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iPhone Brightness Automatically Goes Down? Solve it Here!

iphone screen dimWhen the summer comes around, and the sun's heat encourages you to go outside, your device is undoubtedly at your side. You can use your mobile phone to take a selfie, upload some pictures to your social media accounts, and browse your news feeds. However, have you experienced your iPhone brightness too low even though you are using it directly in the sun? Do you know why this keeps happening? Well, there are many reasons behind it, but what makes your device adjust to the warmth of solar? Your iPhone device is designed with automatic adjustment of the color and brightness of your screen. Although you can manually adjust it, automatic adjustment is recommended when you try to go outside and browse on your smartphone. The iOS device utilizes an ambient light sensor that allows your device to adjust the brightness level based on light conditions around you. On the other flip of the coin, your device will dim if you are in darker locations or low-light areas. That said, being unable to adjust your device's brightness indicates some errors. To know how to fix it, learn the solutions presented below.

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Why iPhone Screen Keeps Dimming?

Most of the time, your device keeps on dimming due to auto-brightness. This feature is an essential function that automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on the conditions of the light around you. Yet, if the function is dimming even though you are in a dark area, it is not working correctly. Luckily, we have listed the possible causes for this error on your device.

  • Your device is overheating
  • System glitches
  • Accidentally enabling functions that can dim your screen lights.
  • Virus intrusion and malware infestation
  • Hardware issue like water damage
  • Outdated iPhone system

reasons why iphone screen dim

Does Your iPhone is Overheating?

There are several scenarios why your devices lead to overheating. One of the most prominent causes is leaving it in direct sunlight or warm spaces. Like your skin, extensive exposure to the sun can make your device malfunction. To prevent this scenario from happening, moving away your device in direct heat is recommended. This practice will prevent your device from overheating, which is the leading cause of your iPhone screen dimming.

fix overheating to prevent iphone screen dim

Additionally, the way you use your device can also lead to overheating. If you are that user who is always using their iPhone all day long, your phone battery will act up and cause your device to overheat. Also, using your device while charging can overheat your device, which will be recognized by your system and dim your iPhone light. What you can do to fix iPhone brightness low takes a specific time where you stop using your device to replenish its battery and internal software.

Checked If Night Mode

Pop culture depictions of life are frequently divided into two groups: light and dark. So are mobile modes and themes, enabling us to choose between insidious darkness or blinding glare. Fortunately, iPhone devices have straightforward and better access to switch between the light and dark modes. The Night mode or Dark mode is a unique feature for our mobile devices that display dark surfaces on our system’s UI. This function reduces the light emitted by our device’s screen while retaining the minimum color contrast required for readability. It also saves energy to maximize battery percentage. However, dark themes or modes are not always pleasing and are recommended. In the scenario of bright light around you, dark mode prevents you from accessing your iPhone device. Since the screen is too dim, you might find it too hard to adjust when you are using your device. To fix the iPhone brightness automatically goes down, follow the guide below.

  • To begin the process of fixing your iPhone display screen, unlock your device and make way to the Settings app. Hit on this icon to launch its menus. Scroll down and pick the Display & Brightness option.
  • Next, swipe up to locate the Night Shift mode. Hit its menu to toggle off the Schedule option. By doing that, the Night Shift option will turn off.

disable night mode to prevent iphone screen dim

Update iOS System

Malware and system bugs are random errors that appear on your operating system. These are short-lived faults in your device system that can, more often not, usually be removed once you have restarted your iPhone device. These flaws in the system produce an incorrect result or behave in an unintended process. With that, errors on your device will appear, including the iPhone screen too dark, Apple Music skipping songs, and others. Luckily, software developers constantly update our device’s OS to fix this issue. So, if you are a user who does not always check iOS updates and your device keeps dimming, you need to acquire the new iOS version. Follow the guide below to check how to stop iPhone from dimming using the software updates.

