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Why is My iPhone Not Sending Pictures? Find Out Here

iphone won t send picturesTaking pictures has become a common thing in the development of smartphones. The most anticipated modern devices almost perfect their camera pixels to gain more revenue with the growth of users who demand better camera quality. The iPhone has offered better camera quality than its competitors. Its distinct focus and exposure, burst mode, HDR mode, and more make the iPhone camera uniquely beautiful against other mobile cameras. With that, we often used this device as our portable professional camera to take pictures. Additionally, the iPhone enables users to send and transfer good-quality cameras on different devices. This feature also comes with a function where it can retain the photo's original file. Yet, many reports claim on Apple Support forums that their iPhone cannot send photos. A bunch of users are saying, "why is my phone not sending picture messages?" We have different solutions to resolve this issue; read them below.

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Reasons Why Is My iPhone Not Sending Pictures

"Why is my iPhone not sending pictures?" This question is always coming up on every forum and support group. It is not common on your iPhone to not be able to send pictures on your contacts and friends list. There are possible reasons why this error keeps happening. But the apparent ones are software issues. Knowing these causes might help you identify the correct method to fix the issue. We have listed the apparent reasons why won t my iPhone send pictures; find them below.

  • The Internet connection is unstable.
  • Checked for cellular settings update.
  • System bugs and glitches.
  • There is an error occurring on your carrier's system.

reasons why iphone won't send pictures

Test Your WiFi Connection

The simple solution to check why wont my phone send pictures is the internet connectivity. We have different ways to send pictures to our friends and contacts. We have a WiFi connection that aids us in sending images and messages wirelessly. Although regularly, most of the data you send when connected on an internet connection can be transmitted quickly. Still, checking your internet connection to resolve iPhone won t send pictures is a knowledgeable decision. To perform the process of checking your internet connection, follow the presented methods below.

  • To instigate the process of fixing my iPhone won t send pictures open or unlock your iPhone device. Access and go to the settings app from the list of your applications. Tap on its icon to access different menus.
  • Then, access the WiFi option located below your iCloud account. Tap on its menu to open different settings related to WiFi. Check if the WiFi is disabled. If not, toggle its button to enable the connection.
  • Lastly, if it is already enabled, check if you are already connected to a WiFi router or modem. If so, and it says no internet access, contact your internet service provider.

check wifi connection to fix iphone won t send pictures

Check Cellular Data

Suppose you are not around in a WiFi connection. In that case, cellular data is the secondary solution you can have to access the internet. Cellular data varies from different regions and countries. It is also different depending on whether your SIM is a prepaid or postpaid Sim card. The cellular service provider will provide a specific number of cellular data to their patrons on postpaid data connection, which is most common in western regions or countries. While on prepaid data connection, customers or users need to avail or pay for the service to gain access to cellular data. Nevertheless, you can check your data connection if it's enabled on your device. Doing this process will enable you to know if the data connection is the problem and why are my picture messages not sending. Follow the guidelines below to check your data connection.

  • First, to fix the iPhone not sending photos, unlock your device or open your screen to make way for the settings app. On the list of your applications, please tap on the Settings icon to access its menu. Then, a list of settings will be organized and dedicated to your device.
  • Next, go to the Cellular option located at the lower part of the Bluetooth. Hit or tap on its icon to access its menus. Check the cellular data if it is enabled.
  • Lastly, if the cellular data option is disabled, toggle the button to turn on the data connection. Go back to your messaging app or iMessage to try sending pictures to your friends' list. If still unable to do so, check on the next solution.

enable data connection to fix iphone won t send pictures

Check Network Settings Updates

If enabling a WiFI connection and cellular data still does not fix picture messages not sending iPhone, checking your network settings is needed. As we all know, the network setting on our mobile devices is the way where our service provider allows service and connection in our smartphones. Thus, checking updates and new settings is optimal to gain faster internet service. Network provider's settings updates allow the user's network to update related settings to improve mobile network performance and connectivity. Network service providers can also add new features, which include having a 5G connection and more. It can also fix different network-related issues, including iPhone using too much data, a glitch in network settings, and more. Therefore, if you have enough data on your SIM and your phone won t send picture messages, check if there are network settings updates on your device. To do the process, follow the guide below.

