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Fix your iPhone Screen Glitch: Causes and Best Solutions

feature iphone screen glitchIf you are frequently experiencing glitches on your iPhone or any device, you must fix this as soon as possible. Since it might cause a severe problem, you cannot just ignore it; otherwise, the device will completely shut down for life. If you want to prevent further damages to your glitching screen device, you are in the right place. This content is for those who are experiencing this kind of opportunity. It is for those people who keep asking, "my iPhone screen is glitching; what will I do?". We have summarized the solutions for you to fix this problem with ease and in the comfort of your home. You can do it by yourself by following the methods below.

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Possible Causes of iPhone Screen Glitching

Reason 1. Frequent Falls

If your iPhone is constantly falling and breaks for times, it might be the reason for glitches on your screen. If this happens, you don't have another option but to repair the LCD of your iPhone. Or you can buy a new one.

Reason 2. Problematic Applications

It is hard to believe this because the iPhone is so secure and sensitive when installing third-party applications. However, some complex applications are made through our phones. And some of them cause different problems, just like glitching.

Reason 3. System Failure

Another thing is when your iPhone has a problem with its system. There are many possible sources of failure in the system. It might be excessive use of phone storage, using while charging, etc.

Reason 4. Damaged Hardware

In addition to that, iPhone glitching might be caused by a hardware issue. For instance, a broken battery can affect the phone's performance and affect the screen.

Methods to Fix your iPhone Screen Glitch

Method 1. Restart or Shutdown your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is the safest option to do if a problem like glitching occurs on your device. If and only if the iPhone screen is still touching. If it's not then, you cannot power off your iPhone. To shut down your phone manually;

  • Go to the Setting app and then to "General."
  • Scroll down and click the "Shutdown."
  • Then slide the button to power off.

iphone screen glitch method 1

Method 2. Hard Reset Your iPhone

If the first method didn't work, a hard reset is another safe route to go when experiencing glitches on your iPhone. To reset your iPhone, follow the steps below depending on the model and version of it. But before resetting your device, make sure that you have backed up your data on another device.

iPhone 8 and Newer Versions

  • Promptly press the Volume up button, then release it.
  • Then, Quickly release after pressing the Volume down button.
  • And after that, long-press the Side button. Wait until the Apple logo appears.

iphone screen glitch method 2 model 1

iPhone 7 and 7 plus

Press the Volume down button and On/Off button simultaneously. And wait for the logo of Apple to appear.

iphone screen glitch method 2 model 2

iPhone 6 and Earlier Versions

Long-press the Home and Power buttons at once and wait for the Apple logo to pop up.

iphone screen glitch method 2 model 3

Method 3. Close or Remove the Problematic Application

Suppose you have downloaded an unfamiliar app, and your screen started glitching. Remove it or uninstall it because it might result in a more profound problem if ignored. Uninstall the application by simply long-pressing it on the Home page. And wait for the Remove option to appear.

iphone screen glitch method 3

Method 4. Repair iPhone Screen Glitch using AceThinker Fone Keeper

Acethinker iOS System Recovery is a professional tool to fix more than 50 iPhone system and screen problems. It fixes different issues like screen glitching, iphone stuck on charging screen, and many more. It does not require a complex understanding and is user-friendly. Even if you don't have prior knowledge of the application, you can quickly fix your problems with screen glitches. It is user-friendly because the steps are adequately indicated. It even has two distinctive modes to fix glitches (Standard and Advanced Mode). Download and install Fone Keeper on your computer, either Windows or Mac OS and see its exclusive feature. And follow the steps given below.

Distinctive Feature: It allows users to fix their problem with iPhone screen glitch without losing any essential data.
Supported Devices: You can fix different problems on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod.

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Step 1 Launch and Connect your Device on the Tool

After you have installed the AceThinker Fone Keeper, you may commence the process. However, to do that, you must first connect your iPhone to the computer. It would help if you used a USB-type wire to link it. Then, on the main interface of the Fone Keeper, click the "iOS System Recovery" menu. And from there, click the "Start" button to begin.

iphone screen glitch step 1

Step 2 Confirm your Device's Detail or Quick Fix

Before you can carry on to the next step, you must first confirm your phone's information. Or, if you want a quick solution, click the "Free Quick Fix" button. This option will fix your iPhone's problems like glitches, frozen screens, and many more in a minute. Even so, the result is not guaranteed. It is suggested to continue to the next step for the ideal outcome. Click the "Fix" button to move on.

iphone screen glitch step 2

Step 3 Choose the Mode of Fix iPhone Screen Glitch

Following that, in the next phase. You have to choose the mode of repair. There are two options that you can use;
Standard Mode - This method will fix your glitching screen without deleting any data on your device.
Advanced Mode - On the other hand, this fixing method will delete all your data. However, the result is guaranteed if you use this procedure. If you want to choose this mode, make sure that you have already backed up your data on another device or computer to be safe.
Click "Confirm" to continue.

iphone screen glitch step 3

Step 4 Download Firmware and Finish the Fixing iPhone Screen Glitch

Lastly, to finish the process, you must download firmware. Choose the latest one and click the "Next" button to continue. The downloading will start after you have ticked the button. After 4-5 minutes, the process will commence automatically after the downloaded firmware is finished. And for 10-15 minutes, the iPhone will no longer be glitching.

iphone screen glitch step 4

Important Reminder: Do not disconnect your device while the repair is happening. Otherwise, the iPhone will be stuck in recovery mode and might cause another problem to fix. Have patience, and everything will fall under your expectations.

iphone screen glitch result

Method 5. Buy a New iPhone or Get it Warrantied

If ever the screen is not entirely functioning because of the glitch. The problem then is in the hardware, and You cannot do anything about it. It would be best if you changed it to a new one. Or, get it warrantied by going to the nearest Apple store in your place. Present them the official receipt and warranty to confirm.

iphone screen glitching method 5

Tips to Prevent this Circumstance

Tip #1. Never Remove your Phone on its Case and the Tempered Glass

Suppose that you are a little bit clumsy, and your iPhone keeps on falling. Please do not remove the hard case on it or remove the tempered glass. These pieces of equipment are so helpful in this kind of situation. They reduce the impact when your phone accidentally falls. So that the damage to the hardware might also reduce, and we can prevent glitches on your iPhone.

Tip #2. Do not Install Unnecessary Applications

Given that many applications suddenly pops-up anywhere, and you fell for their clickbait. Double-check their credibility and legitimacy because other applications bring unnecessary things to our devices, especially iPhones. Some applications cause the iPhone to run slow, stuck on a particular screen, and many more. Always be mindful of the applications you are downloading on your device, particularly on iOS devices.

Tip #3. Do not smash your iPhone

We can all relate to this situation; when your iPhone is running slow or lagging, it has a slower service, etc. We always smash it out of frustration. Hold it together, do not lose composure, or you might lose your iPhone. There is a way on how you can fix an iPhone running slow.

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