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Things You Must Do When Your iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen

iphone stuck on charging screenDid you know that the first generation of the iPhone was born in the year 2007? iPhones are pretty both outside and inside appearance. But if it keeps you bringing troubles, is that still beautiful? One of the problems you might encounter if you are an iOS user is that iPhone stuck on the charging screen is not unusual for iOS users. Many of them have reported their iPhone keeps on stocking at red battery screen. You might want to know why you experience the iPhone stuck on charging screen problem and the ways to fix it with multiple reliable ways you can follow.

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Reasons Why your iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen

Before fixing the main problem or issue, you should know first why your iPhone is stuck on the charging screen, and then, later on, we’re going to discuss the solutions that you can follow to fix it.

iphone stuck on charging why

  • Your iPhone might not be adequately charged, or it is possible that it is not charged enough that causes your iPhone to get stuck on the charging screen.
  • Another reason could be an issue like your iPhone’s battery is in bad performance and condition. There are times that iPhone is complicated but there are always ways to fix it.
  • It is also possible that you keep on stuck on the battery screen because of a malware attack. This problem causes a lot of problems with any iOS device that is why this problem is common with iOS users.
  • iOS is running but too old to cater to the case. iPhone is growing but also getting old sometimes you have to be smart when buying any phone especially phones are essentials these days.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen?

1. Check iPhone and Charger

You have to make sure that you are using the correct charger for your iPhone. Check both the phone and charger. If there are dents, defects, and damages, you might need to buy a new charger for your iPhone. Research for the suited charger or go to the nearest Apple center to purchase an original charger.

iphone stuck on charging buy charger

2. Replace Battery

Replacing your old battery phone could also help to fix iPhone stuck on a low battery screen. You can start by switching off your phone. Use screws to remove to screen. You have to be careful since the iPhone screen is sensitive. You can use a suction cup to make the iPhone open.

iphone stuck on charging replace battery

3. Completely Drain Battery

Sometimes an iPhone needs to be checked by standardizing the lithium-ion battery. This can also make your battery have a long-lasting life. Allowing your battery to be drained and recharged helps maintain the flow of ions moving in the battery. Did you know? That Apple also recommends their users perform discharging and recharging their iPhone’s battery once in a while.

iphone stuck on charging completely drain battery

4. Force Restart

Another simple way to fix an iPhone stuck on red battery screen and when your iPhone is stuck in DFU mode you can force restart your iPhone. A force restart will automatically reset your iPhone’s power cycle; you may give it a try because force restarting fixes several battery-related issues with iOS devices. You can follow the image below to force restart your device.

iphone stuck on charging force restart phone

5. Heat Battery Before Plugg-in

The heating battery method is also the usual way to fix when an iPhone is stuck on a low battery screen. You can use a hairdryer to make the battery heat; you have to flip the phone to make the back of the phone heat. Because it is more advisable to heat the back face of the phone instead of the front, since it may affect the screen. That is why it is more recommended to heat the back part.

iphone stuck on charging heat phone

6. Contact Apple Support and Service

Supposed that all of the ways mentioned above to fix your iPhone stuck on charging screen did not work on your device, you should try to reach out to Apple customer support and ask them why my iPhone is stuck on the charging screen? They can surely help you with it. They will give you the reasons and ways to fix your iPhone in a more functional and reliable way.

Use iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone Issue

AceThinker has an iOS Recovery tool that you can use not just to fix an iPhone stuck on a red battery screen. Still, there is more to explore with this tool specially designed for iOS recoveries, like when an iPhone keeps on turning off and many more. You can also choose your language preference between English, Japanese, Deutsch, French, and Portuguese. You can visit the official product page of AceThinker iOS System Recovery below.

Try it for Free.

  1. Install AceThinker iOS system recovery you may install the tool with the download button above. Follow the installation process to completely utilize the tool properly.
  2. fone keeper main interface

  3. After installing it open it and click the "iOS System Recovery" that helps you to fix specific problems on your iOS devices. To start the fixes tick the "Start" button to begin the process.
  4. ios system recovery main interface

  5. Choose the repair mode you want to do. There are options Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Click the Standard mode to make sure your data are safe.
  6. ios system recovery choose the mode

  7. Download the Firmware and then continue. After it's done the tool will automatically fix your iPhone.
  8. ios system recovery download firmware

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Last updated on October 26, 2021

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