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Six Ways to Resolve Picture Messages Not Sending iPhone

iphone not receiving picture messagesWhat is MMS? This messaging feature is also known as Multimedia Messaging Service. It is a function on every smartphone or device that can send multimedia files in a text message. Users can attach a file to the text message, send pictures, videos, emojis, or a website link on an SMS thread. This function dominates the pre-internet era, where users must rely on cellular charges to send or receive MMS media on their contact list. Nowadays, the popularity of MMS has become less and scantier. It is because of the rising popularity of messaging applications that can send media files without cellular charges. However, that does not mean MMS is still not a popular tool for sending multimedia files. Although its function has been innovated and enhanced to compete with the upswing trend of social media accounts, MMS features still need help. Many reports on different forums that picture messages not sending iPhones are increasing these days. Therefore, we have collected popular ways to fix this error, so you do not have to worry about the performance of your device. You must read them carefully and assess which solution is suitable for your device.

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Possible Causes Why iPhone Not Receiving Pictures

MMS can be sent to every mobile phone regardless of its brand and cellular network. As long as the cellular service provider supports the MMS and SMS features, sending pictures and text messages is quick and easy. However, there are things you cannot control regarding your mobile devices. Errors lurk in its system without you knowing its performance is a bit out of the ordinary. These bugs can cause errors on your iOS device, including iPhone not receiving pictures. Yet, even though you have only one problem, the reason for this error varies on its root cause. Below are the listed causes of why your iPhone failed to receive pictures.

  • Your device has glitches and bugs in its system.
  • Your device has no network coverage.
  • You have outdated iOS carrier settings.
  • Multimedia messaging is disabled.
  • Network issue on your device.

 reasons why iphone not receiving picture messages

Fix Picture Messages Not Sending iPhone on Your PC

Distinctive Feature: It is a computer software that provides downloadable firmware that can fix minor iOS issues.
What is it best for?: This computer program is equipped with a quick fix option favorable for users who want to avoid downloading firmware to fix iOS system issues.
Price: It is a freemium service that caters free recovery processes for its patrons. Yet, to enjoy its advanced features, users need to avail of its premium plan for $31.95.

Are you tech-savvy and lack trust in technical personnel to fix your iOS device? Well, an appropriate tool is suitable for you. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-praised iOS utility that provides many functions to fix iOS systems. As you know, the MMS error on your device is caused by bugs and glitches. Therefore, we need to dive deep into your iOS system and eradicate the error to fix that issue. This tool is designed with a function similar to that. It has two modes of recovery (the Advanced and the Standard mode) which will analyze your iOS system and recommend a favorable firmware to fix your device. In addition, its firmware that provides to its patrons consists of updates that can be installed on your smartphone. To fix an iPhone not receiving MMS, follow the guide below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial step in getting your iPhone MMS feature back on its original process is to download AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. Given the download button above, you can quickly get its installer by ticking one of the buttons and saving it on your device. Then, go to your download folder and access the downloaded file. Tap on it to run the installation wizard until the app is installed thoroughly.

acethinker ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect Your Device

The following step is to launch the tool on your computer once its installation is complete. Simultaneously, use your lightning wire to connect your iPhone to your computer. A notification will appear that your iPhone is already connected to the application. Tick on the Fix option to proceed.

connect your iphone

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery

Afterward, select the recovery mode that will present on your screen. Select between the Advanced and the Standard mode. For this one, we recommend the Standard mode to use to fix the issue and prevent data loss. Hit the Confirm icon to proceed to the next page.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Next, on the following page, there will be a list of firmware available for your device. Select the latest one to fix and update your iOS system. There will be a download switch on the right side of the firmware. Hit the download icon to get the firmware.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Recovery Process

Lastly, tap on the Next button to fully install the firmware on your smartphone. An indicator will pop up on your screen to notify you regarding the recovery process. Once it reaches 100 percent, then your device is already fixed.

finalize system

AceThinker iOS System Recovery
A great way to recover and restore iOS System on your computer.
  • It has various iOS utilities including iPhone data recovery, backup & restore, and others.
  • It is designed with quick fix feature to resolve minor iOS related-issues.
  • It has variety of selection to get the proper firmware of your device.

