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Ways to Solve How to Fix iPhone Silent Button Not Working

feature iphone silent switch not workingCity noises? Hustling and bustling of vehicles and tires? We always hear the uproar of the metropolis. In the internet world, social media news and notifications may cause turmoil in our mental health. Therefore, we take a break from social gatherings and media noises. As humans, we constantly search for peace and comfort. We tend to ask for moments of silence and serendipity to think and assess ourselves. Although we can do this in the four corners of our room, mobile phones will always distract us from achieving an inner peace of meditation. Luckily, most mobile devices have a silent mode which will restrict us from getting a notification sound whenever we want to. In addition, this mode will help us not disturb at every business conference, meditate while watching in a movie theater, and more. One of the devices that offers a better mute function is the iPhone. This flagship device offers an external button to silence any notification sound in its system quickly. Yet, this advanced and favorable functionality also has drawbacks and fallacies. Many complaints were posted on Apple Support Community that their iPhone mute button not working correctly. However, this issue is easy to fix and amend. We have collected the possible ways to do it; read them carefully.

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Reasons Why iPhone Silent Button is Not Working

The mute button on your iPhone device is on the left side. This function is favorable for putting ringing notifications into mute or silent mode. However, there are some reports that this function is not working correctly. Before we can go through every solution to the iPhone silent switch not working, we need to tackle why it won't work. Below are the possible causes why this error lingers on your device.

  • The first apparent reason is the mute button is broken.
  • System glitches and bugs.
  • Malware intrusion affects different functions, including silent mode.
  • Error caused by uninstalled update package or iOS update.

why iphone silent switch not working

Turn On Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is an accessibility function or feature that allows users to utilize iPhone features and take advantage of its functions. This feature is favorable for users who have motor skills impairments. For instance, with Assistive Touch-enabled, users can perform small actions, including pinching the screen to access the zoom function or quickly muting their device. So, when the silent button on iPhone broken, this function is one of the best ways to mute your device. When enabled, it provides hassle-free access to manage and mute your iPhone. This floating function is in a gray color that you can see on every facade of your iPhone screen. Whether browsing social media or watching online videos, this function is instantly available.

  • On your mobile screen, browse and locate your Settings app from the list of your applications. Touch its icon to open different menus dedicated to your device. From the list of menus, access the General setting.
  • After that, make way on the Accessibility function, click on the Assistive Touch, and then enable it by togging its button until it turns on green color. Then, tap on assistive menus and click on the Device option. There will be a Mute option presented on the Assistive Touch. Hit the mute button to silence your device.

iphone silent switch not working use assistive touch

Turn Down Volume or Airplane Mode

Suppose your iPhone silent button stuck and not working; the following method is favorable for you. When your device does not have any software glitch or system bug, but your mute button is not working, the problem may be due to hardware issues. This means whenever you try to toggle the mute button on your device, it won’t go silent. This error is possible because the button may be broken or detached from the motherboard of your mobile device. Therefore, the only way to mute your device is by using the Airplane mode or the Volume down button. The Volume down button is the quickest function to mute your device; press the Volume down button on the left side of your mobile phone. Hold it until the sound goes to zero level. Additionally, Airplane mode can mute your device too. This mode will prevent you from receiving any notifications such as SMS and Call notifications. To enable this function, swipe down your iPhone, and look for the Airplane icon on the set of menus. Tap the icon to enable its function.

resolve issue by volume down and airplane mode

Enable or Turn On Text To None

Receiving and being bombarded with many emails, phone calls, and text messages on your vacation is not pleasant. More so, if your iPhone’s silent mode switch not working. It will hinder you from enjoying the seashore view while sipping on your coconut juice. Fortunately, we have an alternative solution to mute your device. This method enables the text to none or tone to none function. iPhone users can silence all incoming notifications such as calls, texts, and emails with this option. To know how to enable this function on your device, follow the guide below.

  • On your iPhone device, look over the Settings app from the list of applications on your mobile phone. Tap its icon to launch different settings and menus.
  • Then, go to the Sounds & Haptics to overwrite your device’s silent mode. Access the Text Tone menu and open its dropdown menu. There, you can see different notification sounds. Select the None option to mute every notification you receive on your device.

enable text tone to none

Fix iPhone Silent Button Not Working on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: This computer program consists of two modes to resolve the silent button on iPhone broken. These include Standard mode and Advanced mode.
Supported iPhone Models: It can repair system glitches and bugs of iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and other earlier models.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a computer software that provides repair functions for any related iOS issues. It can repair numerous software problems. These errors include DFU mode, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, the battery won't charge, and other minor system glitches. It consists of two modes to repair iOS-related issues. The first mode is the Standard mode, where users can repair minor glitches without the fear of losing their iPhone data. Conversely, the Advanced mode can fix more severe errors, including system glitches due to virus infestation and malware intrusion. This function will remove all the data on your iPhone device and the virus and malware. However, it is recommended to backup your iPhone files before doing this method due to this process. To fix the iPhone silent button broken, read the detailed guide below.

Key Features:

  • It has a feature where users can backup their iPhone devices.
  • It allows users to restore lost iPhone data after using Advanced mode.
  • This tool only requires 1GB of RAM; thus, it can work on low-end PCs.

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Step 1 Install System Recovery Tool

The initial guide to fixing the iPhone silent switch not working is getting the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. You can acquire its installation file by ticking the download button above. Run the file and finish the pop-up prompts to install the application thoroughly.

isr interface

Step 2 Connect Your Device

Next, link your device to the computer program with the help of a lightning cable. Allow the application to scan your device and analyze its data. Once connected, a prompt will appear that will notify you that the app and your iPhone are connected. Tick the Fix button to access its two modes quickly.

isr connect your device

Step 3 Select Mode To Fix Silent Mode Switch Not Working

Afterward, choose your preferred mode for fixing the mute button of your device. You can select between Standards and Advanced mode, tick the mode you want and hit the confirm button. This will give you access to the available firmware for your device.

isr choose the two mode

Step 4 Fix iPhone Silent Switch Not Working

Then, proceed with fixing your mute button by downloading any firmware available for your iPhone. Import it and fix the issue by ticking the Next button. You will be prompted to the last page of the process.

isr download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Process

The final step of fixing the iPhone mute button not working is by waiting for the firmware to fix the issue. There will be a list of errors on the new page that the firmware has already fixed. Once the indicator reaches 100%, the process is already fixed.

isr finalize the process

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