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How to Repair your iPhone Message Notification Not Working

feature-iphone-notifications-not-workingNotifications are significant in our everyday life, especially in work and school-related matters. They are also the bridge that connects us from different applications. So, without them, we’d be missing tons of calls, messages, updates from your favorite application, and many more. Many people are experiencing problems with their notifications, including iPhone users. But why is this happening on your phone? Why would iPhone text notifications not working? There are a lot of situations that cause this problem. And today, we will help you to fix it in the simplest ways. We compiled all the reasons you must know why this is occurring. And the solutions you might use to fix your notification and get back to enjoying your life and getting updated to everyone.

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Situations that Cause Mail Notifications Not Working iPhone

Not getting notifications on your device is devastating because you might miss the most thrilling and crucial moment in your life. Here are the situations we gathered and studied to know why your iPhone is not getting notifications sometimes.

Situation 1. Do Not Disturb is On

Of course, if “Do Not Disturb” is enabled on your iPhone, you will not get any notifications. Sometimes we are at the point of our lives where we want to ignore and prevent people from contacting us. That’s why we tend to turn on Do Not Disturb on our devices. But, we cannot ignore them forever. Turn off do not disturb, get notifications, talk to the people around you, and enjoy your life again.

iphone notifications not working reason 1

Situation 2. Your Storage is Full

We know that the iPhone has enormous storage space, and you cannot easily use all of it. However, there are circumstances where the storage is getting fully occupied or sometimes iPhone have a low storage. This has a considerable impact not just on the iPhone itself but also on the applications. Some applications might not notify you when you have almost full storage. And with that, you might miss important messages and updates.

iphone notifications not working reason 2

Situation 3. Application Notifications are Off

Suppose you have accidentally disabled to your notifications. You will not be notified if this is the case. Check your settings, and turn them all in so that you will never miss any important messages that are crucial to you, especially if it’s messages from your source of living.

iphone notifications not working reason 3

Solutions to Fix iPhone Notifications Not Working

To get you notified of a fundamental matter and not to miss out on any updates. Here are the doable solutions you may refer to in order to fix your iPhone not getting any notifications.

Solution 1. Turn off Do Not Disturb

Presume that you accidentally enabled this mode on your iPhone. You can quickly address the problem. Go to the phone’s settings, then tap “Focus.” And then, you can turn off the “Do Not Disturb” mode.


Solution 2. Make Sure your Notification is Enabled

Next on the list is checking whether your notification is enabled or not. As long as it is turned off, you will not get any notification of your applications. Check your settings, tap the Notifications and choose “Show Previews.” Make sure it is settled to “Always,” so you will be notified, either locked or unlocked.

iphone notifications not working solution 2

Solution 3. Restart your iPhone

If the problem still exists even when you have already turned off the “Do Not Disturb” mode and Turned the notification on. Restarting your iPhone is the safest solution for you. The problem will probably go away after restarting it. Not just that, all of your files and data will be safe. To shutdown your iPhone, go to the Settings, tap General and then scroll down to see the “Shutdown” button. Then, slide the phone to shutdown. Or you can long-press the Wake/Sleep button and wait for the “Slide to power off” to appear. Turn it on and see if the notifications is working.

iphone notifications not working solution 3

Solution 4. Use a Professional Tool

Distinctive Feature: Allows users to fix more than 50 problems on their iPhones like notifications not working on iPhone and many more.
Supported System: Mac and Windows

If you think the problem is more severe, like your iPhone stuck on mute or stuck in do not disturb Mode, and whatsoever that makes your device not to receive any notifications. You must use a tool that will surely help you to fix the problem in no time. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is an innovative program that allows its subscribers to fix system problems on their iPhone in two distinctive modes (Standard and Advanced Mode).

Standard Mode - allows you to fix problems professionally without deleting any of your essential files and data.

Advanced Mode - a much more guaranteed way that has a high rate of success. It will reset your phone and delete all your files.

Whatever your choice is, both have a fantastic outcome of making your phone as good as a brand new one. Follow the steps and guidelines below to fix the problem that causes your iPhone notifications not working.

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Step 1

Choose any of the available download buttons to get the tool's installer. After installing, launch it on your computer and see the fantastic features. You can see four options there. Since the problem is in the system of the iPhone, tick the "iOS System Recovery."

iphone notifications not working step 1

Step 2 Begin Fixing the Problem Causing the iPhone Text Notification not Working

Before you can begin fixing, you must first connect your device to the computer. To do that, you must use an original USB-type wire. After that, you can click the "Start" button to continue.

iphone notifications not working step 2

Step 3 Free Quick Fix and Confirmation of iPhone's Details

To continue, confirm your phone's details first. After that, you can click "Fix" to continue. Then the tool will lead you to another window where you can choose the repair mode.

iphone notifications not working step 3

Step 4 Choose the Necessary Mode

After the confirmation, you must choose the needed mode depending on the severity of the problem. In your situation, you can click the standard mode to fix your iPhone message notification not working. Tap the "Confirm" to move on to the last step.

iphone notifications not working step 4

Step 5 Download the Firmware and Fix Mail Notifications Not Working iPhone

In the last part, the tool will require you to choose the Firmware. You must choose the latest version of the Firmware and then download it. After about 5 minutes, the downloading will finish, and the tool will automatically begin to fix your issue. Wait for another 5 to 10 minutes. And you can go back and get notified from your favorite application.

iphone notifications not working step 5

Bottom Line

Overall, all we could think about not getting any notifications from your messages, calls, application, and many more, is to get stressed and left out. However, there are a lot of possibilities and doable approaches you can take to repair it. Please do not lose any compassion; we have a lot to offer for you. AceThinker iOS System Recovery will help you to fix various system problems on your Apple devices. You can fix problems like an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, stuck on the black, red, or white screen of death, screen glitches, frozen screens, and many more. It has the best methods for fixing these severe problems. This tool can do anything. You don't have to be devastated anymore. And enjoy your life again.

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