  • The initial guide is by unlocking your device and accessing your Settings app. Tap on its icon to launch the menus and setups of your device. Under your Apple ID, you will see the Software Update option.
  • Tap on Software Update to make way on the landing page where you can get the iOS update. You will see the latest version presented on your screen if the update is available. Tick the install button to download and acquire the newest iOS version.

update ios to prevent iphone screen dim

Contact Apple Support

Water damage is mostly the kiss of death for flagship devices, including the iPhone. When water seeps into your device's hardware, its components will corrode and eventually malfunction. The most major malfunction we experience when water seeps on your device is in the display. Water can make your device's screen look dim or dark, making it nearly impossible to circumnavigate its processes. The most practical solution you can do is to seek professional help. Apple has product service and repair centers all across the globe. This personnel will help you to repair any hardware malfunction that causes your device to operate sporadically. You can access the Apple website to look for the support center or the nearest center where you can seek help to fix your device. On its website, you can also check the repair process status, so you will be given a heads up on what status your device is as of the moment.

contact apple to fix iphone screen dim

iPhone Brightness Dims? Fix it Here!

Distinctive Feature: This utility is designed with Quick fix option to resolve minor issues.
Advantage From Basic Troubleshoot: Although basic troubleshooting can sometimes resolve minor glitches that result in system failure, they have a lower recovery rate. That is why this tool uses advanced algorithms to fix iOS issues with a higher recovery ratio compared to simple troubleshooting.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a reliable iOS utility that provides better troubleshooting or resolution. It can fix numerous iOS problems, including iPhone stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, iPhone stuck in Apple logo, and other 50+ iOS-related issues. It provides two delicate modes to fix and restore your device's system. These modes are the Advanced and Standard modes. These two modes provide the same output or outcome, yet they have different ways to recover iPhone devices. When iPhone brightness dims, this tool can use Standard mode to recover system issues with downloadable firmware. However, if the problem is caused by malicious software that basic troubleshooting can detect, Advanced mode is a recommended function. But, a friendly reminder that this feature will remove the data you have on your device. It is necessary to backup your iPhone files first before using this tool, and you can check the written ways how to backup your files.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download iOS System Recovery

First, download AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer to fix the iPhone screen dim. Please tick on the download button presented above to acquire its installer. Run the file and follow the wizards to install the app entirely. You can launch the tool to navigate its process for better engagement when you use it.

isr interface

Step 2 Connect and Confirms Device’s Information

The following guide is to connect your iPhone device to the application with the aid of your lightning cable. Once your iPhone’s information is presented on the tool, assess the information to double-check if it is your device. Hit the Fix button to continue to the next page.

isr connect iphone

Step 3 Select Your Preferred Mode

After you hit the Fix button, you will land on the next page, where you can select the recovery mode you need to use. Select between the Standard mode and Advanced mode. Tick their indicator to select between the two functions. Hit the Confirm button to go through the next step.

isr select mode

Step 4 Download Firmware To Stop iPhone From Dimming

The final step is downloading the firmware suitable to fix the iPhone screen that keeps dimming. Select the latest firmware and hit the download button to acquire the files. Hit the Next button to install the firmware on your device thoroughly. Wait until the indicator reaches 100%; your device is already fixed.

isr download firmware

Tips: Best Display Brightness For Your Eyes

The current technological advancements oriented the world to give us no chance to avoid screens. Whether it is for play or work, we are always on our phones or computers. Yes, computers and mobile devices simplify work and improve our productivity in many ways. However, their screen display also comes with drawbacks. Expending a lot of time in front of monitors and smartphones has consequences on our well-being. Aside from fatigue and strain, the display brightness can cause chronic eye problems. To avoid such problems, we need to calibrate our screen brightness settings depending on our environmental conditions. Unfortunately, the question of how much brightness we should use in our mobile devices does not have a definitive answer. Yet, we have collected some tips below to reduce your exposure to the screen display. Read them below.

  • The trend of using your mobile device is common among teenagers. This behavior will reduce social engagement. You will become more lonely and depressed when using your device for long hours daily. Turn off your device and explore the outside world.
  • Five hours or more will increase your chance of developing neck, back, and shoulder pains.
  • The best brightness to your device is around 40-60% light emitted on your screen. Yet, this may vary in some scenarios, including if you are using your device in dark places or have less light.

extra tips on display screen brightness

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