How to Resolve iPad Games No Sound Problem

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Fix iPad Games Having No Audio

  • Connect your iPad to your PC using your charger chord.
  • Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your Windows or Mac.
  • Choose a recovery process to repair your iPad system.
no sound on ipad games

Tablet users are increasingly looking for immersive experiences for entertainment that engage multiple senses, and sound is a key component of this. The no sound during iPad gameplay error is seen as a major drawback by users, particularly those looking for a more immersive and engaging experience. The mute iPad error loses the gameplay's magic, which makes the gamer feel uninspired to continue with the game. Sound is a big game component, especially for adventures or PVP gameplays. With a sound system, you can hear the track of your opponent, their footsteps, and their tactics. Therefore, it is a big mistake if you continue playing iPad games without its internal sounds. This article collects and gathers information that can fix this issue immediately. We have listed the best solutions for every scenario and the cause of this error. Unravel them below and seek the most valuable solution.

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Causes Why iPad Game Audio Not Working

When your iPad games with no sound error are present while playing games, you should check the reasons behind this error. It will not show on your iPad without any reason. Luckily, we have gathered some factors that can affect your game sounds on your iPad. You can check the factors below to assess your device immediately.

1. Mute button or volume settings

One reason why no sound on games on iPad is happening is due to your device's volume settings or mute button. It can be due to or affected by a hardware issue where your Mute option is broken. It can also be a software issue that lurks on your iOS system affecting your volume settings.

2. App-specific sound settings

The no audio on iPad error might also be caused by the app you are playing. The app's sound settings might be lowered or muted on its system. You should check your game settings to adjust the volume of your app.

3. Software issues

Software failures are The last factor contributing to no game sound on iPad. Bugs and glitches can lurk on your iPad system and compromise different settings, eventually muting your device.

why ipad game audio not working

If your Apple device is having an issue on do not disturb mode that causes your device to be muted or no sound, check this link to fix the issue.

Fix iPad Games Sound Compatibility

1. Disable Mute Button

The mute button on iPad is useful for users who need to mute their device immediately. It becomes a relevant feature when users need to attend an immediate meeting, watch movies, or get into quiet places like the library. It will save you from the hassle of pressing the volume button deliberately. This button is usually located on the side of your iPad device. So, when you are playing games, you might accidentally enable this button which causes the no sound on iPad games. You can always toggle this button to turn off the mute option. You can access the mute button on your iPad and check if it is enabled. Toggle it and launch any games on your device. You will assess if the solution works once you have played games on your device.

disable mute button

2. Check Your iPad Volume Settings

When your iPad Mute button is disabled and not toggled, look for another reason behind the error. Your iPad can also modify the volume output of your gameplay. With its Volume Rack located at the external part of your device, you can easily adjust the Volume indicator. You can press and push the volume up button to increase the audio output of your iPad games. Adjust the magnitude of your audio according to your preferred intensity. In addition, when you have quit playing and need to adjust the sound of your apps, you can always look for the Control Center. With this iPad feature, you can adjust the Volume output of your apps and media. You need to swipe down on your screen, and the Control Center will appear. Access the Volume icon to adjust the sound system of your iPad.

adjust the volume settings on ipad

3. Check App-Specific Volume Settings

When iPad games sound settings do not function properly or iPad stuck on headphone mode, it is not always due to your device issue. A specific game can also trigger this issue. One factor you must consider is that its in-game settings might not have the proper volume setup. You can always adjust the volume of your game sounds. Keep in mind that every game or app you have installed on your device they have a different volume setup. Therefore, you must always access their settings, check for the volume setup, and tweak it according to your preferred level. For instance, we have used the mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang as an example of how to adjust its settings on an iPad. You can see in the illustration below that we accessed the app's settings and searched for the volume settings. Within the app, you can adjust the sound effect, music, hero voice, system notifications, and more.

modify mobile game settings audio

4. Uninstall and Install the Game

When a specific game app on your device has a sound issue, you should check the other game apps. Once you have assessed that some of your games and media files are playing smoothly with sound, the error might be to the specific app that does not have an audio output. The app might have a system bug that needs to be cleared out. The best solution you can always do in this specific problem is to uninstall the app. Deleting the app from your iPad device will clear the data and information stored on the mobile game. Therefore, there will be no room for errors or bugs on your device since the app is already removed. Luckily, some mobile games provide account registration for you to still access your data on other devices or if you reinstall the app on your iPad. You can check the solution below to uninstall and reinstall an app on your iPad.

