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How to Put the Keyboard Back to Normal on iPad this 2022

move keyboard on ipadA superb keyboard must be comfortable and satisfying to use all day long. We used most of the time to input information and data we needed to convey messages, texts, and figures. Do you know why our digital keyboard was designed and laid out with the one we are using today? Well, back in the day, when the typewriter was the most common technology we used to encode data, they were designed in a QWERTY layout. This design is well known and popular, so when we transfer into a modern device, we are used to the QWERTY layout. People are typing fast with the QWERTY layout. We need it for our digital device to tap on our screen faster than we use a typewriter. Well, enough for keyboard history, and let's indulge in our primary goal; to know different ways to move iPad keyboard. Indeed as technology blossomed and perfected as the years went by, we constantly invented techniques to make our tasks more accessible and comfortable. When writing and reading materials on the internet, the larger the screen, the better. The iPad is the most well-used device for writers, readers, and binge-watchers to satisfy their needs. Yet, sometimes, its keyboard is quite distracting when we use it, so we have collected different ways to customize your iPad keyboard easily.

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How to Move Keyboard On iPad

The iPad device provides a feature that allows users to move their keyboard to a position that they are comfortable using. It is favorable for iPad users trying to see their screen, yet they must type some texts. We all know that the original setup of your keyboard is located at the bottom part of your iPad. Moving your keyboard is advantageous to those users who are writing a document, adding comments while streaming videos, communicating with teammates while playing mobile games, and typing something while watching live streams. To know the correct way for the iPad how to move keyboard, follow the instructions we collected below.

  • First, to move your keyboard to your desired position, open your iPad device. Go to any application that you can pop up on your keyboard; the most recommended is the messaging app. Hit create a message to display your keyboard on your iPad screen.
  • The following step is to locate and press the minimize keyboard icon located at the lower right of your keyboard. Then, release the icon once a dropdown menu appears. Choose the Undock option from the menu, which will display your keyboard on your screen.
  • Finally, drag your keyboard on your iPad screen to choose the spot you want it to appear. Suppose you need some adjustment for its position. In that case, you can recount the process of repositioning your keyboard.

how to move keyboard on ipad process

Split Keyboard iPad Fix Position

We all know that the conventional outline of the iPad keyboard or any digital keyboard we use today is QWERTY. Also, keyboards are usually located at the lower part of your screen when displayed on your device. In addition to the function that your iPad can reposition into different places, it can also split into two keyboards. The iPad has a larger screen. When typing, we can't hold it like we are using our mobile devices. We usually place it on a table or flat surface and tick the keyboard using Hunt & Peck typing style. To know more about different styles, you can read this material. Nevertheless, the iPad provides a way to split your keyboard from each side of your iPad screen. This option will make your typing technique much more manageable and better. Doing this process will allow your iPad device to function as a mobile phone as you can reach the keyboard with your fingers while holding it with your two hands. To know how to split keyboard on iPad, read the guidelines beneath.

  • To initiate the process, you must first unlock your device to open its applications. Access any messaging application and tap on creating a new message. The keyboard on your iPad will appear on your screen.
  • Next, when your keyboard is displayed on your screen, access the minimize keyboard icon, which you can find at the lower right of the keyboard. Long press on its icon, and until a drop-down menu appears, tap on it. Tap on the split option to break your keyboard into two parts.
  • Lastly, reposition the two keyboards in the area where you are comfortable using them. You can dock it at each side of your screen to use your iPad keyboard while holding your device with your two hands. If you want a guide on how to put the keyboard back to normal on iPad, read the following part of this article.

how to split keyboard on ipad

How To Change iPad Keyboard Back to Normal From Split

We all know our keyboards' fixed position and layout; they are always located at the lower part of your screen with a QWERTY layout. This layout is the standard position and overall appearance of our device. Even with the external keyboard available in our modern times, the QWERTY layout is what we constantly use. Humans are creative, fun, and enthusiastic about new learnings and technologies. That is why developers enable us to customize and organize our keyboards and typing styles. Although we crave new layouts and new designs, QWERTY is still our comfortable keyboard style. The more subordinate part of the screen is where we put our keyboards. We always come back to this conventional way of using keyboards. So, not only do the mobile developers allow us to tweak and change our mobile keyboards, but they also allow us to revert them. If you want the full guide on how to amend the changes made on your keyboard, follow the guide below.

