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Quick Start Not Working iPhone: Check These Quick Fixes!

feature-iphone quick start not workingWith the advancement in technology, regular updates for Operating systems of a device have become vital to fix minor glitches and introduce new features for the convenience of the customers. Apple first introduced the "Quick Start" feature with iOS 11, which helps set up your newly bought iPhone. This feature allows you to transfer your new device's data, contacts, files, and settings. Some users have complained that the "iPhone quick start not working." Both the devices have to be updated and should have a Quick Start feature for it to work. In case you are stuck and cannot figure out any solution, here you will get quick fixes that will be helpful in resolving your issue.

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Quick Start on iPhone – How to Use?

Firstly, we advise you to back up your old iPhone before setting up the new one to get all the data. Also, make sure your Bluetooth is activated. Now, we will explain to you the steps that how Quick Start operates:

  • Place your new iPhone closer to the old one and switch it on. On your old iPhone, the Quick Start window will appear.
  • Select set up a new iPhone using your Apple ID option and tap Continue. Once you see animation displaying on your new device, center it in the viewfinder of the old iPhone.
  • Enter your passcode when an option Finish on New [Device] appears. You can set up a touch/face ID by following onscreen instructions.
  • Lastly, you can restore your data from your previous iPhone from iCloud backup.

Common Issues While Using Quick Start on iPhone

Why is the Quick Start iPhone not working? Here are some common issues we have gathered that people have been reporting.

  • Old and new iPhones don't recognize each other even though the devices have been kept within the suggested range.
  • In addition, there are some complaints about the failure of the activation process after the setup process worked out smoothly.
  • Lastly, another critical issue has been raised: the setup process doesn't ever finalize whatever you do.

Top Ways to Fix Quick Start Not Working on iPhone

You were still figuring out why your quick Start not working iPhone? Well, your wait is over because in this part, we have explained some fantastic methods that will surely pull you out of this rut, and you will begin to enjoy using your new iPhone.

1. Ensure Both Devices are Running on iOS 11 or Later Version

As we have mentioned above, to ensure the working of the Quick Start feature, both of your devices must be updated to new operating systems and should operate on iOS 11 or more. If you have not updated your old iPhone, then make sure you do it because that could be why you aren't able to avail this feature. On the Home screen, go to settings and hit the General button. Then, look for the Software Update and hit Download & Install. Following this, you will update your old iPhone to new iOS.

install update

2. Make Sure to Enable Bluetooth on Both Devices

One of the things users tend to forget is to turn on the Bluetooth of their iPhone, which becomes another reason to quick start iPhone setup not working. Remember that the Quick Start feature doesn't work when your Bluetooth is disabled on any device. To resolve this issue:


  • Tap on the Settings app of both iPhones.
  • Find Bluetooth and tap on the toggle key to turn it on.
  • Once it is complete, the Quick Start issue will hopefully get resolved.

toggle on bluetooth to enable it

3. Try Changing the USB Cables

Another reason that Quick Start on iPhone not working is when you don't use the original lightning cable wire. If you try to connect your devices with third-party USB cables, they are highly likely to carry you here in the willing place. So, to resolve the issue, you should connect both devices with the original USB cables.

4. Restart Both the iPhones

If you have checked off all the above requirements and still quick start iPhone setup not working, then you can try to restart both devices. This solution is effective in fixing common issues on iPhone, like iPhone group text not working, black screen, iPhone app won't open, and Quick Start issues.


  • For iPhone 7 and prior models: Press and hold the side or top power button and drag the slider to the right that says "Slide to Power off."
  • For iPhone 8, X and later models: Press and hold the side button and either of the volume buttons simultaneously, and drag the "Slide to Power off" slider.

Fix iPhone Quick Start Not Working Issue Permanently

If none of the methods demonstrated above worked for you, the best way is to use third-party software to eliminate the Quick Start not working iPhone or any other iOS related problem. A tool we would recommend is AceThinker iOS System Recovery, which is specialized to resolve any iOS issue. The tool makes solving the Quick Start issue straightforward with its unique features. The recovery tool will recover all of your data without any data loss.

Salient Features:

  • Works effortlessly with a clean interface.
  • Solves more than 50 iOS related issues.
  • It takes you out of Recovery/DFU modes.
  • Works well if your screen has been stuck, frozen, blue, black, etc.
  • Supports two Recovery modes: Standard & Advanced.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Connect iPhone with PC

Once you have launched the AceThinker iOS Recovery software, choose the iOS System Recovery from the main interface, connect your device to PC via USB cable, and click on the Start button.

fk-isr interface

Step 2 Try the Quick Fix Option

Once your device is detected, confirm your device's information and click the Free Quick Fix tab to deal with common problems like frozen devices, crash devices, etc. If the method solves your Quick Start no working issue, there's no need to proceed further to the next option. However, if the issue remains unsolved, look for the Fix tab and click on it.

fk-isr scan and confirm device's details

Step 3 Proceed to the Standard or Advanced Mode

Next, you will need to choose between the two available options, i.e., Standard and Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode, every type of iOS-related problem will always be resolved with a higher success rate. However, your device data will be erased in this mode. On the other hand, Standard Mode can fix issues on your phone without any data loss.

click free quick fix button or fix button to start

Step 4 Download Firmware & Recover

Select the firmware package according to your requirements and click on the Continue button. Lastly, hit the Repair button, and it will start repairing your device.

fk-isr download firmware

The Bottom Line

Quick Fix is an incredible feature to switch data between your iPhones, but sometimes if you come across iPhone Quick Start not working issue, you can read the solutions above to fix it. For the ultimate solution, you will need AceThinker iOS Recovery software.

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