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Fix iPhone Messages Not Syncing Between iPhone and Mac Issue in 5 Ways

iphone messages not syncing with macThe iMessage app is an excellent message tool designed for Apple users since it lets users send and receive messages across the various iOS as well as Mac devices. All you have to do is sign in with one Apple ID to multiple devices, and iMessages will be synced across all devices. But, there are instances where messages not syncing between iPhone and Mac, making it difficult for you to access your messages when switching devices. It could be due to a variety of reasons. Still, most often, it occurs after you have updated your device with iOS 14 or later. This article will provide you with options to fix the iPhone messages not syncing with mac issue.

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Best 5 Ways to Fix Messages on Mac Not Syncing with iPhone

1. Disable iMessage & Enable It Again

First of all, you should try to turn off iMessage on both the iPhone and Mac and then turn it on again. To do that, you need to follow the coming steps:

a. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, head over to the Messages tab, and toggle off iMessage. Then, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on.

b. On your Mac, you will need to open the Messages app and hit the Preferences tab. Next, choose Accounts and press the Sign Out button. Sign in again after waiting for a few seconds.

toggle imessage

After this process gets completed, enable the iMessage service on both iPhone & Mac, and check whether the iMessage syncs properly or not.

2. Check iMessage Settings on iPhone & Mac

You must check your "Settings" to ensure you have signed into each device with the identical Apple ID. When iOS 15 was released, some users found that their iMessage preferences were altered following the update. Check these methods to verify the status of your ID:

On iPhone: You can access settings > messages > Send and receive. Then, under the "You can be reached by iMessage at" section, make sure your phone number and Apple ID are listed with a checkmark.

check imessage setting

On Mac: Open the Messages application, then click "Messages"> "Preferences." Select "Account," and under the "You can be reached for messages at" section, ensure that the number of your phone is listed. The Apple ID matches the settings on your iPhone.

3. Check the Mobile Phone Number with Apple ID

You can also follow this method if iMessages not syncing with your iPhone and Mac:

Step 1: Visit and log in using the details of your Apple ID and password.
Step 2: In the “Account" section, make sure you have the correct phone or email numbers.

4. Use the Not Syncing Device to Send Messages

Sometimes, it's because one of your devices could be delayed for a short period by the update. Therefore, the device could result in a message updating. Here are the steps to accomplish mac and iPhone messages not syncing:

Step 1: Verify which device isn't updated correctly.
Step 2: If it's an iPhone, try using the iPhone to make a message. If you're using your Mac, Use it on your Mac to send an email.
Step 3: Once the message gets delivered, it is usually a signal to update it to ensure that iMessage is synced correctly across all devices.

5. Get iPhone Out of Beta OS

This issue was encountered when we were using iOS 15 betas on iPhone. Our iPhone was running Beta software by Apple with new iMessage features. The Mac was running macOS Big Sur, which included an old stable version of the Messages app.

This configuration can cause sync issues for iPhone and Mac because both Messenger apps do not have feature compatibility. You must remove the beta profile from iPhone and Mac and then switch to the stable version.

Better Way to Fix iMessages Not Syncing With Mac Issue

Suppose none of the previously mentioned techniques works to resolve iPhone and mac messages not syncing. In that case, the most effective solution is to employ specific software to get rid of the iMessage not syncing with Mac or another iOS related issue. AceThinker Fone Keeper offers you an easy transfer of information and messages from the iOS device to your Mac. It's the ideal option when you're looking to create an exact copy or backup of your data on your Mac, particularly when you aren't able to transfer the data.

Salient Features:

  • It is a powerful and all-in-one application that helps you recover deleted and lost information from iTunes/iPad/iPhone or backup files.
  • It can also solve iPhone problems that do not normally work,
  • AceThinker backs up iOS data and even transfer WhatsApp data between iOS devices and computers.

Try it for Free

Install and download AceThinker on your PC, after which follow these easy instructions to move iPhone files into your Mac.

Step 1 Launch AceThinker Program

Open AceThinker Fone Keeper software and select iOS System Recovery from the screen.

select ios system recovery on fone keeper

Step 2 Connect Your Device

Get your device connected to the system with the USB cable. Afterward, hit the Start button to start the process.

fone keeper interface

Step 3 Try Quick Fix Option

Select the Quick Fix option once your device gets successfully detected to fix common issues.

repair with ios system recovery step2

Step 4 Select Fix Button

However, if your problem doesn't go away, choose the Fix Button button. It will direct you to the window where you can select between standard or Advanced Mode.

select mode on acethinker fone keeper

Step 5 Download Firmware

Confirm the firmware and download the one you want. Afterward, click on the Next button to continue. To repair your device, press the Repair Button, and the iOS system recovery program will automatically fix your mac messages not syncing with iPhone.

repair via ios system download firmware

Frequently Asked Questions and the Final Verdict

1. Why my iMessage on my Mac is not synchronizing with my iPhone?

First of all, you will need to check your Mac. Open "Message" and choose it on your Mac, and then select "Preferences">"iMessage." Make sure you sign in with the same Apple ID on your Mac as well as your iPhone. After that, switch back to your screen and check "Text Message Forwarding" to make sure that Mac is selected. Then, select your Mac and then restart your iPhone, and iMessage on your Mac will sync with your iPhone.

2. How can I sync my iPhone with Mac iMessage?

a. Open "iMessage" and then click "Preference."
b. After that, click "Enable iMessage on iCloud" and select your picture inbox.
c. Then, you can click on "Sync Now" to sync your messages after this process.

3. Why is my text messages no longer updating on my Mac?

It is recommended to check both your iPhone as well as Mac devices. Start by opening "Setting" on your iPhone and select "Message." Then, switch it to "Off." It will take a couple of seconds, and then switch it back on. You must perform precisely the same way in your Mac. Once done, text messages will be updated on your Mac following that.

4. How can to get my iPhone to connect to my Mac?

You need to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi in for allowing your iPhone to connect to your Mac.

  • Connect your iPhone with your Mac, and then launch iTunes to choose your device.
  • Click the "Summary" and select "Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi" After that, select "Apply."

Out of all the methods mentioned above, AceThinker iOS Recovery is the most effective solution to fix iPhone messages not syncing with Mac issue and comes with additional features for its users.

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