to the application. Connect and create a bond between your smartphone and the application using your lightning cable. The tool will let you know when your device is ready and has been analyzed.

connect iphone to the app

Step 3 Select Mode of Recovery

Next, choose the recovery tool between the Standard and Advanced modes. Tap on the button to highlight the chosen recovery mode. Tap on the Confirm button to go to the next page.

select mode of recovery

Step 4 Download Firmware To Fix Outlook

The following page is where you can see and download a list of firmware to resolve your ioS system and its applications. You can get the latest firmware and hit the download button to acquire it. Then, click on the Next button to finalize the process.

download firmware

Step 5 Finish the Recovery Process

The final step is to wait until the process of installing the firmware is done. An indicator at the upper part of the tool enables you to see the status of the process. Please wait until it reaches 100%.

finalize the process

Bonus Tips: Features Of Microsoft 365 Days

The Outlook application has a ton of essential features. These features include email service, search, color coding, flagging, and preview panel options. The calendar feature is the most valuable function due to its ability to schedule, view, and communicate meetings and appointments. This application also holds up to 99 GB of archived data and can set automatic replies. Nonetheless, it has many unrecognizable features that most users are unaware of. We have listed the advanced and additional features of Outlook below.

  • Calendar sharing - It's a feature that lets users see the availability of their contacts and colleagues when scheduling an appointment or meeting.
  • @mention - This function allows the sender to mention the specific contacts on the group chat or group mail to highlight the information and notify the receiver.
  • Email scheduling - Senders can write emails and messages ahead of time and choose to whom and when to send them.
  • New item alerts - This function is used to notify you of the new emails, which will overlay on your message interface.
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