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iPhone Touch Screen Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

iphone touch screen not workingiPhone touch screen not working is one of the most challenging issues iPhone users face these days. There is no reason to panic if your iPhone stops responding to touch partially or entirely. The iPhone screen not responding to touch is the most common reason for freezing or touch screen problems. Some users who have experienced the iPhone screen not functioning issue claim that it may not be due to insufficient memory. This problem is caused by iOS 15 being installed on the device. This issue can be solved with proven methods that have been tested in almost all cases. All the solutions are explained in detail in this article.

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Tips & Fixes for iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

1. Clean your iPhone Screen

Before moving on to more complex solutions to the iPhone touch screen problem, it is essential to wash your hands. Did you know that oil, water, and debris can affect the touch screen of an iPhone? Clean your touch screen and hands. Take a close look at your iPhone screen in bright direct light. Tilt it a little to expose any gunk, oil residues, liquids, or moistures. Sunscreen can also cause a screen to become unresponsive in sunny weather. Ensure that the iPhone touch screen is clear and free from debris or other objects that could interfere with touch detection. You can wipe it with the help of a soft cotton cloth. However, you might need to wipe it dry with a damp cloth.

iphone touch screen not working clean screen

2. Remove Screen Protector

Many people place the screen protector to protect their iPhone screens from scratches and breakage. The screen guard can sometimes make the iPhone touch screen not responsive. To resolve the problem, you can remove the screen protector.

  • Remove the screen protector from your iPhone gently.
  • Remove the cloth from the screen and clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Turn on your iPhone to see if the touch screen responds to touch.

iphone touch screen not-working remove protector

3. Restart Your Phone

At times, simply restarting the iPhone will fix the unresponsive touch screen issue. However, a hard reboot is usually more straightforward and effective, even if it's a bit more forceful. It is simple to hard reboot your iPhone, but it all depends on the model of your iPhone. You can force restart your iPhone to fix the iPhone/iPad touch screen problem.

  • For approximately 7 seconds, keep pressing the sleep/wake key until the slide to turn off the slider appears on your screen.
  • Slide it to turn off the device.
  • Once the device has been turned off completely, hold the Sleep/Wake button and press it again to turn the iPhone on.

safari cant connect to server restart

To force restart your iPhone 7 and newer models without clicking the Home button, you'll need to hold down the volume down button along with the power button until you see the Apple logo.
To force restart the iPhone 6s and older with a clickable Home button, hold the Home Button and the Power Button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

4. Remove Problematic Apps/Files

Sometimes, an iPhone touch screen becomes unresponsive in one app. If this happens, the issue is most likely with the app, not the iPhone touch screen. However, since the app is currently open, the app stops responding when it "freezes." Frozen apps will not respond to touch screen inputs. However, pressing the Home button will often cause the app to close and return to the Home Screen. Your iPhone screen is unresponsive to touch or frozen when you download photos, videos, or other files. To determine if your touch screen problem is fixed, you must locate and delete the files.

iphone touch screen not working unistall apps

You might want this tool that works really well with iPhone devices it is the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder.

5. Free Up Device Storage

Insufficient storage can cause the iPhone touch screen issues and not function correctly. This is why you need to ensure your iPhone has sufficient storage.

  • You can open Settings on your iPhone. Slide down, and then click on General.
  • Next, tap on "Manage Storage" to check and delete any excess data in your storage.
  • iphone touch screen not working freeup storage

    6. Check for any Cracks or Damage

    Although this is obvious, iPhone's touch screen can be damaged, causing the iPhone touch not working issue. It may become partially or entirely unresponsive. The touch screen or iPhone may stop working if it is damaged. Water damage can also cause irreparable damage to the iPhone touch screen or the entire device. An iPhone can have internal components come loose from a drop, which could cause it not to work and lead to an iPhone not responding to touch.

    check screen iphone

    7. Contact Apple Support

    If none of the above methods work, you can contact Apple support. You can visit an Apple Store or an Apple authorized repair center. They can inspect your iPhone touch screen and determine if it needs repair. You may not have noticed a problem with the hardware, or there could be another issue.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How to unlock iPhone with the touch screen not working?

    You can unlock your iPhone with no hassle if your iPhone screen is not responsive. This can be done by using professional phone unlocking software like AceThinker. This software can unlock digital passcodes by accessing your iPhone with an unresponsive screen. It will also remove the iPhone screen lock quickly and without any passcode. A hard reboot is also an effective way to unlock iPhones with unresponsive screens due to software issues. These are the ways you can hard reset your iPhone:

    • To reboot iPhone 6s or older models that come with a clickable home button, press the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously. After which, the Apple logo will appear on the screen of your phone.
    • Hold the Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously to hard-reboot iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
    • iPhone SE (2nd Generation), iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone 8 Plus hard-rebooting quickly release the volume button. Next, quickly release and press the volume down button. Finally, hold the side/power button to see the Apple logo.

    2. Do screen protectors affect touch sensitivity?

    Your device will feel less sensitive to touch if it is made of low-quality tempered glass. However, high-quality tempered glass will not affect your phone's touch sensitivity.

    3. How can I change the touch sensitivity on iPhone?

    By changing the pressure required to activate 3D Touch, you can adjust the iPhone's touch sensitivity. This is how to do it.

    • Go to your phone's Settings and select Accessibility.
    • Touch and then tap 3D Touch & Haptic Touch. You might only see 3D Touch, depending on your device.
    • After turning on the feature, use the slider to set a sensitivity level (Light, Medium, or Firm).

    In Summary

    It should now be evident that if your iPhone's touch screen suddenly stops working, either entirely or partially, there is no need to panic. In most cases, you can resolve the issue by following the simple steps and tips given in this post.

    You can find more reliable solutions about problems with iOS devices visit this helpful site by clicking the link.
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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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