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Best Solutions To Fix iPhone Wont Go Into Recovery Mode

iphone won t go into recovery modeAs the world embraces new technology, mobile developers enhance the capability and capacity of our devices. We can now do multiple tasks on one device and do the activities simultaneously without fearing getting hassled and confused. Yet, as the world becomes fast-moving, so do the errors and glitches we experience. You see, while we can develop new features for our device, we also need to prevent system failures. Luckily, the iPhone device comes up with a new technique to restore and recover your system. This recovery mode feature enables users to erase all iPhone files and data. It also helps users set up their iPhones as if they did not have an error. This process is favorable for users who forget their passcode, have a system failure, and cannot update iOS devices. Yet, with its jewel in the crown feature, this option also comes with fallacy. Some reports on Apple Support that most users having errors like iPhone wont go into recovery mode. This error hinders users from erasing all data and resetting their iPhones to remove the error. Fortunately, we have already collected the solutions for you; see them below.

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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.

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Causes Why iPhone Won t Go Into Recovery Mode

Getting your iPhone on recovery mode and failing to do so is not a typical process for your device. This error is most commonly due to software failures and glitches. Yet, knowing the reasons behind this problem is an optimal solution you need to consider. Knowing what causes this error on your device is the first method you should do. If you know the root cause, you can quickly locate the best troubleshooting you can use. There is a significant cause of this problem. Most of the time, it is a software issue. Difficulty getting your iPhone to recovery mode is caused by bugs and glitches. Virus intrusion and malware infestation is also a culprit for why this error keeps happening. We have collected the solutions to fix this problem; read the following parts.

why iphone won t go into recovery mode

Check Related Options To Setup Your iPhone 8 In Recovery Mode

Have you tried to set your device into recovery mode, yet it failed to do so? Well, the first solution you need to consider is if you are using the correct steps to do it. As we all know, iPhone devices have different models, and these models have varied appearances, functions, and features. So, if you try to set up your device using the old model method, it will indeed not work. If you have an iPhone 8 and other newer models, these devices have different instructions to set up in recovery mode. Most recovery options that can be seen on the internet are for older iPhone models. If you tried it on the newest version, the process would not work. So to put your iPhone 8 or above models in recovery mode, follow the guidelines below.

  • Instigate how to put your device in recovery mode with the correct guide by utilizing iTunes on your Mac. You must ensure that your iTunes and Mac OS version is the latest and newest update. With the help of your lightning cable, connect your device to your Mac computer.
  • Next, let your iPhone device connect to the computer while waiting for the Recovery Mode to appear on your screen. Then, locate the side button of your device; we will use the volume and power buttons.
  • The following step is by long pressing the Volume Up button and releasing it swiftly. Do the same process with the Volume Down button. Lastly, keep your finger on the Power button until the screen displays the Recovery Mode.

setup recovery mode on iphone 8

Utilize Correct Ways to Set Recovery Mode on iPhone 7/7 Plus

The following guide is for users who have iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus as their smartphone. As we all know, using the step intended for newer or older versions of the iPhone on your iPhone 7 is not a good idea. Doing this process can also harm your device's software, leading to different system failures. These failures include iPhone stuck on guided access, iPhone apps that keep crashing, and more. So it is necessary to use the exact and correct steps for different iPhone models. If you are using iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, look at the guide below to set your device on Recovery Mode.

  • The first guide to set your iPhone 7 on recovery mode is to utilize your iTunes on Mac or Windows computer. If you are using a Mac device, ensure its operating system is running the newest version of macOS. Also, your iTunes should run with the latest update.
  • The following step is to connect your device to the iTunes app. Utilize your lightning cable to do the linking process. Then, let your device be connected to iTunes until the recovery mode appears on your iPhone screen.
  • The last guide is by pressing the Power button and Volume Down button at the exact moment. Continue pressing the buttons until the Recovery Mode icon appears on your screen. When the Recovery Mode is displayed on your screen, you can now erase and recover the data of your iPhone device using iTunes.

setup recovery mode on iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus

How to Setup Recovery Mode on iPhone 6

Are you a golden-ager and still use the iPhone 6 and the older version of the iPhone, including the iPhone SE (1st generation)? Do not worry; Recovery Mode is available in all versions of iPhones. The steps of setting up your device in recovery may vary compared to the newest models. This is due to the reliance of iPhone 6 and iPhone SE on their home button, found at the lower part of the tool. In addition, these iPhone models are running on the older version of hardware and software technologies. Thus, these devices are vulnerable to software failures such as application crashing, iPhone screen freezing, and other system issues. So, it is necessary to keep your iPhone 6 and earlier versions to utilize Recovery Mode to reset the system and make the device run with a good performance. Read the guidelines below to set your iPhone on Recovery Mode properly.