  • Regularly, the carrier settings update will appear on the screen when a carrier settings update is available. You can automatically update your network's settings if a pop appears on your screen. If you fail, you could manually update the network settings on your Settings app.
  • Browse on the list of your apps and look for the Settings application. Tap or hit on its icon to access its menus. Swipe up for a bit to gain access to the general settings. Tap on it to launch on the next page.
  • Lastly, go to the About section and locate the Carrier option. If there is a new update, you will see an option to install new settings. Otherwise, you will see the currently installed settings or carrier version number.

check network update to fix iphone won t send pictures

Contact Your Service Provider

If the above basic troubleshooting is unable to fix the iPhone won t send photos. You have to contact your service provider. Whether using a WiFi connection or cellular data, contacting your service provider is your last resort. On your WiFi provider, most of the time, they do service updates or have system issues. Contacting to know what needs to be done is the best thing you can do. If they provide a time frame when the system will be readily available in your area, that would be the time that you can connect to and send photos quicker. Contact your provider for your cellular data connection if there is tower maintenance in your area. You can also call them to check if you have already exhausted your data connection limit.

contact service provider to check why wont my phone send pictures

Utilize Third-Party Tool To Fix Pictures Not Sending iPhone

Distinctive Feature: This solution is designed with two modes of recovery that can fix the iPhone not sending pictures. These recovery modes are the Advanced mode and the Standard mode.
Its Advantage From Basic Troubleshooting: The advantage of this tool compared to basic troubleshooting is its ability to provide a quick fix option for minor system failures.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a full-featured iOS utility that provides an extensive process to fix iPhone won t send pictures. This tool is designed with a Quick Fix feature that can remove simple iOS-related issues, including apps not working, system glitches, and other system issues. There are two recovery modes for more extensive errors for your device. These recovery modes are the Standard and Advanced modes. The standard mode is a way of recovering iOS systems while retaining the iPhone files intact and preventing data loss. In contrast, the Advanced mode is the process of recovering an iPhone device while deleting the data files. It serves as the Factory Reset on your device. But, this feature is beneficial as it can recover lost data files without needing backup files.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fixing picture messages not sending iPhone is by installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your device. Tick the download icon presented above to install the application thoroughly. Run the downloaded file on your PC and pass it through the installation wizards.

acethnker ios system recovery

Step 2 Link The iPhone to Your Computer

The following guide is to link your iPhone device to the application. This process is possible with the help of your lightning cable. Once the device is connected to the application, the iPhone details can be seen on the device's interface.

connect iphone device

Step 3 Choose Recovery Mode

Next, tap on the Fix button to go to the selection of recovery mode. Choose between the Standard and Advanced modes. Highlight the recovery mode that you want to use by ticking the indicator located on its left side. Hut on the confirm button to proceed.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware to Fix iPhone Won't Send Pictures

Lastly, download the latest firmware readily available for your iPhone device. Please tap on the download button and wait until it finishes. Hit or tap the Next button to proceed with the installation of firmware and recover your iPhone system.

download firmware

FAQs About iPhone Pictures

1. Can I send photos and images from iPhone to Android?
The iPhone has different ways to transfer or send pictures to Android devices. You can use file transfer applications, including Share It and others. You can also use social media messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Instagram.
2. How can I determine picture messages not sending iPhone?
It is simple; the messaging application that you are using can notify you that your photos failed to transmit. You can also discover that the sending notification takes too long and fails to notify you if the photos were delivered. Additionally, to ensure that the receiver can receive the photos, you can ask them directly and check their messaging application.
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