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Impeccable Ways to Fix iPhone Pink Screen of Death

feature iphone pink screenThe human eye can glimpse pixels at a density of roughly 300 pixels per inch. Our eye has evolved to capture every detailed information in our daily activities. Thus, if we buy a smartphone, we always consider a higher display quality. One of the compact devices that are popular today is the iPhone. This Apple smartphone comes with a better screen display compared to its competitors. It uses Retina Display, a brand name employed by Apple for its succession of IPS LCD and OLED Display. These displays have a higher pixel density compared to their predecessors. In addition, this screen boosts color saturation which offers a 44% improvement over a non-Retina Display. Yet, with an excellent display improvement comes a higher risk of screen error. Most iPhone users who comment on the Apple Support Community commented that they are experiencing an iPhone pink screen. If you are one of them, I suppose you are too; no worries, we have collected the solutions to wipe out this error. Just hang for a second and read the resolutions below.

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Reasons Why iPhone Screen Turned Pink

Before we go further on how to fix your iPhone pink screen, we need to look at the reasons you are experiencing it in the first place. It is not a standard error to have a pink strand or a pink hue on your screen, and there are some potential reasons why this error keeps happening. You can look at the list of reasons that the iPhone's pink screen may cause.

  • It is caused by a bad update or another faulty system.
  • Unwanted spyware and virus infestation may cause this error too. Spyware intrusion may occur when you always download different files from unverified sources. In addition, malware infestation may occur when you have weak phone security and protection.
  • Hardware issues can also be a cause why the iPhone screen is pink. Faulty manufacturing errors such as a defective battery or iPhone accessories may result in pink screen error.
  • An accidental drop of your device may lose some hardware accessories, including the motherboard, which results in a pink screen issue.
  • Your device may experience a pink screen error if you haven't inserted your Sim tray into your iPhone.

reasons why iphone screen is pink

Quickly Restart iPhone

A force restart is a universal remedy for clearing out different software issues. If we experience slowness and minimal malfunction in our devices, we tend to restart them. Force restart has different benefits on your iPhone device, and it can improve the speed of your iOS device. Additionally, a force restart will eliminate minor software issues that may cause different errors, including the iPhone screen turned pink. In case you are having some glitches or uninstalled updates on your device, restarting is the best option you can do. Moreover, this solution will not delete all the information you have on your device. Without further ado, let's indulge in the walkthrough on removing the iPhone pink screen on your device.

  • The first guide on fixing the iPhone pink screen issue is locating your device's side buttons. These buttons are the main functions we will use to perform the soft reset of your device. Please note that this process is dedicated to iPhone X and the latest versions.
  • Then, once you have located your side buttons, press and release the Volume Up button quickly; likewise, press and quickly release the button of the Volume Down function. Lastly, do the same step on your Power button press and quickly release the button until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

restart iphone to remove pink screen

Check Software Updates

More often, uninstalled updates may cause different software glitches, including iPhone pink screen error. OS versions usually have updates that fix bugs and software glitches. Additionally, if you have an old iOS version, your application may act up and crash due to software incompatibility. Similarly, older versions of iOS may cause further internal damage, such as iPhone being stuck on the loading screen, iPhone stuck on charging screen, iPhone black, pink, blue, red, and other discoloration issues on the screen. Fixing these issues is simple; you have to install the updates on your device. To execute the installation of the newer version of iOS, follow through the listed step beneath.

  • To begin with, fixing the iPhone screen turned pink, open your iPhone device and browse the list of your applications. Go to the Settings app and make way directly on the General option.
  • From there, you can see different functions, which include Software Update. Tap its menu and see if there is an available update for your device. Select the Download and Install option. Wait until the version is fully installed on your device.

install update to remove pink screen error

Perform Hard Reset

Hard reset is removing all device’s data and information to set it up like a brand new smartphone. This process is commonly known as factory reset, as we turn our devices into the settings that we had when we first bought them. A hard reset is different from a soft reset or restart. This methodology will restore an electronic device to its original state by removing all the information stored in an iPhone. In addition, this method only works for devices that have pink screen errors due to virus attacks and software malfunction. Please remember that this resolution will remove all iPhone data; thus, backing up your files is a must. To perform this process, follow the listed methods below.

  • To instigate the process of fixing the iPhone pink screen of death, open your device screen and go to the Settings app. Tap on its icon to access its menus and functions. There, go to the General menu and tap it to open its sets of functions.
  • Next, scroll down and go to the Transferor Reset iPhone button. Tap on the Erase All Content and Settings. If asked to enter your passcode or Apple ID password, input it to reset the device.

factory reset iphone to remove pink screen

Go and Seek For Professional Aid

If the above troubleshooting does not meet your standard or work on your device, seek professional help. You can escalate your concern by contacting some support agent on Apple Inc. Use the Apple Support app to get in touch and seek help to talk with experts on how to remove the iPhone pink screen issue. You can make a repair reservation for your device to fix the issue. In addition, Apple has a Support Community where all iPhone users post different solutions and ideas on how to fix iPhone errors. You can search or ask questions regarding your query, and the result will be present on your webpage. Yet, keep in your head that the duration of fixing the issue may take 1 to 2 weeks. So, if you want a quick and better solution, go and read the last part.

seek help to remove iphone pink screen

Fix iPhone Pink Screen of Death on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: This tool is composed of two modes to eradicate iPhone pink screen error. These are Advanced mode and Standard mode.

If you are not confident that the Apple support team will fix the issue of your iPhone's pink screen, you can rely on third-party software to remove it. One of the dominant and top-tier tools is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. From the name itself, this computer program fixes iOS issues and recovers its system back to its original processes. It consists of two modes to remove iPhone issues: Standard mode and Advanced mode. Standard mode is a function where you can fix minor glitches and software fallacies. Its process and methods do not eradicate iPhone data and information. Advanced mode is a function where the tool removes the system error and recovers its original state while removing all the iPhone stored data. Please be mindful that this mode is for errors caused by virus infestation and spyware intrusion. Users ought to back up their files to prevent data from getting lost.

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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery

To commence the methodology on fixing the iPhone pink screen of death, you need to acquire AceThinker iOS System Recovery first. Download its setup file by ticking the download option presented above. Please open the file and run through it on your computer. Finish the installation wizards until the application is installed fully. Once accomplished, open the program and assess its process and navigation for better workflow.

isr interface

Step 2 Choose the Backup Mode

Following the guide, connect your iPhone device to your computer with a lightning cable. You will see if the device is connected to the program once the mode selection is already presented on the tool's interface. Select the backup mode that is suitable for your issue. For the sake of this step, we will be using Standard mode to present how to fix the iPhone pink screen.

isr select mode

Step 3 Acquire Firmware

Next, let the tool analyze your iPhone device. Once done, there will be a set of firmware that you can view and search to fix iOS issues. After you have selected the necessary firmware for your device, hit the download option and the Next button to push through the process.

isr firmware

Step 4 Finalize the Result

Finally, your window will be directed to the progress indicator. Here, you can look at the progress of the system recovery process. There is an indicator of how the percentage of processes is being applied on your device. Once completed, tick the OK button to save the changes.

isr finalize

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