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4 Workable Solutions When iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android

feature iphone not sending pictures to android Sharing photos across different devices brings a lot of benefits for everyone. However, sometimes you need to send an image to an Android device for any reason. That reason could be sharing memories, sending receipts, sharing notes, tickets, and many other things. The issue is that sometimes you have to face the iPhone not sending photos to the android issue. So, if you are also having some trouble sending pictures from iPhone to Android, you should be getting very frustrated. The good part about all of this is that you do not need to be frustrated anymore because we have all the solutions for you here. There could be several reasons you are having trouble sending pictures from iPhone to Android, and there are a lot of solutions for this issue. So, we made sure to bring out every possible solution here for you. Here are different reasons for the iPhone not sending pictures to Android and their solutions.

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iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android via MMS

If you are trying to send MMS from your iPhone and sending images to Android, then there are significant chances that you will get this issue because of some settings turned off. The problem only exists when sending images to Android because when you send to an iPhone, the image is sent to the Apple ID instead of the sim card number.

Here is how you can fix this issue:

  • First, you need to go to the settings application. There you can either swipe down to go to the messages option or search for messages in the search bar. Both will get you to the settings of messages.
  • When you are in the messages settings, you need to navigate to the SMS/MMS section to solve the photos not sent from iPhone to Android.
  • Look for the MMS messaging option and make sure it is turned on. Doing so will solve the issue for you.

fix iphone not sending pictures to android via mms

iPhone Not Sending Photos to Android via iMessage

There could be a case that gets the iPhone unable to send pictures to android issues, and it is because there is some setting where you need to turn iMessage on and that if turned off. In that case, you can turn it on with ease without doing a lot of steps.

  • Like most other methods, you need to solve the iPhone not sending images to an android issue by going to settings. In the settings application, you need to go to the Messages option.
  • Swipe down until you see the iMessage option. Make sure that it is turned on otherwise. You will not be able to send images.

fix iphone not sending photos to android via imessage

iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android via AirDrop

Sometimes users come across this issue where their iPhone cannot send images to Android whenever they try using Bluetooth or AirDrop options. The issue here is that AirDrop does not support sending or receiving from Android devices, and it only works between Apple devices. So, what you need to do is to look for some third-party image-sharing application. Download it on both the iPhone and Android devices, and you will be pretty much good to go. Once you have installed your desired application, you need to send images to Android.

Try checking your network issues.

If you cannot send images to Android, there could be significant chances that you have some network issues. There are many different things that you can do to solve network issues, and here are all of those that you need to do.

Check Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the mode of the internet that a lot of people use. Sometimes there is an issue with Wi-Fi. It connects but internet connectivity is not the provider. So, you can either reconnect to the Wi-Fi or try some other network to check if your Wi-Fi has issues.

Check Cellular Network

If you are using Cellular Data, you have to check if you are getting proper signals and internet connectivity. Do you have data volume left or not? Turning Airplane mode on and off can also be helpful. Trying out some other Sim cards can also help troubleshoot the issue.

Check Network Settings

Some network settings in iPhones have MMS configurations, and there could be an issue with those settings. To solve those issues, you can go to settings and then Cellular network/ Mobile network. There you will find the MMS configurations that must not be empty. A good and safe way to deal with this issue is to reset the network settings.

Contacting your Carrier

If any of these things are not working for you, you can contact your carrier to check if they are blocking you from sending images to Android because of some specific package or similar thing.

Try restarting phone
Restarting your phone can be another way to resolve the image sending issue as long as it is a software issue. The amazing thing about software is that restarting most of the time solves issues. So, you can restart your phone in an old-fashioned way. If a simple restart did not work for you, you could go for a force restart using the following steps.

  • It would help if you started by quickly pressing and releasing the volume button. Then you will need to press the volume down button and then quickly release it.
  • Next, you need to instantly press and hold the button on the side unless you see the Apple Logo. Once you see the logo, the button can be released, and you can wait for the restart of the normal phone. If you have an older version of the iPhone that comes without a Face ID, then you can look on Apple Website for the way to restart it.

restart phone to fix not sending pictures to android issue

iPhone Not Sending Photos to Android because of System Issues

There could be an issue in the system that is not letting you send images to Android by any means. If any of the suggested solutions mentioned above work, then you only have one solution left to try. It is to make a system recovery on your iPhone. Using the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool is an amazing choice, and this will be the ultimate solution to your issue. The best part is the process is straightforward and easy.

Step 1 Download and then Install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool for free

The first step in this process will be downloading the tool and installing it as it is a free tool. It also allows you to quickly download and install it on Windows and Mac OS devices to solve the iPhone photos not sending to Android issues.

Step 2 Link your iPhone device to the computer and select the desired mode.

Once the download is complete, you need to get a USB cable and connect your iPhone with the computer. Then open the tool so that it reads the phone. Once your iPhone is read by the tool, you need to select the system recovery mode and proceed.

Step 3 Check which Firmware is needed and download it

Your tool will tell you which firmware version is needed, and you will need to download it.
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Step 4 Do the iOS system recovery for free.

Once the download is complete, you can proceed with the iOS system recovery process using the tool. Just follow the steps and wait for the process to complete, and you will be done with all problems sending pictures from iPhone to Android.


Being able to share images in an instant has revolutionized this world. However, not being able to share images from iPhone to Android can be one of the biggest issues you face. So, it would help if you solved it as soon as possible. The best part is that solving this issue is not difficult because some simple settings or tricks can get your issue solved and your phone working back as normal again.

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Last updated on March 1, 2022

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