  • Use your lightning cable to begin setting up your iPhone 6 on recovery mode. You must also ensure that your iTunes version is updated on your computer to perform the process. If all requirements are met, connect your iPhone to the computer to link with iTunes.
  • After connecting your device to iTunes, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. Continue pressing the controls until the Recovery Mode on your iPhone screen appears. Then, proceed with resetting your data and recovering your erased data.
  • If the solution did not fully set up the recovery mode, you could try the DFU mode to reset your device. You can read the guidelines presented in the next part of this article to do the process.

setup recovery mode on iphone 6

Use DFU Mode Instead

If Recovery Mode is not functioning well due to a system glitch and software failure, you can't do basic troubleshooting to remove the error. What you can do to remove the error and also erase and reset your device's operating system is to utilize the DFU mode. This function is a broader feature that reloads the software and the firmware of your device. Its name stands for Device Firmware Update, which gets even deeper to restore iOS devices better than Recovery Mode. Yet, similar to the Recovery Mode, this feature erases all your data on your device. So, backing up your files with the help of iCloud or iTunes is needed to restore them after the DFU mode process is completed. Nevertheless, this option is an optimal feature to recover or reset the firmware of your device thoroughly. Follow the guide below to remove the error on why the iPhone won't go into recovery mode using DFU mode.

  • To set your device in DFU mode, you must ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes. Also, you need to turn off your device to perform the process. Then locate the side buttons of your device, as we will utilize them to set the DFU mode.
  • Connect your device to your computer with the help of your lightning wire. Once connected, hit the Volume Up button for 5 seconds and quickly release it. Do the same process for the Volume Down button.
  • Lastly, press the power button to set your device in DFU mode. Your iPhone device should appear on a blank screen. This screen will indicate that your device is in DFU mode, and you can now erase all data and restore them immediately.

set iphone to dfu mode

Fix iPhone Won't Go Into Recovery Mode

Distinctive Feature: This application is designed with two modes of recovery: the Advanced and the Standard mode.
Its Advantage Against Troubleshooting: The advantage of this tool compared to basic troubleshooting is its ability to recover iPhone files without needing backup.

If you need to set your device in Recovery Mode, but your iPhone fails to cooperate, you must fix it with a reliable tool. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a full-featured iOS utility that provides better support to iOS users. It can restore and recover iOS systems without the fear of losing any data files. This process is possible with its downloadable firmware that can fix most iOS problems. In addition, its primary recovery is capable of recovering iPhone systems with a high recovery rate compared to its competitors and basic troubleshooting. The Standard mode is the most common feature, where it can fix iOS system issues without worrying about every bit of your data. However, if the problem is severe and you need to clear out the data you have on your device, the Advanced Recovery mode is what you need. To fix the issue or problem of your device having an error going to Recovery Mode, follow the detailed guide below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide on how to recover your iOS system and fix the iPhone won t go into recovery mode by installing AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your device. Click the download button shown above for this step to get its installer. Run and analyze the file on your computer and pass through its installation prompt.

acethinker ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Link The Smartphone to Your PC

The next step is connecting your device to your computer to bond with the application. You can do this process with the help of your lightning cable. Once connected, the details about your iPhone will show on the tool's interface. Tap the Fix button to continue with the process.

ios system recovery connect iphone to app

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery

After that, the application will enable you to select the recovery mode. You can select between the Advanced and Standard modes. Highlight the recovery mode by ticking the indicator on its left side. Hit the Confirm icon to proceed with the guide.

select mode of recovery

Step 4 Download and Install Firmware

Lastly, the application will allow you to preview and select the best firmware you can get to fix your device. Select the latest firmware and hit the Download icon to get its file. You can run the firmware on your iPhone device by ticking the Next option and finishing the entire process.

download firmware

AceThinker iOS System Recovery

It has a quick fix option to resolve minor software failures.

It has an automatic backup process where you can backup your iPhone device while fixing your iOS system.

It is built with different functions, like the ability to restore lost data files without the need for backup files.

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iphone won t go into recovery mode
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