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Recommended Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Zoom Mode

iphone stuck in zoom modeiPhone, one of the leading flagship smartphones up to date, this tool is full-packed with features and functions available for its end-users. Almost any technological function this gadget can do. You can stream, record, save, and communicate with this tool. Users can also capture photos, edit videos, play games, and more. Yet, one of its unique features that may be useful for some users is its Zoom in effect. This function enables you to enlarge anything you can see on your screen. Whether you read text messages, look for a specific image, or scan some news article, this function is your haven. This function is helpful for iPhone users who have eyesight problems and sight-related issues. However, due to some glitches and system errors, sometimes the iPhone stuck in zoomed in mode. We wouldn't be able to use the full functionality of our iPhones if it was in zoom mode. Therefore, it is necessary to clear this error immediately. Luckily, we have collected different ways to resolve this issue; stay tuned and read the following solution carefully.

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Why Does my iPhone Stuck on Zoom

You probably know that an iPhone stuck on zoom mode is not an ordinary thing on your iPhone device. This error may happen for various reasons, and listed below are the following possible ones.

  • One of the apparent reasons your iPhone is stuck in zoom mode is that the Zoom feature is enabled on your device. Enabling it will allow your screen to zoom even with little touch or tap on the screen.
  • Your iPhone has a minor glitch when one of the core files is altered.
  • Issues with system software. This factor may result in errors such as being stuck on zoom mode. This factor is a significant issue for your device as you need to fix it immediately to prevent future problems.

reasons why iphone stuck on zoom

Use the Touch-Gesture Feature to Exit Zoom Mode

The initial solution to fix iPhone stuck on zoom mode is utilizing the Touch-gesture feature. In most cases, this feature can disable the zoom mode by tapping your iPhone with three fingers or any touch features. This method or guide can only be done if the touch-screen gesture is on. Yet, if the hand-gesture feature is disabled and you can't zoom out your iPhone, here is the proper way to do it if you don't have this feature to remove the stuck zoom error. You can easily enable it on your device.

  • On your Settings, App makes way to your Accessibility function.
  • Then, go to the Zoom function to launch different features. Select the Zoom controller and hit its button to access its features from the list.
  • Lastly, you can select the Triple-Tap to enable the function under control actions. Try to triple-tap your iPhone screen; this should work to zoom out your device's screen.

zoom out iphone using touch gesture

Exit or Disable Zoom Mode

Another way and solution to fix an iPhone stuck in magnify mode is to check if the zoom mode is enabled. Zoom is favorable to us if we need to see a tiny bit of information presented on our iPhone screen. Turning it on will enable us to see this tiny information, yet it can be troublesome sometimes if it gets stuck and unable to go back to the proper proportion. Therefore, the walkthrough presented below can help you to resolve and fix the issue.

  • The first step is to go to your Settings app to access its menu. Browse the list of these functions and make your way to the General settings.
  • From there, select the Accessibility options. Doing that will enable you to access several accessibility options. Then tap on the Zoom functions to make way on its button.
  • Lastly, you can see if the zoom feature is on when its button is on color green. Toggle its button to disable the mode. Then, turn back to your home screen and see if the zoom mode is already fixed.

disable zoom mode on iphone

Reboot your Device

If the above method or solution does not work, try to reboot your iPhone. Any glitches uninstalled packaged, or system issues can fix this function. Rebooting allows users to reset and restart the temporary settings and files on their devices. Therefore, having the iPhone stuck on zoom mode error can be fixed with this function.

  • From your iPhone device, press and hold down the Volume Down or the Volume Up button. Simultaneously, press and hold the Side/Power at the same time.
  • Then, a notification will appear on your screen. Toggle the slider to turn off and reboot your iPhone.
  • Lastly, turn on your device by pressing and holding the Side/Power button for up to five seconds. The iPhone will be on by then; check your screen if it is still in zoom mode.

Utilize iTunes to Fix the Issue

An iPhone stuck in zoom mode may be hard to fix by simply rebooting or disabling its function. If that's the case, you need to use iTunes. This software program acts as a media player, library, and mobile device management function. It also has a function to disable any modes on your iPhone. These include zoom, invert colors, closed captions, and more features. To know the process, see the following guides below.

  • The first walkthrough is to connect your iPhone to Mac or PC using your lightning cable. Then, open iTunes to access its functionalities.
  • Next, locate your iPhone on its system and keep in mind that you should be on the Summary tab. Then, hit Configure Accessibility. This will provide you with different options, which include the zoom function.
  • Lastly, unselect the Zoom function and click OK. Afterward, hit the Sync features to apply the changes made on the iPhone. Once accomplished, go back to your iPhone, and the Zoom mode should now be fixed.

fix iphone stuck on zoom mode by using itunes

Reset All Settings

If none of the methods above work on your device, this last solution will give you a better way to fix the error. This process is done by Resetting All the Settings on your iPhone. This will eradicate all the changes you input into your device and allow the iPhone to factory reset. This means your device will be reset as if it was freshly out of the box. This also can eradicate significant errors such as iPhone being stuck on update requests, screen glitch, and more. However, be mindful that you need to backup your data and information before resetting your iPhone. See the below walkthrough to fix the iPhone stuck in magnify mode.

  • Access your Settings app to launch different function settings presented for your device from your home screen.
  • Then, make your way to the General tab to open different functionalities, scroll down and tick Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Lastly, tap Erase All Content and Settings to eradicate all the modifications you have done on your device. Then, wait until your device reboots, log in to your iCloud account to restore all the data that has been lost.

reset all content and settings to fix iphone stuck in zoom

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