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How to Fix an iPod? Learn the Solutions Here

ipod wont turn onWhen you are into mobile games and social media platforms, there is a device that only caters to those applications. Are you looking for a device that acts like a mobile phone but does not have any SIM card to prevent you from getting the entertainment activities you want? An iPod is what you need. Apple Inc. designs this portable media player and the multi-purpose device to provide mobile functions which only focus on app-based activities. Although it acts like an iPhone device, only a few mobile series are launched with this gadget. However, like most mobile devices we have today, the iPod is not exempt from errors and glitches. Some users reported that their iPod not turning on randomly without knowing why. Your device will likely turn on without any issues on its system. Yet, there are reasons why this error keeps happening on your iPod. We have collected the causes of this error and its corresponding solution to fix it.

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My iPod Won't Turn On Here’s Why!

Your iPod is not turning on or even charging. But, there are plausible scenarios that could contribute to this error. Knowing why the iPod won't turn on is the first step that will help you acquire the proper solution to fix it. Trying all solutions to get your device back to life might harm its core system, leading to further damage. You can refer to the listed reasons below to assess your device.

  • Your device battery is completely dead or not charged.
  • System glitches lurking on your iPod.
  • There is damaged hardware on your iPod device.
  • Your device’s system has significant failures, which will not allow you to turn the device on.

reasons why ipod wont turn on

How to Fix an iPod Not Turning On

Distinctive Feature: This computer program is designed with a Quick Fix option to fix the iOS system without installing and downloading firmware.
What is it Best for?: It is suitable and recommended for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to fix system-related issues.

Suppose your device is not turning on due to system problems; a reliable tool is needed to resolve the error. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is an impressive collection of iOS utilities designed to assist iOS users. It has a function that can fix the iOS system with its two recovery modes. This tool also sorts out the most common iOS-related errors. These categories are Devices Issues, iOS Mode Issues, Screen Issues, and iTunes Issues. Since your iPod is not turning on, the Device Issues is the one you should select. The correct category will help you get the proper firmware to fix your iPod device. This firmware contains an updated iOS version which will eradicate the error and restore the system of your device. Follow the guide below to learn how to fix iPod errors.

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Step 1 Install AceThiner iOS System Recovery

The initial step to get your device turned on once more is to get the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Tap the download icon located below the introduction part of the tool. Afterward, access the download folder of your device and run the file to install it.

interface of fonekeeper

Step 2 Connect iPod to Your Computer

Once the installation wizards have been completed, the tool will launch its interface on your computer. Connect your iPod device to your computer with the guide of your lightning cable. Select the Device Issues category at the tool's interface and hit the Start option.

connect ipod

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery Process

The tool will notify you once your device is securely connected. Hit the Fix option to push through to the selection of recovery mode. Choose the Standard option and highlight its indicator. Click the Confirm option to get through to the following step.

choose mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Lastly, a list of firmware will be listed on your computer screen. Hit the download icon once you have selected the proper firmware. Tap the Next option to run the firmware and fix your iPod device.

download firmware

Charge Your iPod

The first basic troubleshooting you can do to fix iPod won t turn on is to assess if your device only has a dead battery. This can be easily determined by assessing how often you use your iPod within a few days. If you have not used your iPod for months or even years, it will not turn on even how many times you push the power button. What you can do to open your device after a long time is to charge it immediately. Usually, a dead battery or drained battery takes more hours to charge fully. That is when you can only turn on your device to safely set back your iPod as it used to be. You can also check your lightning cable to see if it is not defective. Make sure to change it if it does, as it will not provide enough power for your iPod device.

charge ipod

Restart Your Device

Another option you can use to fix your iPod device is force restarting it. This option is favorable for users using their iPod; suddenly, the device freezes and won’t turn on. Force restarting your device is beneficial and favorable for most gadgets and devices. It can eradicate a glitch in our device’s system, which will resolve the issue of freezing the device and being unable to open its screen. This process can also fix other minor system issues, including the screen is stuck in recovery mode, and more. You can check the guide below on how to restart your iPod device correctly.

  • The initial guide to fixing your iPod won’t turn on error is to familiarize yourself with your device's buttons. These buttons are the primary options that we will use to restart your device. Unlike the iPhone device, the iPod consists of three button racks.
  • The Power button is located at the uppermost part of the device. The Volume buttons are located on the left side. And the Home button is at the lower part of the device.
  • Then, press and hold power and home buttons for a few moments until the Apple logo appears on your screen. If failed, hold the buttons for more than a minute until the Apple logo appears. If it fails, then read the next solution.

restart ipod to fix error

Put Your Device in DFU Mode

One more solution that can fix your iPod is to set it on DFU mode. More so, if the solution we present above did not do much to fix your device, you can use this process. Putting your device into DFU mode (Device Firmware Update) will boot up your iPod and fix the error. Its process can resolve low-level issues on your iOS system and restore the device from any state. Yet, there is a catch with this process. As it can reboot your device, it will eradicate the saved files you have on your iPod. That is why it is not recommended to use it as the first solution to fix iOS-related issues. If you are desperate and need to fix your iPod with this process, you can back up your device on your computer to prevent data loss. You can check this comprehensive article to know the process. Nevertheless, to perform the process of putting your device in DFU mode, read the guide below.

  • Since your device is unable to turn off, touching its screen will not be much of a help. Therefore, we need to connect your iPod to your computer. This process is possible with the help of your lightning wire or charging cable.
  • Then, open iTunes to check if the iPod device is already connected to its system. To set your device in DFU mode, press and continue to hold both the Home and Power button. Release the power button while continuing to press the Home button.
  • Afterward, on your iPod device, check if the iTunes icon shows on its screen. This icon indicates that your device is in DFU mode. Then, continue to restore your device using iTunes applications.

set ipod in dfu mode

Contact Apple Support

Suppose you have tried all the solutions mentioned above, and your device still needs to turn on. In that case, seek professional assistance. Likely, your device will still need to turn on when you have done the above troubleshooting. If that happens, then your device has a hardware failure. There might be a problem with the power button or your battery completely malfunctioning. Fixing your device is quite challenging if these reasons are responsible for why your iPod wont turn on. Getting your device fixed by yourself without knowing each hardware material of your iPod might bring harm to it. The best solution is to contact repair personnel or phone iPhone support agents to resolve the issue quickly.

contact customer service

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How to open a dead iPod?
The solution to fix the iPod error depends on what causes the error. Suppose it is due to system glitches and iOS errors. In that case, the AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a great choice to use. Yet, if you want to rely on basic troubleshooting, you can force restart or set your iPod in DFU mode. However, if the problem is due to hardware components, then you need to seek professional assistance to resolve the issue quickly.
2. What models of iPods have this kind of error?
Most iPod models experience this kind of error. If it is due to system errors, new iPod generations are not exempted from this problem. If you need to know the list of iPod touch that experience this error, you can check the list below.

  • 1st generation (2007–2008)
  • 2nd generation (2008–2010)
  • 3rd generation (2009–2010)
  • 4th generation (2010–2013)
  • 5th generation (2012–2015)
  • 6th generation (2015–2019)
  • 7th generation (2019–2022)
3. Do iPod devices are covered by warranty?
The iPod repair center secures users that they will have a 1-year warranty for the newly purchased iPod models. Users could seek out assistance if their iPod malfunctioned without the cause of human error or water damage. Users can use the warranty service if it's a defective hardware component or software issue. However, if the warranty expires or the damage is due to water or human error, you will need to pay for the repair cost. Luckily, you can estimate the cost of your repair on the Apple website on how much it will cost you to fix your iPod that is not turning on.
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