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Simple Solutions For iPod Touch White Screen Problem

ipod white screenOur era is full of technologies; they make our daily activities and tasks more accessible than before they were invented. One of the leading companies that curate technical advancement is Apple. This company has the most well-known products that still exist up to date. One of the most prominent Apple products is the iPod. On its first release last 2001, this compact device was intended to play and stream music. When smartphones were not a thing, this gadget dominated the global market for music streaming devices. As the world progresses, touchscreen devices are introduced. Apple innovates and reinvents the style and the overall appearance of the iPod. As the screen-based mobile device like iPhone was inaugurated into the technological world, iPod also adapted the screen-based program. iPod has a much faster screen refresh rate and better storage capacity than its sister device- iPhone. These features make it a top-tier for mobile gamers and music enthusiasts. Despite all traits it has, drawbacks still linger in its system. On most Forums of the Apple Support Team, many users reported that the iPod touch white screen is a standard error. Luckily, we have simple yet comprehensive solutions dedicated to you. We also collected them here in this article.

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Reasons Why My iPod Screen Is White

iPod white screen of death error is a standard fallback for iPod users. Nevertheless, it should not be ignored because it may lead to a more severe problem. In addition, this error will disable you from using your iPod since the screen is covered with white pigments. With that said, let us tackle different reasons why this error keeps happening.

  • The first in the list of reasons why iPod touch white screen error keeps happening is uninstalled software updates. We are all aware that incompatible software versions and applications can lead to a severe glitch, which in our case is a white screen glitch.
  • Another reason that this error persists is due to jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is when you put a series of commands to your device to unlock the device for different carriers. This process may affect the software, which leads to a system glitch.
  • The last common reason the iPod white screen can be seen on your device is its direct impact on the device. Accidental dropping of your iPod may lose some connection between your iPod’s motherboard and screen.

Charge Your iPod

You first need to consider why your iPod touch white screen is happening due to a lower power supply. When you try to turn on your iPod device, and it is just a white screen, then shut down, the battery is running low or drained. The apparent solution you might need is to get into the nearest supply. With the help of your USB or lightning cable, connect your device to a power supply. Then, wait until the iPod is readily turned on. Please keep in mind that an iPod that has a drained battery should be charged for at least 30 minutes for you to be able to open it. After that, a lightning icon will appear on your iPod screen. This notification will indicate that your device is ready to be turned on.

charge ipod to clear white screen error

Force Restart iPod Touch

If you have charged your iPod and after 30 minutes to an hour, it still has an iPod white screen of death, then it might be a software glitch that needs a quick fix. One of the most common and most-effective solutions to any software glitch is force restart. This method of removing software glitches is a universal solution to fix minor issues. One of these errors is an iPod white screen issue. Your iPod data and music will not be lost using the force restart method. Also, it is not recommended to do the force restart with your computer. The time it will consume may take longer and may take multiple times to clear the error. Nevertheless, this solution works to remove the white screen error on your iPod touch.

  • The first guide to clear out the white pigment on your iPod touch utilizes its home and side buttons. Since you cannot use its screen to restart the device, these buttons will guide you on how to do it manually.
  • Afterward, press and hold the Wake/Sleep button. Simultaneously, press and hold the home button as well. When the Apple logo appears, your device is already forced to restart. Release the two buttons once the logo appears. Suppose you have done the solutions above, and still the Apple logo is not showing on your iPod screen, repeat the process of force restart multiple times.

 force restart ipod

Restore iPod Touch Screen Using iTunes

Another solution to fix the iPod screen white is by using iTunes. This software program is a media library, media player, and mobile device management utility for Apple devices. It is used to play, purchase, and organize media files for different Apple meetings. In addition, this tool is compatible and works on different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. This tool can remove white screen errors on your iPod even if the white pigment covers your entire screen. Please keep in mind that iTunes can only remove all software-related issues. It cannot remove other hardware or external damages caused by the accidental dropping of your device or breaking of the screen. Water damage to the motherboard can not be included in these solutions. Nevertheless, if the white screen issue is caused by malware and virus infestation, you should try the following methods below.

  • To fix the iPod touch white screen with lines, you must first launch iTunes on your computer. If you are a macOS user, you do not have to install the tool since it is already installed on your device’s system. However, if you are using Windows PC, you can download the application from the Microsoft Store.
  • Then, connect the iPod to your computer with the guide of your lightning cable. While doing that, open iTunes and locate the iPod icon on its system. The icon is located at the uppermost part of the tool. Afterward, go to the Summary Tab and locate the Restore option. Click the Restore option, and there will be a notification box that informs you that the iPod will be set to its factory settings.

factory reset ipod to clear white screen

Seek Professional Help

If none above works, the option that you might think about is to seek help from the professionals. By saying professionals, it means those who are much more knowledgeable about fixing the error. Sometimes, the iPod touch's white screen with lines errors can be caused by external factors and hardware issues. These reasons are accidental dropping of your device, water damage, breaking your iPod screen, and more. These causes are not repairable using simple restarts, factory resetting, and charging your device. Visiting legit Apple repair stores or seeking help from the Apple Support team may be the best option you need to rely upon. There is also a community forum for iPhone users that provides better solutions to fix the issue. You need to sign in or log in with your Apple ID or create an account to get in touch with them. Furthermore, if you have recently bought your iPod and observed that there is a white line on your screen, you can try to return your device for a new replacement.

seek help to fix ipod white screen error

Tips on How to Fix iPod White Screen of Death

Distinctive Feature: This tool uses two modes to remove software issues and glitches for your Apple device.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a top-tier solution to fix and resolve iOS-related issues. This tool provides better work and processing speed due to its advanced multi-threading technology. It can scan and recover iOS systems faster and quicker than before. In addition, this computer program can resolve numerous iOS problems. These issues include an iPhone stuck on DFU mode, iPod white screen error, the device won't turn on, the battery is not charging, and more.
Furthermore, it has two modes to repair and fix iOS issues. These modes are Standard mode and Advanced mode. The standard option can fix the most common iOS System problems while retaining your iPod's data. In Advanced mode, it can fix more severe issues that need to wipe out all your device's data. If you want to learn the process of fixing the iPod white screen of death error, follow the detailed instructions below.

Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fix the iPod white screen issue is by downloading AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. You can install it by ticking on one of the download buttons presented above. Run the file and finish through its setup wizards. After that, launch the tool to circumnavigate and assess its processes.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Scan and Connect the Device

Next, connect and link your iPod device to your computer using your lightning cable. Launch the tool and make way for the iOS System Recovery option. An indicator will notify you whether your device is already connected or not. Once your iPod is settled, tick the Fix button.

iphone camera black screen step 3

Step 3 Choose Mode and Download Firmware

The succeeding guide is by choosing the mode of recovery. You can select between Standard mode and Advanced mode. Then, proceed with the process by hitting the Start button. After that, select the firmware that is suitable to clear out the error. Click the Next option to download and install the firmware on your device.

download firmware

Step 4 Finish the Process

Lastly, wait until the process has finished. You can also check and see the progress of your repair process by loving on the Total Progress indicator. Once it is on 100%, your iPod is good to go. Also, keep in mind that this process also works for iPhones with white screen errors.

Repair iphone

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