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Best Approaches to Fix iPhone Setup Stuck on Apple ID

featured iphone stuck on setting up apple idiPhone devices are well-known for their quality and sensitivity when it comes to third parties. A device like this cannot easily be corrupted or hacked. However, the problem that most users are concerned about is when there are problems with their screens. Sometimes their monitors are stuck on specific windows, like when they are updating. One of the problems most iOS subscribers experience is when setting up their Apple ID. It usually takes a couple of minutes to set up an Apple ID. However, The problem occurs when the setting up process takes forever to finish. Luckily, we found this tool that will help you with this problem. A tool that will help you fix more than 50 iOS problems, and you can also recover lost data on your iPhone without backups. With this tool, you can fix the iPhone setting up Apple ID stuck on the screen.

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Reason Why your Phone Takes too long to Set Up Apple ID

To finish setting up your Apple ID, the minimum time is 2-3 minutes and 5 minutes maximum. But if it exceeds this time frame, then there is a problem with your device. There are a lot of situations that cause this problem. But the main reason why your iPhone takes too long to set up the Apple ID is because of the SIM Card. The problem occurs when your SIM card is not inserted correctly into your phone. If that's the case, the device will not recognize it, and your phone will be stuck on setting up your Apple ID. Another possible reason is the problem with the internet connection. If your WiFi is pretty fair and poor, then the setup will take a while to finish.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id reason

Quickest and Efficient Solutions

1. Fix your Problem in Setting Up Apple ID Taking Forever without Data Lost

Distinctive Features: Effective tool for Fixing more than 50 iPhone issues and recovering lost data without backups.
Supported Devices: You can fix different problems in devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

AceThinker Fone Keeper is an innovative and effective tool for fixing various iOS problems from three different perspectives. It can also fix various devices and systems' issues, such as repairing an iPhone stuck on charging screen and setting up your Apple ID stuck on the screen. Below are the steps to follow to fix your iPhone stuck on a specific screen without losing any critical data on your device.

Step 1 Download and Install the Tool

To download AceThinker Fone Keeper, click any of the download buttons below. The right button is for Mac OS devices, while the left one is for Windows. After downloading, install it on your device. Then, if the process is done, launch the tool.

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iphone stuck on setting up apple id step 1

Step 2 Start the Process

After that, choose the iOS System Recovery interface, click the "Screen issues" option. You will see all the problems that the tool will fix, including setting up your Apple ID stuck on your screen. Then, click the "Start" button to continue. But before the process starts, you must first connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB-type wire.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id step 2

Step 3 Verify the Phone’s Details

Confirm your phone's information and continue the process. Click the "Fix" button to move to the next step. You can also click "Free Quick Fix. "This option is suitable for fixing frozen screens in less than a minute. You don't have to continue to other steps if you choose this option. However, if it doesn't work, you may continue for better results.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id step 3

Step 4 Choose the Repair Mode and Continue

Before the process begins, the program will require you to choose whether to fix the problem in Standard or Advanced mode. Since you are just trying to fix a frozen screen, tap the “Standard Mode.” Because Standard Mode will repair your phone without deleting any data, the advanced mode will delete all the data on your iPhone. Then, click “Confirm” to start the repair.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and Finish

After loading, you need to choose and download the firmware for optimizing your iPhone. You must choose the latest version or the current one. And then, click next to start the download. After the download, the tool will automatically fix the issue. Do not unlink your device during the process. Or else the process will be nulled, and this might cause another problem with your phone.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id step 5

2. Restart or Force Reboot Your Device

If your screen is stuck in setting up Apple ID, it is safe to restart it first. Because this kind of issue usually occurs when there are too many applications running in the background or the WiFi is poor or fair. You must remove any third parties functioning or restart your device. To force reboot your iPhone, follow these quick steps:

  • Press the "Volume Increase" button, then release it quickly.
  • After that, press and quickly let go of the "Volume Down" button.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button and wait for the Apple Icon to pop up.

iphone stuck on setting up apple id solution 2

Frequently Asked Questions

a. How long does it take to set up Apple ID?

Usually, it only takes a few minutes, two-to-three minutes minimally. However, if your device is setting up Apple ID taking forever, there is a problem with the device's system. You need AceThinker Fone Keeper to help you resolve that. You can refer to the steps given above to use this tool without worrying that your data will be deleted.

b. What to do if Setting up Apple ID Taking Forever?

You can use different system recovery tools available on the internet, just like AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool allows you to fix more than 50 iOS devices problems, including setting up your Apple ID that takes too long to finish.

c. Why is it taking so long to finish setting up my Apple ID?

The main reason for this is probably because of the network's availability. Your internet connection might be fair or poor. That's why it is taking too long to set up your ID. Or, it might be a problem with Apple itself. Sometimes the services are slow because of simultaneous progress.


To conclude everything that was stated so far, there are many problems that iOS users are experiencing. Which can be so stressful to fix, such as an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, stuck in setting up Apple ID, and many more. Thankfully, AceThinker Fone Keeper is here. It is an innovative and flexible tool that will help you to fix a variety of iPhone problems. If you follow the steps given above, you won't need a professional one to fix your iPhone. You can fix it without applying too much effort. And you can repair any iOS device's problem in the comfort of your home.

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Last updated on November 19, 2021

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