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How-to-Tips: iPhone Stuck on Headphones Mode Error Fixed

feature iPhone stuck in headphone modeMusic has been a component of our everyday life, and we enjoy it in different ways. And as the advent of technology arises, music becomes more attainable, as it can be accessible even on your mobile phones. If you possess an iPhone, you've most likely used it to listen to music through headphones on your way home from your job or while working out on the treadmill at the gym. But sometimes, when you remove the headphones, your device can get confused and remain to function as if the headphones are plugged in even when they're not. This situation can become really frustrating because as your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, your iPhone can't play sounds through your mobile's speaker. There are various reasons why this might be happening, nonetheless are just as many possible solutions for the issue. Here are some methods you should try to resolve if the iPhone says headphones are plugged in.

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Why is my iPhone is Stuck in Headphone Mode?

A variety of factors could cause this phenomenon. Most of the time, it arises due to a hardware-related problem, while there could be a software-related issue as well. iPhone tends to get stuck in headphone mode for some reason, which might include:

  • Moist or dust built-up on the device headphone jack port. This automatically turns on headphone mode and compromises with the ideal function of the device.
  • A software update caused by an application or iOS update can also be one of the reasons why the iPhone stuck in headphones mode.
  • Sudden disconnection of headphones while the phone is busy.
  • Faulty headphones could have damaged the headphone port.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode part1

These are just a few possible causes, but in fact, they can just randomly happen for no apparent reason. Yet, as we have mentioned, you can fix it using the solutions below.

Ways on How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Headphones

Way 1: Plug and Unplug your Headphones

An essential solution you should try to turn off headphone mode iPhone is to plug in, then unplugged a pair of headphones. Devices, especially mobile phones, know when a headphone is connected via circuit points in the 3.55mm port when they contact the ones in the jack. As this happens, your device will run its default algorithms to instruct its software to relay audio to the headphones. It could be possible that your iPhone didn't recognize when you last unplugged your headphones and thinks they're still connected. Hopefully, this quick solution can recognize if the headphones are plugged in or not.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode plug unplug

Way 2: Restart your device

As with several technologies, a restart of your device can help you with many issues like iPhone stuck in headphones mode, iPhone stuck in boot loop, and more your device might have. Simply hold the Power (wake/sleep) button on your iPhone until you get the power option. Slide it to turn off your device. And, wait for a few moments and start or boot your iPhone again. It will enable the software to reboot and get a fresh start which hopefully allows it to correctly recognize if there's a headphone connected to it.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode restart

Way 3: Connect to Different Audio Source

Connecting the iPhone to another audio source or changing its audio output is another option to reset the iPhone's algorithm back to its stable state without the headphone mode issue. An example of this is connecting via Bluetooth speakers or HomePods. To do this, go to "Settings" on your iPhone, then tap on the "Bluetooth" menu. After that, turn on the toggle button and wait until the Bluetooth speaker appears. Then click on the name of your target device, and it will automatically connect to the Bluetooth speaker. Once done, play a song, and while the song is being played, turn off the Bluetooth of your iPhone. Lastly, check if the iPhone says headphones are plugged in is fix.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode connect via bluetooth

Way 4: Update iOS version

It's possible that your iOS version is also having issues. It may create significant problems with your device if it is not a stable version. As a result, updating it is strongly advised. It will not only resolve your iPhone that is stuck on headphones, but it will also fix any other issues you may be having with your device. Go to Settings, then tap on the "General" options and hit the "Software Update" option. From here, tap on the "Install Now" button to save the new iOS update on your device. Wait until the update finishes and see if your iPhone stuck on headphones mode.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode update ios

Way 5: Reset All Settings

If none of those mentioned above methods appear to work, you might go the extra mile and reset all settings on your smartphone. Needless to say, it will delete all of your phone's current settings. However, it is likely to resolve the iPhone stuck in headphone mode issue as well. Open your iPhone, then proceed to your "Settings" and click on "General." In the "General" settings, tap on the "Reset" button, then select "Reset All Settings." From here, enter your passcode, then all your iPhone's recent settings will be reset, and it will restart in the normal mode.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode reset settings

Best Way to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Supported Operating System: Windows and Mac
Distinctive Feature: This tool can downgrade or upgrade any iOS device to its definitive version.

If you have tried all the ways mentioned above and you are still stuck on "my iPhone is stuck in headphone mode." Worry no more as AceThinker Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery got your back since it not only allows you to restore data but also repairs any system malfunctions. This software can fix different iOS system issues such as iPhone in headphone mode, iPhone disabled, iPhone stuck on loading screen, and more. Whatever the situation is with your iPhone, this program allows you to recover your iOS system easily and swiftly. Furthermore, it supports iOS devices and iOS versions like iPhone 12, 11, iOS 14, and earlier. Another good thing about this iOS data recovery tool is users can choose which process/mode they can use to recover their iOS system or data. It comes with two different modes, which are standard and advanced modes. The standard mode can ensure your data won't be deleted, and the latter one will delete all your data on your device. Below are steps you can follow to fix this issue.

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  • First, download the AceThinker Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery, hit the compatible version for your computer. After that, run the setup wizard and follow all the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer. The tool will launch automatically once the installation process is done.
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC using your USB cable and launch the tool. Once the tool recognizes your device, choose the "iOS System Recovery" on the interface of the tool. Then, click the "Start" button.
  • From here, select the repair mode you want to utilize, tap on the "Standard Mode" to retain your data on your device. At the same time, you can tap on the "Advanced mode" if you want to delete all your data on your current iOS device.
  • Once you choose your recovery mode, AceThinker Fone Keeper - iOS Data Recovery will automatically search the compatible firmware for your iPhone. After the results are confirmed, choose the best firmware that matches your iPhone, then download it. Lastly, when the downloading process is done, hit the "Repair iOS system" button to fix the issue of your iPhone.

ios system recovery interface

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