  • The initial guide on getting your games fixed with its system sound is to delete it on your iPad. Unlock your tablet and access the home screen page. Check for the app and long-press it to access the Remove App.
  • Hit the Remove App, and there will be a confirmation page to delete the app. Tap the Delete button/icon to remove the app fully. Then, once all the data got deleted, proceed to reinstall the app.
  • Lastly, access the App Store on your iPad and search for the gamer app you have previously removed. Hit the Install icon and wait for the app to reinstate your device. Access the app once the installation is complete and check its sound output.

uninstall game on your device

5. Restart Your iPad

When no sound on iPad is happening on your device, system glitch and bugs on your iPad settings are lingering. You can only fix the issue by removing these software failures on your iPad. The best way to delete these software issues is to restart your device. The restart process is a function feature for iPad and other iOS devices to optimize them in a better condition. Restarting your iPad can provide numerous benefits. The major one is it can help to clear up any temporary glitches or bugs that may be slowing down your device or causing it to freeze. Secondly, restarting your iPad can help conserve battery life by unnecessarily closing down any apps or processes running in the background. Additionally, restarting your iPad can help improve your device's overall performance, making it faster and more responsive, so if you're experiencing any issues with your iPad, especially iPad game audio problems, iPad black screen of death, and more. Restarting it is worth a try before seeking further assistance.

  • Checking your device's side buttons may help you start the process of repairing why the iPad game sound not working. The volume up or down button should be long-pressed. Do the same thing with the Power button at the same time.
  • Once your iPad's display turns on, release the side buttons. Your screen will show a slider that you can use to turn off your device. Move the slider from left to right to turn off the power supply to your gadget.
  • Finally, wait around 30 seconds after turning off your device before reopening your iPad. Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo shows. Access any games on your iPad and check if the sound is working now.

restart ipad device

6. Seek Professional Assistance

When the issue is due to a broken mute button or damaged speaker, the solution you need is to seek assistance for professionals. Personnel who know your device can only resolve these types of hardware issues. Doing it yourself will cause further harm to your iPad instead of fixing it. You must also check a reliable store or service center for your iPad. This will ensure the quality of service and the store's liability regarding your device. You can always use the online service platform of Apple Support to seek assistance. This online support lets you chat with live agents to seek help. You can also schedule an appointment for your device to get it fixed. When a component needs to be replaced, you can use its AI generator that estimates the whole cost or repair process.

contact customer support

7. Use Third-Party Tool to Fix Issue

Software failure is one of the contributors on why your iPad device is having an issue regarding its game sound. Therefore, it is recommended to use an iPhone system repair tool to fix your iPad. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a recommended software to use as it provides multiple functions to fix your device. It comes with two modes of repair process: the Standard and Advanced Mode. This feature of this app is what makes this tool different from other troubleshooting. These recovery modes provide a higher recovery rate for your iPad and Apple devices. It also comes with functions including upgrading and downgrading your iPad. It is helpful to fix some iOS issues and other related problems on your iPhone. It also comes with a variety of iOS utilities, including iOS backup and restore, data recovery, and WhatsApp transfer. You can check the detailed guide below to learn the process of repairing your iPad sound system.

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Step 1 Get the System Recovery Tool

Fix your iPad game audio problems by installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your device. You can download the file installer of the app by clicking the icon presented above. Then, run the file on your PC to install the app thoroughly.

ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone

The next walkthrough is to connect your iPhone using your lightning wire. Hit the Fix button to pass through the process and select the recovery mode. Choose the Standard mode as it is recommended and click the Confirm option.

connect and select mode

Step 3 Download Firmware

Finally, get a proper firmware for your device. Hit the download icon/button to get the latest version of your iOS. Click the Next option to install the file on your iPad.

download firmware

When you need to use the Advanced Mode to repair your device, you need to backup your files first. This function will wipe out your entire data permanently, so you need to preserve your iPad settings and information. You can access this link to gain more knowledge about backing up your files.

Tips on Ensuring Your iPad Sound is Working

Prevention is easier to do than restoration. Therefore, you must learn tips on how to prevent this issue.

1. Check for updates for the game

When your iPad games do not have sound, the app might be outdated or not running the latest version. You need to update it on your App Store to function properly without experiencing errors.

2. Check for updates for iPad apps

Another reason your device has an issue with the compatibility of the audio of your game apps is due to an outdated iPad system. You should check your settings and see if an update is available for your device. This tip will ensure that your device will be compatible with every app available on the App Store.

3. Ensure headphones are properly connected

The iPad accessories are also a culprit in your iPad audio not working when playing games. You can access your iPad connectivity on a wireless speaker and headset to see if they are running and connecting properly. When you have ensured the connection of these accessories, you will prevent the no sound on iPad games error.

4. Clean headphone jack and speakers

Ensuring the connection of iPad accessories like headsets and speakers is not the only thing you can do to prevent your iPad from having an audio issue. Cleaning these accessories' jacks and external speakers can also help you achieve better and crisp audio output. More so, dirt can also hinder your wired connection from working properly, so better clean them.

tips and tricks on preventing ipad audio error


As more consumers become aware of the importance of sound in iPad games, there will be a growing demand for new and innovative options that offer a truly immersive experience for iPad devices. This presents an opportunity for developers who can create functions for high-quality games that incorporate sound meaningfully. In conclusion, this article suggests a significant demand for iPad games with sound and that this demand will likely continue to grow in the coming years. When you experience iPad sound issue on your device, you can use the solution above to fix the problem. However, when hardware components are compromised, seek professional help.

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