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6 Solutions to Fix iPhone Volume Button Issue

feature-iphone-volume-button-stuck Are you experiencing issues with the iPhone volume button stuck, and it isn't functioning? This could not be very pleasant for many reasons. Of course, you'll want the volume button to increase and decrease your phone's Volume to play videos, music, and calls. If you're using one of the most recent models, you can also utilize the volume button on your iPhone to take pictures. If it is stuck, it stops users from using the phone for anything you typically do. Before sending your phone off for Apple iPhone repair, consider these tips and techniques. Sometimes, the issue can be resolved without paying any extra bucks to the apple store.

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Fix Your iPhone's Stuck Volume Button More Efficiently

AceThinker Fone Keeper is the most powerful and effective option to recover most iPhone-related problems, including iPhone volume button stuck down, iPhone white screen, stuck in DFU mode/recovery, and many other issues. You can solve these problems using AceThinker Fone Keeper in just a few clicks. It is as easy as selecting the correct Repair mode then downloading the software package.

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Key Features:

  • AceThinker Fone Keeper offers two dedicated recovery modes; Advance and Standard mode.
  • It solves all of your problems without leaking or changing your personal information.
  • It keeps the data intact during the recovery process.
  • You can get your data without having backups.

Simple Steps to Recover the iOS System

  1. To start the process, launch the AceThinker Fone Keeper tool from the interface and select iOS system recovery.
  2. fone keeper main interface

  3. After launching the software, connect your mobile device with your PC via a USB cable. After that, click on start to proceed with the recovery process.
  4. ios system recovery main interface

  5. Once your mobile device gets detected, enter the interface by confirming your information. If you face common problems like frozen iPhone, iPhone volume down button stuck, or crashed devices, select the option that says free quick fix. You won't need the danced mode option once you get your problem resolved.
  6. ios system recovery scan and device details

  7. However, if your issues remain, you can go for the Fix Button option; this will take you to the window where you will have to choose from the two repair options, i.e., Standard mode or Advanced mode.
  8. ios system recovery choose the mode

You can also use the tool when you experienced iPhone stuck on charging screen.

Other Quick Fixes to Get Out of iPhone Volume Button Stuck

1. Check for any Hardware Damage

This issue's broken volume button iPhone is usually encountered in the event of hardware damage. For instance, if the phone was dropped, then it may harm those volume controls. Therefore, you should carefully inspect your phone and determine whether it's been played by or damaged. The phone could be suffering from internal damages. Examine the volume button for chips or scratches. These may be signs of more severe hardware damage. If your iPhone has been subjected to water damage, that could also be the cause of the problem. It's not just because you fell and dropped your iPhone in the water puddle. Humidity, snow, and extreme temperatures could alter the way your phone functions. If the volume button on your iPhone appears to be damaged completely, you'll need to have it repaired or replaced.

iphone volume button stuck check hardware

2. Clean your iPhone Volume Button

In most instances, the volume button on iPhone stuck is due to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the vicinity. So, it is crucial to ensure that the button and the socket are clean. By applying water to the socket, you could cause damage to it. We suggest that you make use of a cotton bud and soak it into water. Soak it in the water and gently rub it against the button. Additionally, place it close to the socket. Then, clean it by using an unwashed cotton bud.

iphone volume button stuck clean volume button

3. Press the Button a Few Times

If there aren't any severe hardware damages to your phone, the buttons may be stuck. After you've cleaned the volume button, place some pressure on them. Press the Volume up and down buttons several times until you see the volume icon in the display.

iphone volume button stuck press volume button

4. Update to the Latest iOS Version

Sometimes, the issue my iPhone volume button is stuck you're encountering isn't a hardware problem or anything, but it's a software issue. The iPhone might experience a few issues if it's not fully updated. In addition, there are times when new updates may come with bugs if you install them immediately after they go out. If your phone is a few iOS years behind, you should consider installing an update to fix your volume button. It is also advisable to examine your settings to ensure that you haven't altered the volume control not to perform the way you want it to. In the settings, you can make alternative buttons in case your iPhone volume button isn't working. There are numerous options accessible under the menu for settings.

iphone volume button stuck update ios

5. Contact Authorized Apple Support for iPhone Repair

Your iPhone is among the most beloved gadgets you own. Making sure that it functions appropriately is therefore of paramount importance. If you cannot achieve the volume button to work on your iPhone, you can take the iPhone into an approved Apple service center and let them look into the problem. They will be able to provide suggestions on what actions you need to follow to fix the issue.


If the various strategies discussed above don't work, there's an issue with the hardware not permitting your volume buttons to function. The problem with the hardware can't be solved at home. In situations like these, it is necessary to seek out the help of experts and let them resolve the problems. Expert technicians have a deep understanding of the device's components and can resolve any issue like the iPhone volume down button stuck you experience in the iPhone (any model). The above methods should be done with great care and caution to avoid causing more harm to your phone when trying to resolve a minor problem.

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Last updated on April 6, 2022

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