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How to Fix your iPhone Internet Slow: Reasons and Solutions

feature iphone running slowHave you ever been frustrated because of the slow internet on your device? When you are watching something, your device suddenly stops on the exciting part because of slow service? You are not alone who is experiencing this kind of circumstance. Many people are complaining about this issue, especially iOS users. iPhone devices are known for their immense storage capacity. They do not quickly get lagged and run slow. However, there are a lot of conditions where the phone is lagging and running slow. Fortunately, we have found and gathered the best solutions you can see on the internet to fix this problem. Follow the guidelines below to fix it. So you can get back to your gratifying and joyful moment without any interruptions on your iPhone running slow.

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Reasons Why your iPhone Really Slow

Reasons 1. Outdated Software

Many people forget to update their software to the latest version. That’s why most of the time, their devices are running slow. Never ignore the updates that Apple requires you to do because it might cause a problem just like this one. Always get it updated so you can prevent this kind of complication.

Reason 2. Full Storage

I know it is hard to overuse iPhone’s storage because they have substantial built-in memory space. However, it is one of the causes why many devices are running so slow when they have whole storage. You can get rid of any unnecessary files and clean your storage.

Reason 3. Too Many Application Running

Another cause why your iPhone is so slow is too much application running in the background. Get rid of those unimportant apps to make your device fast.

Methods To Fix your Device Running Slow

Method 1. Shutdown your iPhone

It may sound so cliche, but shutting down is the safest and straightforward thing to do if anything happens on your device. You don’t need to lavish too much effort. Shut down your phone and wait for a while. Then open it to see if it’s still lagging. To shut down your iPhone;

  • Go to the Settings and click “General.”
  • Scroll down and click the “Shutdown.”
  • Slide it to power off and the device will shut down.

iphone running slow method 1

Method 2. Update the Device

If the first method did not work, check whether your device is updated or not. Go to Settings, then select “General,” and tap the Software update. Hit the “Install Now” or “Download and Install” for other models.

iphone running slow method 2

Method 3. Clear your Storage

Suppose that you have updated your phone, but it is running slow. You can check the storage of your phone if it's nearly complete or not. You can remove the unnecessary applications, clear the cache, or delete some files if it's complete. To remove the application, long-press it and wait for the "Remove" button to appear.

iphone running slow method 3

Method 4. Why is my iPhone so Slow? Fix it without Data Loss

Installation Package: 140.14 MB
Supported Devices: You can fix different device and system issues on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices.

After you have all of the methods above and your phone is still lagging, you can use third-party software to fix the problem for you. There are a lot of tools that you can use on the internet. However, if you want a guaranteed result, you must try AceThinker Fone Keeper. It is a professional tool that allows you to fix different problems on your iPhone. It is software that fixes devices running so slow, frozen screens, iphone stuck on preparing update, and many more. The tool will fix your problem in the best way possible because it comes with two distinct modes. Please install the application first and see its features.

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Key Features

  • Available on both Mac OS and Windows supported devices.
  • User-friendly because the things you need to do are highlighted and indicated correctly.
  • TThe tool allows users to recover the iOS system in two different modes (standard/advanced)
  • It can repair more than 50 different iOS system issues, including the iphone stuck on recovery mode, etc.
  • Users can quickly fix system errors without losing any data.

Step 1 Launch the Tool and Begin Repairing iPhone Very Slow

After you have downloaded and installed AceThinker Fone Keeper, launch it to see the interface. Before you can fix the lagging issue, you must first connect your iPhone to your computer. You should use a USB-type cord to link it. Then, click on "iOS System Recovery" to repair the iPhone running slow. Tick the "Start” button to commence the procedure.

iphone running slow step 1

Step 2 Confirm the Phone’s Information

Following that, you must confirm the details of your phone to continue. Or you can click the “Free Quick Fix.” This option will fix the problem in less than a minute. However, the result is not a hundred percent guaranteed. If you want a spotless outcome, you must continue to the next phase.

iphone running slow step 2

Step 3 Choose the iOS System Repair Mode

There are two suitable options you could get to choose from. Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.
Standard Mode - allows you to fix the system issue without deleting any of your data.
Advanced Mode - this means has a better result than the first one. However, it will delete all your files. If you choose this one, you must already backup your data.

iphone running slow step 3

Step 4 Download the Firmware and Finish Fixing iPhone Running Slow

To finish the repair, you must download firmware. You must download the latest version. Then hit the "Next" button to continue. After the downloading process, the tool will automatically repair your iPhone running so slow.

iphone running slow step 4

You have to wait for at least five to ten minutes for the tool to finish repairing. Do not disconnect your phone until the process is done, or everything will be nulled and might cause another problem.

iphone running slow result

Tips to Prevent Issues like This

Tip 1. Always keep your Device Updated

Never ignore the updates that Apple requires you to do. These updates are crucial to your device because they help the performance of your iPhone to function better. For you to not experience lagging and slowness on your iPhone, keep it updated. Do not procrastinate about this process; four to five minutes is not wrong to spend updating your phone. It is better rather than to suffer on a slow device.

Tip 2. Do not Download Unnecessary Applications

When downloading and installing applications on your iPhone, you must be careful. Because sometimes, apps cause lagging on your device. In addition to that, you also need to save up some space on your storage. Delete all the unimportant files on your phone so that you can enjoy a fast and lag-free device.

Tip 3. Do not Overuse your iPhone

Overusing your devices is one of the main reasons why your iPhone is lagging. Give it a break; remove all the applications running in the background. And never use it while charging because it might trigger problems on your battery and cause your iPhone to be slower.

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