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How to Resolve iPhone Update Stuck on Verifying Update

feature iphone stuck on verifying update Are you having problems updating to the newest version of iOS? Did iPhone stick on verifying update when trying to update your device? The good news is that it doesn't have to be as bad as it sounds. There are many different reasons you might face iPhone stuck at verifying Update problems, but one of the most common reasons is a malfunctioning hardware/software component. If you're going to learn how to fix my iPhone is stuck on verifying Update errors; if you have encountered this glitch, here's how you can quickly correct it.

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How Long Should My iPhone Take to Verify Update?

There's no universal answer to this question. It may take your iPhone just a few seconds or even a couple of minutes to check for updates according to various factors, including how big the update is and the Wi-Fi connection. According to some users, when they updated their phone, it took only just 10 seconds to verify the update. Some users have said it took their iPhone up to five minutes to confirm an update. But if your iPhone keeps restarting that's a different issue.

iphone stuck on verifying update time

6 Quick Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update

1. Lock and Wake Your Device

One of the most common methods to resolve an iPhone update stuck on verifying Update is to hit the "Power" button on the phone multiple times. The iPhone's screen is forced to be locked and restart numerous times. Repeating this process multiple times (up 5- 10 times) is known to solve this problem of verifying. You'll see this method has worked when the screen becomes black; then, you can notice the Apple logo, followed by a bar that shows progress, signaling that the process of updating is in progress.

iphone stuck on verifying update wake

2. Check the Reliability of Your Wi-Fi Network

If you've connected your iPhone to a fast Wi-Fi connection, it's more likely for you to receive an answer from the server. Try other applications for networks for your iPhone to check if the network conditions are good. If it loads data slowly, you should connect your iPhone to faster Wi-Fi. To fix all problems with the network, reset the network settings on the iPhone; however, you'll have to keep track of all Wi-Fi passwords to enter them again later. Visit iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

iphone stuck on verifying update internet

3. Hard Reset the iPhone

If an iPhone becomes stuck on verifying updates, it is likely frozen because of a software glitch. To resolve this issue, you need to reset your iPhone hard and cause it to shut off and turn itself back on. The process of hard reset is different depending on the version of iPhone you own: iPhone SE, 6s or older: Hold and press the Power button and the home button simultaneously. Release the two buttons as soon as you see the Apple logo is displayed on your screen. For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Press while holding the power button and hold the volume button until the Apple logo shows up on the display of your iPhone. For iPhone 8, iPhone X and newer: pressing the volume button, then holding the down volume button, next press and hold the Side button, until an Apple logo is displayed on the screen. After hard resetting your iPhone, Go back to Settings > General > the Software Update and try downloading and installing the Update once more. If you keep getting the iPhone stuck at verifying update problems, please refer to the following method.

iphone stuck on verifying update reset

4. Delete and Redownload the iOS Update File

If the issue persists, the resulting iPhone update stuck on verifying is problematic and not easily verified. In this instance, the most effective solution is to uninstall the Update, download the iOS latest update, and install it. To do that, you will need to follow the coming steps.

  • Start opening your Settings, and then click on "General > iPhone Storage." Locate the Update, and select "Delete Update."
  • If the Update is removed, Restart the device, then return to Settings > General > Software Update to download the Update.

iphone stuck on verifying update delete update

5. Update your iPhone via iTunes

The issue with the iPhone/iPad not being able to verify updates can be fixed with iTunes. It provides the stability of an iOS update on your computer.

  • First of all, you'll have to download the most recent version of iTunes on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using the original USB cable. Click the icon of the device.
  • Make sure to wait for iTunes to check for iOS Update and to download the Update. Then click on Update.

iphone stuck on verifying update itunes

6. Get your iPhone out of Verifying Update Issue with AceThinker

Lastly, the most effective of all the methods is to use the iOS recovery software AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is the most helpful recovery program that allows you to fix iPhone, iPad, and iPod issues in various recoverable scenarios. Whether your iPhone is stuck in update mode, DFU mode, white Apple logo, iPhone shows black/blue/frozen/disabled, etc. This iOS repair tool will assist you in solving the issue and return it to normal quickly. It will help you in accessing your data fast, regardless of whether backups are in place or not. Connect your device to the internet, and then you'll be ready to proceed with only three steps.

Key Features:

  • It will help resolves your issues without affecting or leaking your personal information.
  • The tool helps you retrieve your data without you having any backups.
  • AceThinker has two modes that you can use for repairs; they are standard mode and advanced mode.
  • It supports almost all models and versions of iPhone/iPad/iPod.

How to Repair Your iOS System

  • Open iOS System Recovery on your computer. In the interface for software, iOS System Recovery should be selected. Utilizing using a USB cable, you can get your device and your system connected. After that, click Start to allow the procedure to begin.
  • After your phone is successfully detected, you can enter the interface to verify the information on your device. To resolve common issues in such devices, go to the option labeled Free Quick Fix. This method can resolve issues such as frozen devices or crashed devices in just 60 seconds. There is no need to select a more advanced solution once this option has solved the problem.
  • If this option isn't working, look for the option that states "Fix Button" and ensure it's turned on. This will bring you to the window where you need to select the type of repair you want to make. You have two options here: Standard Mode as well as Advanced Mode.

irs interface

To Conclude

If your iPhone is still stuck at "verifying updates" after trying all options, such as the ones listed above, then contact Apple Support to escalate the issue and further assist. It could be a persistent problem with the Apple update server, such as when it's crowded or unavailable or experiencing technical difficulties. In this case, no solution for you except to be patient till the server gets functioning. Then, you can try to upgrade the iPhone software. It is also possible to complain to your carrier to get other suggestions.

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