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Real Fix to iPhone No Audio on Calls [Best Solutions of 2022]

feature iphone no sound on callsGiven the situation we are in, there is a global pandemic affecting our communication life. That is why phone calls are essential nowadays because somehow we can still talk to our loved ones even if they are far from us. After all, there is nothing more important than having fun talks and chit-chats with your relatives. Who might be too far from you because of the pandemic. Yet, in some cases, your iPhone audio not working on calls, which is very stressful because you cannot hear the caller. This is why we have searched, analyzed, and come up with the best solutions that anyone can offer you. Today, we will give out the leading tools that allow you to fix not just the no sounds on calls problems but many various iOS system problems. Please bear with us, and we will help you resolve your problem in the comfort of your home.

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Best Solutions to Fix iPhone Sound not Working on Calls

No sound on your calls caused by many different occurrences. The device’s volume might be too low, the do not disturb mode is on, the headphone is plugged, out of date resources, and many more. With that, there are also effective ways to fix such problems. Here are the eight finest solutions to resolve your iPhone not receiving any sound during calls

Method 1. Restart your iPhone

The first thing to do is whether you are experiencing no sound on your device, iPhone notifications not working, whatsoever. Restarting your device is the safest thing to do. It will not just fix the issue on your device, but all your files will be safe also. To restart your iPhone, open the Settings, tap the General tab and scroll down. Hit the Shutdown button on the latter section, then Slide the iPhone to turn it off. Open it after a couple of minutes and check if it still has no sound on calls.

iphone no sound on calls method 1

Method 2. Check the Volume Settings

Double-check your audio setting; you might accidentally put it on mute. If that is the case, you will never get sound on your calls and notifications. To see if the phone is mute, go to your phone’s Settings, tap the Sounds & Haptics menu and then on Ringer and Alerts adjust the volume.

iphone no sound on calls method 2

Method 3. Turnoff Do not Disturb Mode

Another cause of iPhone no sound on incoming calls might be the do not disturb mode is activated. I know it sounds ironic because the iPhone will not set your device to this mode unless you are the one who did it. However, there are instances that somehow you accidentally turn it on while exploring the settings. That can happen sometimes. Or maybe you activated it by yourself because you want to spend some time alone and do not want any disturbance. To deactivate Do not disturb mode, launch the Settings on your device; if you are an iPhone X user, click the “Focus” menu. Then tap the Do Not Disturb tab and then turn it off. (In other variants of iPhone, you can directly tick the Do not disturb option after you have opened the Settings). After that, you can check if the phone still does not have any sound on calls.

iphone no sound on calls method 3

Method 4. Turn off the Bluetooth

Yes, you read it right! Bluetooth is also one of the factors why you are not receiving any sounds on incoming calls. It affects the sound of your phone, especially when you are connected to any wireless and Bluetooth-supported speakers or headphones. Turn it off on your Settings and try again if the call notification has a sound already.

iphone no sound on calls method 4

Method 5. Get a Better Reception if your iPhone Cannot Hear Caller

Poor reception is the best example of a barrier that affects the conversion on iPhone. If you are talking to someone and the voice suddenly stops, it might be a barrier interrupting your call. If this happens, your location might be too far from the scope of the telecommunication signal. That is unavoidable because some places are distantly rural, and innovation there is slower than the urban. Try walking to a better spot or changing your SIM card; some Telecommunication companies offer strong reception even if you live in remote places. Or, the SIM card has a problem itself, try to rest the network. Open the General tab on the Settings, scroll down and tap the Reset. And then, hit the Reset Network Settings and reboot your network. Try calling someone again and check if you can hear them or vice versa.

iphone no sound on calls method 5

Method 6. Update your iPhone to the Latest iOS Version

Out of date devices, specifically, iPhones may leave a significant effect and change the performance of your device. iPhone no sound on calls is one of the problems that might occur. Update your device's iOS to the latest version and check if the call still has no sound. Launch your device's Settings, and open the General tab. After that, update your iPhone.

iphone no sound on calls method 6

Method 7. Clean your Device’s Speake

There is only a slight probability that this might be the problem, but it is not impossible. Some dirt might get stuck and accumulate over time, and it prevents the sound from coming out. Get a simple brush or anything you can use to clean the speaker as long as it is soft and not sharp. You do not want to cause another problem if you hardly clean it.

iphone no sound on calls method 7

Method 8. Use a Effective Third-Party Application

Supported System: Windows and macOS
File Size: 140.14MB

Suppose all the solutions given above did not work; you must find a third-party tool to help you because the problem might be worse than you expected. The issue might be the iPhone stuck on headphones mode, stuck on mute, and many more. One of the leading iOS System Recovery tools that you can use to fix various issues is ACeThinker iOS System Recovery. It is well-known for fixing iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch issues in two very effective modes. The Standard and Advance mode.

Standard Mode - the tool will fix your device without deleting or removing anything important on your device.
Advanced Mode - in this mode, the tool will fix your iPhone as good as a brand new one, but it will delete all your files and existing data.

These methods of fixing are very effective. What is even more remarkable is that it has an additional fix method that will resolve all the issues on your iOS in a minute. It is called “Free Quick Fix.” Download the tool now on your desktop and give it a try. Below are the step-by-step processes to solve the issue causing iPhone no audio on calls.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the tool to Repair iPhone No Sound on Calls

To get the installer of AceThinker iOS System Recovery, click any of the download toggles available. Choose the correct download button that fits the operating system of your computer. After that, follow the downloading wizard guide and finish installing. Launch the tool and see its features.

iphone no sound on call method 8 step 1

Step 2 Connect your Device and Commene the Fix

In order to begin the process, you must link your device to your computer using an original USB cord. The tool will automatically detect your device. After that, you can begin the fix by pressing the “Start” button.

iphone no sound on call method 8 step 2

Step 3 Confirm your Device’s Information

After you have commenced the process, the tool will lead you to another window. From there, you must confirm your iPhone’s details and double-check them. And then, click the “Fix” button to continue to the next phase.

iphone no sound on call method 8 step 3

Step 4 Choose the Necessary Mode

After loading, the tool needs you to choose the proper mode to fix your device. Since we are only fixing the iPhone audio not working on calls, choose the Standard mode. As explained earlier, all of your files and data are safe in this mode. Click “Confirm” to move on to the last step.

iphone no sound on calls method 8 step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and Finish Fixing iPhone Sound not Working on Calls

To finish repairing the tool will suggest and find the compatible firmware for your device. Download the latest version of firmware and wait for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After the download is done, the tool will spontaneously proceed in fixing your device. The fixing lasts for about 15 - 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. It is crucial to remember that you must not unlink your device to the computer, or the process will be nullified.

iphone no sound on calls method 8 step 5

FAQs about No Sound During Calls iPhone

How do you fix No Sound on iPhone Calls?

These are the standard solutions you can consider if you are experiencing this kind of problem

  1. Restart your iPhone Device
  2. Check the Volume Settings
  3. Disabled the Do Not Disturb mode
  4. Turn off your Bluetooth
  5. Upgrade your Network’s Reception
  6. Update your Device to the Latest Version
  7. Clean your Speaker

And if the problem still exists after all these solutions, you can use AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is a tool that is good at fixing different iPhone system malfunctions.

Why is there no sound on my calls in my iPhone Device?

There might be an interrupt, or some problem is happening on your device. The typical circumstances that cause iPhone no sound on calls are;

  • Your device is out of date
  • You are connected to wireless devices like speakers via Bluetooth
  • The reception of your place is relatively poor
  • You accidentally muted your devices
  • You unconsciously activated the Do Not Disturb mode
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