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Best Solutions on How to Fix Swipe Up Not Working on iPhone

feature iphone swipe up not workingThe iPhone is the most renowned flagship phone we have up to date. Due to its intelligent and innovative technology, many mobile users opted to use this device compared to other brands of smartphones. This gadget's most anticipated feature is its quick and better refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number of times an image refreshes on the screen per second. For instance, most of the new models for the iPhone use a 60Hz refresh rate. This function means its display screen will update the screen 60 times per second. In a nutshell, this feature determines how smoothly motion appears on your screen. Although iPhone devices surpass the average refresh rate of mobile phones, it still has a fallacy. This error always exists even if you are confident that your iPhone screen won't stop. You must be equipped and know how to resolve it when it happens. Thus, we have collected various ways to fix the iPhone swipe up menu not working error for you to have a guide on fixing it.

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Reasons Why iPhone Swipe Not Working

An iPhone device with a screen error is not a common thing to happen in its process. This fallacy is caused by other factors that lead to even freezing screens or being unable to use the swipe-up function. Most of the factors are caused by software fallacy, yet hardware problems may also cause this error on your iPhone. If you have these factors lingering on your mobile device, your iPhone will certainly have a touchscreen error.

  • Hardware issues are one of the most common factors why this error persists. It may be caused by broken tempered glass, cracked screen, and motherboard issues.
  • The error may be caused by virus infestation and malware intrusion for software-related factors. This harmful software can be acquired through an unsecured download process, accessing unsafe links, and more.
  • The software update is another reason some functions like swipe not working on iPhone. Incompatible packages on your apps and iOS version will cause massive unresponsive functions such as crashing and iPhone screen freezing.

Restart Your Device

The initial solution to fix the iPhone swipe up not working is restarting your device. A force restart is an optimal solution that fixes almost all iOS-related issues. This process is possible due to its ability to turn off your device and cut the power source of your system software. Thus, it will force your memory core to terminate all its processes and reset it as your device turns on again. This process will clear most of the software glitches and bugs lurking on your RAM and system software. So, it will resolve most software-related issues, including iPhone purple screen, black screen, and more. See the user guide beneath to know how to fix this issue using the restart function.

  • The first and initial guide to eradicating swipe-up errors on your iPhone is by utilizing the side buttons of your device. Press and remain on hold, both volume down and the power button of your iPhone. This method will enable the turn-off option to appear on your screen.
  • Swipe from left to right until the option reaches the turn-off function. Then, please wait for 30 seconds to let your core memory reset on its own. Press the power button and hold it until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Now check and swipe up your screen if the error still exists.

restart device to fix iphone swipe up not working

Check Your iPhone Accessories

Another reason why your swipe up not working on iPhone is due to its faulty accessories. Device accessories are purposely created for other protection aesthetics of your device. These accessories include a screen protector, mobile case, and device covers. The wrong placement and incompatible accessories on your device will lead to some touch sensitivity errors, including the iPhone swipe-up that is not correctly working. Additionally, broken iPhone screen protectors may also be the culprit for why this error persists. Suppose you already perform the restart option. In that case, try to check your iPhone accessories. If you observe that there are broken accessories or incompatible accessories on your device, remove them immediately. You can also look on Apple’s official store to check the suitable accessories for your device.

Factory Reset iPhone Device

A significant factor why your iPhone cannot perform swipe up is malware and virus infestation. These malicious files can corrupt your software processes and terminate simple gestures and functions of your device. You can get these unwanted files by downloading media data on untrusted websites that your mobile search engine does not verify. Also, you can get these viruses on your device if you access links that will automatically attach this malicious software to your device’s memory. Eventually, they will compromise your device's essential functions, which will lead to some software errors like, notes accidentally removed, and more errors. Thus, it is recommended to reset and erase all the data you have to remove this malicious software. The iPhone has this function to factory reset your mobile phone to remove all saved data on its memory. This process will also remove all viruses and malware on your device. Yet, you need to remember that you need to backup your iPhone files first before doing this method.

  • First, to perform the process, go to your Settings app browsing on your list of apps . There, you can scroll up for a little bit to go to the General settings. On its list of menus, select the Reset button.
  • Following, tap the Erase All Content and Settings to erase your device. Then, wait until the process finishes. You can get back those erased files by restoring your device with the iCloud service. Then, check if the error still lingers on your device.

reset iphone

Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working on Windows and Mac

Distinctive Feature: This tool provides two modes which are Standard mode and Advanced mode, to fix system issues.
Price: It offers lifetime access and support for $49.95.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a perfect solution to fix swipe up not working on iPhone. We can confirm this because of its advanced technological processor, making its process more accessible and better. Suppose the solution mentioned above did not function well on your iPhone device; this tool is your only helping hand. It can recover and fix 50 iOS-related issues. These errors include the iPhone screen stuck on the Apple logo, DFU mode, frozen, and more. Additionally, it is a better solution than factory resetting when removing malicious software or files. Thus, this tool is considered one of kind iOS utility. The process is the same, yet this tool can remove unwanted virus files while retaining your device’s data. To know how to resolve screen-swipe not working on iPhone, read the complete guide below.

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Step 1 Get AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide on fixing an iPhone unable to swipe up your screen is by getting its installer. You can download the file of AceThinker iOS System Recovery by ticking the download button above. Run the file and pass through prompts to install the application. Open it after installation to navigate and assess its processes.

isr interface

Step 2 Connect/Link your iPhone

The next step is to link your device to your computer. Use your lightning cable to perform the connecting process. A notification will remind you that your device is fully connected to the application.

isr select mode

Step 3 Select Recovery Mode

Then, select the recovery mode on your device. This tool has two modes to use to fix your device. Select the Standard mode to push through on the process. Hit the Confirm button to go through the selection of firmware.

isr select mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Lastly, select and download the firmware you can save on your device. Then hit the Next button to implement the firmware. Wait until the process reaches 100 percent. You can check your device once the application has eradicated the error.

isr download

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