  • To instigate the process of how to put the keyboard back to normal on iPad, you need to open an application that uses a keyboard. In this case, we will use the messaging app to display the keyboard on your device. You can tap on the create a new message to access the keyboard.
  • The next guide is to locate the Minimize keyboard icon and long press on it. A drop-down menu will appear once you do the process. You can drag the two keyboards to combine as one.
  • Finally, once the split keyboards have been merged, position the keyboard at the lower part of your screen. Long press the minimize icon once more to access its drop-down. Now choose the dock option to lock the position of your keyboard.

how to put the keyboard back to normal on ipad

Change Keyboard Language

Have you ever wanted to use a foreign language on your iPad keyboard yet do not know how to do it? Well, this part will teach you how to do it. English is our universal language to connect and communicate with other cultures and societies. Yet, we are also fascinated with different non-English languages. Social media platforms make getting ideas about every country’s culture much more accessible. So, as we are curious about nature, we always want to try different setups and layouts for our keyboards. Changing language is the most customization we constantly do to our keyboard. Aside from the English language, you can add different languages such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, and more. Follow the instructions and guidelines below to learn how to change your iPad keyboard language.

  • Start the process by unlocking your device and accessing the Settings app. Tap on its icon to access various menus. Then, scroll down a bit to access the General settings and click on its menu.
  • The following step is to go to the Keyboard menu and follow the prompt for different options. Then, add a keyboard by tapping the Add New Keyboard option. Swipe on the list of languages on your screen, then tap on it to add it. Follow the same process to add another keyboard language.
  • Finally, you can edit the available languages for your keyboard. You can remove layouts by tapping the delete icon on the right side of the selected language. Tap the done option to finalize the step of editing your keyboard layout and languages.

add language on keyboard

Switch Keyboard Language and Layout

Suppose you have already added your preferred language on your iPad keyboard; this part will teach you how to change your keyboard language and its layout. Your iPad provides many valuable features to change and access your keyboard layout. It is also valuable for users who want to select a particular character that can only be seen on a non-English keyboard. In addition, changing and switching from different languages can fix minor issues regarding your keyboard. This option works not only for iPad but also for iPhone devices. These errors include the iPhone keyboard not working, crashing, and freezing on your screen. Read the instructions beneath to change your keyboard to another language.

  • First, what you must do is access your iPad keyboard. You can make it appear on your screen by accessing the messaging applications on your keyboard. This procedure will make your keyboard automatically appear on your screen.
  • Second, on your keyboard, locate the Globe icon at the lower right of the keyboard. Long press the icon to access the list of languages you added to your keyboard settings. Browse the menu on your screen to select the language you prefer.
  • Finally, once you have selected the language you need to use, the keyboard will automatically change its layout. You can use it in all your applications that use the keyboard. Even your social media platforms can also make use of this new keyboard layout.

add language to your ipad keyboard

Extra Tip: Fix Broken Keyboard on iPad Using Third-party Tool

This part will give you an additional tip on better using your keyboard. Suppose you are trying to change the position of your keyboard, and the functions are a bit glitchy and unresponsive. What you can do is use an application to fix the issue quickly. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is complete with a thorough function to resolve iOS issues quickly. It is a quick fix option that can easily eradicate the minor glitch you have on your device. In addition, it is designed with two recovery modes which are the Standard and Advanced modes. The best feature and function of this tool is that it can quickly back up your files while fixing your iOS system.

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FAQs About iPad Keyboard

1. How to get the keyboard back to the bottom of the screen?
This solution works not only for iPad but also for iPhone devices. You can revert back the changes you have made on your keyboard within a quick process. It can bring the split keyboard back together, get the keyboard at the bottom of your screen, and more. Follow the simple guide we listed below.

  • First, you need to access the keyboard using a messaging app. You can locate the minimize icon on the lower right part of the keyboard. Long press on it until a dropdown appears.
  • Next, drag the keyboard back to its original location. Long press again the minimize icon to dock and lock its position.
2. What are the different typing styles on a digital keyboard?
As we evolve into a modern era, our way of encoding things on our digital devices varies throughout time. We have different typing styles we have developed through the years. These typing styles are Hunt & Peck typing style, touch typing, thumbing, and buffering typing style.
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