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Six Walkthroughs to Solve iPhone Not Getting Notifications

feature notifications not working on iphoneSetting a notification becomes an integral part of our society in a world where assiduity is a new norm. We tend to rely on these notifications to head up our mind that we need to perform a specific task. One of the most precious devices people use to set up notifications is our smartphone. These portable devices usually connect us on our social media platforms, where we spend most of our free time. Also, we use notifications and reminders to prompt us on how many calls we missed, unread messages, and even virtual meetings. Sadly, most mobile devices tend to have common errors about notifications. Sometimes the notification sound will not cue us if we have important reminders. iPhone users usually encounter this kind of error. Therefore, it is a must that you are knowledgeable about resolving and fixing this fallacy. So, equip yourself with these six solutions to fix iOS notifications not working.

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Restart Your iPhone Device

Sometimes, a simple glitch on your iPhone may be the culprit for your device not receiving reminders, notifications and even the iPhone stuck on mute. Luckily, these errors can often be fixed by merely restarting the iPhone. See the listed steps on each designated iPhone model to restart your device.

  • For iPhone 6s or iPhone SE, press and hold the Sleep/Wake function together with the Home button simultaneously. By doing this, the Apple logo will appear on your screen, releasing both buttons will restart the device.
  • For iPhone 8 or iPhone SE (2nd Generation), press and release the volume up button, do the same trick with the volume down function. After that, press and hold the side button. Once the Apple logo emerges, release the button.
  • For iPhone X and later versions, press and release the volume up, volume down, and side buttons. Once the Apple icon pops up, release the device's button to restart.

restart your iphone device

Disable or OFF the Focus Mode

Focus mode or Do Not Disturb mode is a useful function of the iPhone that mutes all notifications, sound, reminders, and messages. This feature is helpful for people who do not want to disturb and focus on a specific activity. But sometimes, iPhone users accidentally and unknowingly activate this feature even though they do not need it. If you are one of those end-users who have a hard time disabling this feature, follow the steps below.

  • To begin fixing the iPhone not getting notifications error, swipe down at the upper right part of your device. From there, it will give you a list of functions of your device.
  • Next, tap the crescent moon icon to disable the Do Not Disturb function. You will know if the feature is disabled if the icon is not highlighted on the Control Center.

disable don't disturb function

Turn Off Notification Summary

When iOS 15 was introduced on all iPhone devices, Apple brought many modifications to manage notifications on the iPhone. One of the notable and new features brought to the iPhone is the Notification Summary. This feature enables users to receive notifications in batches. It is suggested for users who want to unclog their notifications and reminders that are not important. Yet, wrong setting up can lead to errors like not getting text notifications on iPhone. So we collected the right way to disable this function which is presented below.

  • Go to the Setting app to access the list of settings and functions to commence the steps. Swipe below and look for the Notification function.
  • From there, access the Notification function and make your way to the Scheduled Summary. You can quickly identify if the feature is enabled when its toggle button is in green color.
  • Nevertheless, if you want to enable this function and still receive notification, set a summary for your notifications at a specific time.

turn off summary notification to receive reminders

Check the Apps’ Notification Set Up

If you are still receiving notifications, yet you are still not notified to one or two apps, try to check their notification preferences. We often disable the "receive notification" function when installing or downloading an app. Disabling this function can be the reason why there are no notifications on iPhone applications. Follow the steps provided below to check and enable the notification function on a specific app.

  • Start the process by accessing the Setting app on your iPhone device. From there, make your way to locate the application that you couldn't receive notifications from.
  • Then, tap the application to access different functions, including contacts, background App Refresh, Notifications, and more. Access the Notifications function, and you will go through its settings.
  • Lastly, check if the button is on an enabled function; if not, toggle the button to turn it on. You can also select two Notification Delivery options; Immediate Delivery and Scheduled Summary.

enable apps notification to fix error

Update the iOS version of the Device

Almost every year, Apple always updates the version of iOS. Some iPhone users may not be aware of these changes, resulting in some glitches and incompatible applications. These scenarios can contribute to not getting notifications on iPhone. You can update your iPhone device to the newest version, which is iOS 15. Follow the walkthroughs provided below to know the processes.

  • The initial step to update your iOS version is by backing up your files on iCloud. You need to perform this process to avoid losing any critical data stored on your iPhone.
  • Then, open the Settings app of your iPhone and make way on the General settings. From there, select the Software Update to access a new set of functions.
  • Lastly, tap the Download and Install to get the software update, enter your iPhone passcode, and tap the Install now.

update iOS settings to remove notification error

Reset the iPhone

If everything above fails, consider resetting your iPhone device. It will be the last resort to resolve not getting text notifications on iPhone. This is possible due to its capability of reinitializing all setting preferences on your device. Also, this process will not delete any of your data stored on your device. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to backup your files to prevent future data loss. See the guides beneath to reset your iPhone.

  • The initial guide is to access the Settings app of your iPhone and go to the General settings. From there, the Reset function is available for you to access.
  • Secondly, select the Reset All Settings functions. This process will ask your permission to push through the action by typing your iPhone password.
  • Lastly, once you have successfully entered the passcode, your device will reset spontaneously. Then, check if you can now receive notifications by connecting your device to an internet connection.

reset iphone to fix notification error

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