Asses Your Network Connection

The first thing users must do if they experience an iPhone not receiving picture messages is to check their network connection. As we all know, MMS works like SMS, but instead of text messages, multimedia is the one you will send to your contact lists. So, if you are not receiving any MMS files but your friend informs you that they sent it on your device, assess your network connection. Check if your area has cellular outages that prevent you from receiving any wireless messages. Suppose you are outside your home or in an alleyway of a city. Might as well check if your exact location is a dead spot for cellular coverage. You can simply check it by looking at the signal bar at the topmost of your iPhone screen. When your device has a cellular outage, it will state no service. The only solution you can do is to change your location and find a hot spot or area that has strong mobile network coverage.

Enable MMS Messaging

Another reason your device is having an issue is not getting picture messages on iPhone; you need to check your MMS settings to see if it is enabled. Suppose other features work on your messaging app, yet the MMS feature needs to be fixed. In that case, maybe the service of MMS has been disabled on your settings. Another reason is that the MMS function had crashed due to system bugs and glitches. What you can do to settle this issue is to check your Multimedia Messaging function to verify it. The initial guide to check it is to access your Settings app on the list of applications on your home screen. Hit on its icon to open its list of menus. On its interface, you will immediately see the Cellular option tap on it to see if the Cellular Data has been toggled on. Afterward, go back to the list of settings and scroll down to access the Messages tab. Locate the MMS Messaging on its options and check if the button is disabled. If so, toggle the button to enable the function so that you can receive MMS messages on your device.

enable mms on your settings

Restart Your Smartphone

One more reason why your iPhone not receiving pictures is due to system glitches and bugs lurking on your iOS system. These system problems randomly occur as your device is updated on a newer and outdated system version. The safest and optimal solution you can use to fix this issue is to restart or soft reboot your device. This process is standard on almost all digital devices we have to date. Turning off your device will remove the bugs and glitches attached to your software compartments. Your mobile applications consume RAM on your device to operate and function fluently, and so do system bugs. Cutting the power supply of your device will automatically reset the process that consumes your device’s RAM and reset them. You can efficiently perform the reboot option by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons. Release the buttons once a slider appears on your screen. Toggle it or swipe to the right to switch or turn off your device. Then, wait a few seconds and hit the power button again. Release the button once the Apple logo appears on your screen.

switch off your device

Reset Your Network Settings

As stated above, your device relies on your network to receive or send MMS messages. Another reason why this error occurs on your system is due to the network settings you have on your device. You can quickly fix it by resetting your network setting to its original setup. Yet, how come this troubleshooting resolves the issue? Well, resetting network settings will erase all internet and network-related data saved on your device. It includes WiFi network, Bluetooth, password, devices you previously paired, VPN, and cellular network settings. This network setting is different from factory reset. The latter one deletes all data files you have on your device, where this process preserves your data and setups. To perform the process of resetting your network, go to your settings app. Touch its icon to open its menus. Then, scroll up on your screen to locate the General option. You will see the Reset button at the lower part of this option. Once you tap it, it will provide the list of settings where you can reset. Choose the Reset Network Settings from the dropdown list and enter your passcode to finalize the process. Please note that this process can also fix errors including iPhone WiFi greyed out and more.

reset network settings on iphone

Update iOS Version

The final solution to remove picture messages not sending iPhone is downloading the latest version of your iOS system. Updates on your device are an essential part of optimizing and maximizing the performance of each feature you have on your phone. It contains compatibility setup for applications, new features for your device, and firmware that can remove system glitches and bugs. Suppose you reported a specific bug on your device, and Apple seems to notice that many users experience the same error. In that case, they will associate the solutions with their subsequent patches. Therefore, it is vital to constantly check the update on your iPhone to prevent future system failures. To update your device, open your settings and look for the option below on your Apple ID. It clearly states there the Software Update Available. Tap on it to locate the download page of the newest iOS patches. Tap the Download and Install option to proceed with getting the newest update. Please wait until your device fully restarts and installs the latest iOS version. Note that updating your iOS version removes network bugs and can fix other devices’ network issues. Take a look at this article for more info.

update ios


There you have it; the solutions to fix the iPhone MMS need to be fixed. You can select between the six resolutions we have gathered to resolve the underlying issue on your device. Yet, the recommended solution that will help you resolve your device is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It can provide different functions that can back up, recover, retrieve, and resolve issues on your system software.

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