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iPhone Voicemail Not Working? Try These Solutions First!

feature visual voicemail unavailable Are you getting voicemail issues on your iPhone? Or is your iPhone voicemail not working? On top of that, you're not getting voicemail notifications iPhone? If so, this article is for you. Like any other app, the voicemail app may occasionally slow down due to different reasons, including inadequate network configurations, outdated updates, and running outdated iPhone software. Voicemail might not be as popular as it was in the past; it's still a helpful feature that lets you get calls when you cannot take the call. It's easy to rely on voicemail to record your messages, but it'll be a hassle when it suddenly ceases to work. Voicemail may stop working for different reasons; however, luckily, we will discuss various options to deal with this problem.

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Possible Causes of iPhone Voicemail Not Working

If you discover that iPhone voicemail not working after upgrading to a new iOS, the following are some of the issues that you can experience:

  • Your iPhone does not show messages from your voicemail.
  • Voicemail cannot be set up after updating.
  • There are no alerts or notifications regarding voicemails.
  • Voicemail is currently unavailable or is not accessible.
  • Multiple copies or duplicates of the voicemails.
  • Dials or calls voicemail instead of showing a listing of voicemail messages in a visual format.
  • Inability to listen to the voicemail message.
  • There is no option to record or leave an audio message.
  • Not be able to erase or delete a voicemail message.

Suppose you are experiencing any of these issues. In that case, there is a possibility that the cause of iPhone voicemails is not working on your provider's side or, more precisely, it could be due to the poor network connection. Additionally, like with each iOS device, glitches can permanently disrupt the connection between your phone and the carrier. To solve iPhone voicemail problems, you must ensure an excellent connection to your device and your carrier is working correctly. Examine the two components: your iPhone side (Voicemail settings, network settings, and signal status), and the other is your carrier part (server and settings). After that, you can go over these tips to solve the problem with your iPhone voicemail issues quickly.

visual voicemail unavailable reasons why iphone voicemail not working

Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone Without Any Data Loss

One of the reasons your iPhone voicemail not working could be due to a problem with your iOS. This is why you need efficient system repair and recovery software such as the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. We think about third-party recovery tools for data loss; this tool will ensure your data is protected and retained. AceThinker iOS System Recovery makes it easy to repair your voicemail problems and your whole device without losing any critical information within your Phone. This exclusive iOS repair tool can aid you in getting rid of the problem and quickly bring the device to its normal state. You can choose between two choices based on the issues you've encountered with your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Feature Highlights

  • The recovery software can resolve more than 50 issues related to the iOS system.
  • Connect your device, and the software lets you repair it in a matter of clicks.
  • There are two options: Standard and Advanced Mode, which will aid you in fixing the most frequently repeated iOS problems in just a few minutes.
  • The procedure of restoring the system is simple and requires just three steps.

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How to Solve Voicemail Not Working on an iPhone?

Step 1 Start AceThinker System Recovery

To start AceThinker, it is necessary to download the application then install it onto your computer. After it has been installed, it is time to start the program and select the "System Repair" option.

Step 2 Start the Repair

To restore your system, click the "iOS Repair" option. Connect/attach your iPhone to your computer via a lightning cord. The new user interface will appear - select "Standard Mode" between the two choices.

Step 3 Download the Firmware

AceThinker will search for the most recent firmware for the device you are using and show it on your screen. You have to choose the right one now and click "Start" to begin the downloading process.

Step 4 Watch Download Process

Once the download process has begun, the only thing you have to do now is to wait while your gadget downloads firmware. You can track the progress of downloading as well as the percentage of covered downloads.

Step 5 Initiate Repairing Process

After the firmware has been successfully downloaded, select "Fix Now" to start the repair process. The whole process typically lasts about 10 minutes. In between this time, your Phone will be restarted on its own. Don't disconnect the phone from your computer. Relax, sit back and wait for AceThinker to complete the task for you.

Step 6 Repair Confirmation

After 10 minutes After 10 minutes, you will receive an acknowledgment that your Phone was successfully repaired. It would help if you waited for your iPhone to boot automatically.

Other Quick Fixes to iPhone Voicemail Not Working Issue

1. Verify if Voicemail is Set Up on iPhone

Before we move on to the steps to resolve your visual voicemail not working iPhone, it is of the utmost importance to determine if the voicemail is set up initially. Specific updates could alter or reset your configuration and result in new problems. So, before proceeding, start the iPhone and click into the Caller ID tab to make sure that voicemail has been set up. You can also visit Settings and then iPhone and ensure that you have the option to change your voicemail password.

visual voicemail unavailable setup voicemail

2. Call Voicemail Directly

Open your iPhone, make sure you are on the Keypad Press, and then hold down your #1 for several minutes. It will dial your voicemail. You may view your voicemails by visiting this page.

visual voicemail unavailable call voicemail

3. Reopen the Phone App

Swipe upwards for iPhone X and the latest version until you see the app in Task View to force shut down. After that, swipe again upon the Phone. For iPhone 8 and earlier double hold the home button, and then tap on Phone. Then you will see all open apps cards. Then, restart the application. This could fix the issue with voicemail not working on your device.

visual voicemail unavailable reopen phone

4. Try Resetting the Voicemail Password

If you want to fix the issue with your "not getting voicemails on iPhone" issue, another option is changing the password to your voicemail. It is possible to do this by logging into your service's website or calling customer support for assistance. Certain network providers let users do this via their mobile applications. In addition, you can reset your voicemail password in the Settings.

  1. Navigate to "Settings," then "Phone" and select "Change" the Voicemail Password.
  2. Make sure to enter the password you created. If you've forgotten the password to your voicemail account If you forgot your password, you'll need to contact your wireless provider.

visual voicemail unavailable reset voicemail password

5. Turn off Call Forwarding

If you have a call forwarding system in place, it will likely conflict with your voicemail. To stop Call Forwarding or ensure it's not activated: Navigate to your "Settings," then "Phone," and select "Call Forwarding." Make sure the toggle is turned off.

visual voicemail unavailable turn off call forwarding

6. Reset Network Settings

What did you do that didn't help? You need to reset to default settings for your networks. This won't erase the data you have stored. Go to "Settings," select "General," and then "Reset." And then, to Reset Network Settings, enter your password and Change Network Settings.

visual voicemail unavailable reset network settings


Based on the information we've covered in this post, it is possible to say that, although many of us experience problems with the iPhone visual voicemail issue that doesn't work, it's generally easy to resolve the issue when the correct procedures and methods are used. When you subsequently encounter my iPhone voicemail is not working issue, we hope you'll be in a good situation to fix the issue with the techniques described in the article.

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Last updated on October 25, 2021

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